Whose Phone Number Is This? Which Websites To Use!

There are hundreds of websites that claim to be able to answer the question “whose phone number is this?” so how can you tell which one is the best? This article will discuss some of the major websites that are available to give you an idea of which lookup services provide the most detailed and accurate information when you are trying to match a phone number to a person.

1.    Yahoo People search – Yahoo People Search is a service by the search engine Yahoo that allows you to find someone’s phone number, address and email. All you need for the reverse phone lookup is the ten-digit number. Like any service it can’t provide you with access to numbers that aren’t listed. However, it’s completely free and is a good place to start your search. You can also use it to find a person’s email address if you have their first and last name.

2.    Ask.com – Ask has a search engine for reverse lookups although it uses the same information from White Pages which is another reputable site. The great thing about using Ask's lookup service is that it’s free and can provide you with the information you need within seconds.

3.    3rd Party Sites – There are many smaller websites that provide reverse phone lookup services. Most are free but some charge a small fee. Unless you want to search for a cell phone number there is no reason to pay for a service as they all use the same information. Cell phone databases are a different matter though and you usually need to pay for this information. In most cases you shouldn’t use 3rd party sites until you’ve tried the major search engines and aren’t getting any results.

4.    Google – Google is the most commonly recommended site to use for reverse lookups because it’s completely free. The downside to Google is that it doesn’t access the central database directly – it can only provide information that’s freely available on websites. For this reason it probably isn’t the best method when trying to answer the question “whose phone number is this?” Even so, it’s always worth mentioning. Make sure you search using quotes around the number for the best results.

Be aware that the websites included in this article are specifically for reverse phone lookups in the US – they may not work in any other country. You might be able to find country specific services using Google although it depends on whether the country provides access to a central database of numbers.

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