Xbox Kinect Games: Dancing Games

Microsoft's new Xbox Kinect accessory is making a huge splash in the video gaming world.  It takes what the Nintendo Wii did to another level by allowing you to control video games with your entire body.  Kinect is a camera that you'll be able to mount near your TV, that will be able to use all of your body motions and even your voice to control the games.  Naturally this leads to dancing games becoming more popular, and so I will tell you about the few Xbox Kinect games that are dancing games.

First, I want to talk about the original dance video game, Dance Dance Revolution.  This truly was a revolution in video games because it got people up off of the couch and onto their feet, and was a huge hit.  The problem was though, it just wasn't dancing, it was stepping on a mat hitting buttons in sync with a song and icons scrolling down the screen.

Kinect dance games on the other hand will feature real dance moves.  One game, Dance Central, will feature some of the hottest musical acts in the business, because it is published by MTV Games and Harmonix.  You'll have to follow along with the dance moves, and stay on beat, as well as be in the right position every few seconds.

Another game, is Dance Masters, which will approach it in a little bit different way.  Dance Masters will teach you full dance moves and routines, and you'll be judged on how well you do each of the routines.  You'll be able to practice, get better, and then show off your moves.

The final dance game is Zumba Fitness Party, which incorporated Latin and hip hop dance styles into a fitness routine.  You'll be able to get some good exercise while learning new dance moves and having fun.

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