Use a Temporary Car Shelter as an Alternative to a Garage

Chances are if you own a car it is your prized possession and something you are constantly looking after so it maintains its value, appearance, and performance.  You wash it, both inside and out, you get a yearly tune-up and you take it to a mechanic when something goes wrong.  If you have a garage, you likely park your car in there during the winter or whenever the weather is bad.  However, maybe your garage is being utilized for other purposes or maybe you don’t actually have a garage or shelter for your car.  If you are currently looking for an alternative type of shelter for your vehicle, consider a temporary car shelter.

A temporary car shelter is almost like a tent except it is for your car.  It is a tarp, usually made out of durable plastic, vinyl or other highly durable material that is held up with a steel, aluminum, or wood frame.  Most usually contain three walls and one open side so you can drive the car into it.  Temporary car shelters are also called portable car shelters because they are super easy to transport from one place to another, easy to store and easy to set up wherever you want.

There are many different types of car shelters available on the market.  You can find them in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors.  Some have a zip up front so the access side can also be secured to keep your car cleaner and dust-free for longer periods of time.  You can get shelters that are big enough to store boats, tractor trailers and recreational vehicles or you can get them small enough to store motorcycles, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles.

Most people set up their portable car shelter in the driveway and either leave it there all year round or seasonally and when needed. Adequate shelter is a good protective measure to take if you want your valuable vehicles to last a long time and to reduce maintenance costs over the years.

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