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Large Wall Clocks – Accent Pieces To Your Room

If you are looking to add an accent piece to your room's decor, consider a large wall clock. Every room has a focal point. A large decorative piece provides great interest to an open space. It can be functional as well as decorative. Think about the style of the room when choosing the look and feel you wish to create.

There are plenty of styles to meet your needs: traditional, contemporary, antique and eclectic. Easy to read numbers is a wonderful feature on the clock's dial face. Depending on the style of the room, the numbers on the dial face could be numeric, roman or artistic/whimsical. Classic styles usually feature a generic numeric style. Roman numeral style dial faces add an antique flair to a room.

Contemporary styles may have metal numbers on the dial face contrasting in a bold color. Large, easy to read numbers can provide a contrast to the color scheme in contemporary clocks. Some may or may not feature second hands. One may think of them as over sized works of art on a wall. As art, it may very well be a wonderful conversation piece of a specific room. If created in an artistic or whimsical style they can provide great visual accent to a room by using a variety of materials which add to the unique style of the space. They can contribute to the ambiance of the room by its materials if it is made from an exotic wood.

You see, wood adds a certain warmth and depth to the large time piece making a wood wall clock quite an interesting choice. Metal gives a wall clock a contemporary coolness to the existing décor. Glass wall clocks coordinates greatly with any color palette. Vibrant colors add pizzazz to a monotone colored room.

Large wall clocks can be used in virtually any room of the home. They are just as at home in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or office as they are in any living space. The possibilities are endless when considering adding a large wall clock to your space.

Wall Clocks – The Perfect Housewarming Gift

Have you ever been faced with the challenge of buying a housewarming gift for a relative, friend or a new acquaintance? Perhaps someone new just moved into next to you and you’re looking for the perfect gift to give in order to welcome them to the neighborhood. Sure, a fruit basket or potted plant is nice, but these items only last for short time. You want to purchase a gift that will have a lasting impression, and there may be nothing more suitable than a wall clock. Wall clocks make great gifts because they are affordable, functional and fashionable. There are literally wall clocks available for just about any room in the house, making them one of the most universally accepted pieces of décor available.

When it comes to gift shopping for a wall clock it’s important to understand the style of the person that will be receiving it. It’s likely that the person or family has developed a certain style of décor, and if so, it’s a good idea to purchase something that will fit in well. The last thing you want to do is to buy an ultra modern digital wall clock for a traditional living room setting. Digital wall clocks are great, though they are much better suited to an outdoor patio, garage or office setting. When selecting a wall clock for someone else, it makes the most sense to stick with something neutral and subtle. A traditional wood framed round clock with a solid white face is a great choice and will fit in to just about any style of décor.

You can also make an accent piece out of your timepiece by buying a large wall clock and placing it where the eye will always be drawn to it. Of course, doing this requires careful consideration with regards to taste and style.

The range of different types of simple wall clocks is quite staggering but there are some that are justifiably more popular than others. It is possible to find many different types of wall clocks from major online stores such as Amazon.

Listed below is a small selection of wall clocks for sale at Amazon that have been highly rated by customers. These clocks would make an excellent starting point to ensure you are buying one that is reliable. In fact all of the wall clocks displayed below have been given a rating of 4 starts or higher.

Value wall clocks priced at under $20.00


Charles Leonard Inc. Wall Clock - 14 Inches, Black and White

Geneva Clock Co 8101 Advance Wall Clock

ACU-RITE 8 inch Plastic Wall Clock

Infinity Instruments Facile-Gunmetal Wall Clock

Ashton Sutton Retro Orange Wall Clock

Novelty Whatever Wall Clock

Luminous Blueberry Silent Wall Clock

Taylor Precision Patio Wall Clock


Quality Wall Clocks Priced Within the $20 - $40 Range


La Crosse Technology Wood Atomic Wall Clock

Infinity Instruments Harmonious Time Wall Clock

Seiko Quiet Sweep Second Hand Wall Clock

Infinity Instruments Retro Round Metal Wall Clock

Chaney Instruments 18-Inch Vintage Port Wine Wall Clock

Infinity Instruments Precedent Wall Clock

Silver Quartz Wall Clock

Metal Wall Clock with Wooden Balls


It is possible to buy a reliable wall clock through a range of different prices. It’s important to stick to well known brands whenever possible, since these clocks will be more likely to survive the test of time. Get online and read some product reviews to see what others are saying about their favorite clocks. Amazon is a great site, as it contains a wealth of information for a variety of different types of wall clocks from wood wall clocks to metal wall clocks and on to glass and everything in between.

The History of Clocks

Clocks have been a part of mankind's lives as far back as anyone can determine. Even before a mechanical way of keeping time was devised people were using other methods to record the hours and minutes as they swept by. Lets take a look at the history behind the wall clocks that we mostly all take for granted.

One of the earliest forms of timekeeping came in the form of the sundial of course. This device was placed in a central location where all the local people could reference it easily,much like the town clocks of today. Using a clock face similar to what we use now, they would set the clock in place and adjust it until the sun would cast the correct shadow for the time of day. As you can imagine, once these clocks were set they were extremely reliable, unless the sun chose to stay behind the clouds!

The next type of clock was the water clock, it used the flow of water through the clock to drive a mechanical gear. These were a welcome leap in technology because now you could reference the time night or day. They were very complex and expensive for the time though, meaning that only the  wealthy could afford them.

Then came the spring type clock, these were made just as they sound, with a spring that was wound and propelled the clock hands. These particular clocks did not keep very good time at all, often having fluctuations of hours over a day! It was not long before people began seeking a much better option,soon they had them in the form of pendulum clocks.

Pendulum clocks used a weight driven pendulum to move the gear inside a clock face to keep accurate time. They worked extremely well and kept wonderful time. There were a couple of problems though, the weights would eventually hang far down the wall as they drifted downwards during the day, and the weights needed reset constantly to ensure that the power never stopped flowing. By the early 1900s though this problem was solved through the use of battery driven pendulums.

Today most of us have become accustomed to the quartz clocks that adorn our walls. These use a small quartz crystal ,that is vibrated by a small power source such as a battery, to keep time. This allows clocks to come in almost every shape and size ranging from starburst wall clocks to retro styled clocks. The history of timekeeping is a long and evolving one that shows no signs of stopping. One can only imagine what the future will bring but surely a clock will be there in some form.

The Digital Wall Clock

When you think of a wall clock, you may imagine a boring looking black framed clock with a white face just like the ones you were used to seeing in school or at the DMV. Because of that, when getting a clock for your living room, you stick to the basic boring type of clock. Well, it doesn't have to be this way. There are a lot of other options that you have. You can get a digital wall clock for instance. There are a ton of different styles you can choose from that can make your room look better, not worse or plain. You can go online and search for them where you will see some of the craziest looking wall clocks. Clocks can be artistic and cool looking too, not just plain and boring.

Why Wood Wall Clocks For Your Home?

You’ve probably heard the saying different strokes for different folks.  Well, this saying is perfect for talking about clocks, because clocks do their own strokes and have different folks who admire them.  Some wall clocks are for show and others are for function.  You can have both, but most people that want that look of an old wood wall clock are not as interested in the quartz accuracy and all that.

If you want a perfectly accurate and precise clock, you should probably get an atomic clock that is accurate to like fractions of a second per year.  Digital clocks are a lot better than the old hand-wound type of antique wall clock you would find in an older farmhouse.  But, where is the charm and nostalgia in that?  I’d rather have the character and depth that wood wall clocks bring to a home than worry about being 1/20 th of a second late for an appointment.

Finding Wall Clocks On Any Budget

When you think about what it takes to decorate a new home or even add to your existing one, it can get overwhelming quite quickly.  This is especially true if you are looking for those one-of-a-kind pieces that will surely make a statement.  Well, this is never more true than when looking for older, classic pieces from a bygone era.  In this case, thinking about antique wall clocks.

There is good news, however.  Because of the trend in wall clocks, you can find reproduction models or replica clocks that are made with modern materials like plasters or plastics that have the same initial visual charm as those old classics.  Don’t be fooled, these clocks have a nice appearance and are just as good at telling time.  If you are looking to spend in the lower hundreds range for your wall clock, then these are for you.  Sure, you can find wall clocks – those old antiques for example – that may cost you several thousand.  These are usually made of wood and date back to the 1800s or even before.  They are mostly for decorative purposes, though they may be perfectly capable of keeping time as well.

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