Thermaphore Arthritis Heating Pad

Featured on this page is the Thermophore Arthritis Heating Pad. The details about how you can buy one are as follows.

Thermophore MaxHeat Deep-Heat Therapy, Large, Standard 14" x 27" (Auto-Switch) Thermophore MaxHeat Deep-Heat Therapy, Large, Standard 14" x 27" (Auto-Switch)

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The use of heat to get deeply into the painful muscles and joints is a vital part of the process of keeping the body feeling good, particularly for those suffering debilitating arthritis or similar conditions. The Thermophore Arthritis Heating Pad is exactly the kind of product that should be considered to use as treatment.

Unlike some of the heating pads that are available in department stores or for prices that are significantly cheaper, the Thermophore gives you a number of features that will ensure you get the best heat treatment possible.

The large heating pad measuring 14” x 27” is weighted down with a series of flat metal weights to ensure the heating pad is molded to the body along the entire surface area that is covered. These heating pads have been designed to be particularly useful for someone with back pain. The size of the pad means it will provide relief over a large area of the body.

This heating pad has a few key features that are worth examining. It may be used in a cycle of twenty minute bursts where the heating pad is applied for twenty minutes before being removed for twenty minutes. This process may be repeated as required. The heating pad comes with an auto-timer that is very simple to turn on and set. This is a moist heat pad and the moist heat that is produced is intense and the moist heat is ideal for getting deeply into the trouble spots where it is required.

Using these types of heating pads are fine for the first few months but, with continuous use you will begin to notice that the fabric starts to become discolored. This is inevitable as the heating pad continually comes in contact with your skin and the oils and sweat from your back starts to soak into the fabric. This particular heating pad is quite easy to clean and does not require any special equipment or cleaning aids.

What might strike you when you begin looking at the Thermophore Arthritis Heating Pad is that it could be considered costly at over $50.00. This shouldn’t serve as a reason to shy away from the product because the components that are used are sturdy and reliable and the features of the unit will mean that it is still likely to be working 10 years down the road. It is definitely worthwhile considering a Thermophore Arthritis Heating Pad for sale.

As well as the standard sized heating pad which is 14” x 27”, the Thermophore Heating Pad is also available in a small size of 4” x 17” and a medium size of 14” x 14”.

This particular infrared heating pad was also discussed as one of the five top ranked heating pads sold on Amazon. To find out a little bit more about this and the others that were ranked take a look at the post Infrared Heat Pads are the Best Choice for Pain Relief.

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