Trampoline and Safety Accessory Options

Are you planning to set up a playground in your backyard?  Then you want affordable, safe and fun equipment, right? A  trampoline 10ft makes a great option for your children. All children love trampolines! Below you will find some quick finds of the great deals you can also find online.

You can get trampolines below two hundred dollars when you purchase online. Trampolines are perfect for outdoors as most of the trampolines are weather and UV resistant.  There is a trampoline for less than one hundred fifty dollars complete with a jumping mat and safety pads.  The pads are twenty four millimeters thick.  You do not have to worry about getting this wet since it is enclosed in cell foam with fifty millimeter overlap for adequate spring cover.  It has a five year warranty on the frame, two years warranty on fabric and one year warranty for manufacturing defects on all parts.  This trampoline is easy to assemble and good for ages six and above.

Trampoline accessories are also available online.  The trampoline enclosure costs only eighty six dollars.  The support poles are galvanized with soft polypropylene netting of twenty five millimeters (1") mesh squares. It has an overlapping net doorway to make it very easy for you to enter and exit safely.  Another cool accessory you can buy is the trampoline tent.  This only costs ninety-four dollars.  You can spend bonding time with your kids inside this tent.   The tent also serves as a trampoline cover.  If you want to buy a whole package there is a combo deal available for less than two hundred twenty dollars.  It includes 10ft trampoline, 10ft trampoline enclosure, 10ft trampoline cover, ladder and fixing kit. There are some online stores that can deliver your trampoline within twenty-four hours.  Therefore, if you have an upcoming children’s party to set-up you can order now and have it delivered to you the next day.

Trampolines are a sure way to provide fun all year round.  Your children will surely enjoy having this in your background.  Do not miss this perfect opportunity to make your kids happy.  You will find 10ft trampolines for sale online today!

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