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Creating A Roof Top Garden

There are a few things to think about if you are trying to decide whether it will be possible to create a roof garden in your building. There are some interesting facts to know, too.

Did you know that you can affect the temperature above your apartment building by deciding whether or not to use synthetic grass? Choosing to build a roof garden on top of your flat-roofed building can give you more than a peaceful place for you and your fellow tenants to come and relax away from the bustling city below you.

Interestingly it has been found that installing a roof garden can have positive environmental benefits. The temperature above the building can be lowered thanks to the presence of synthetic grass because without the grass sunlight gets reflected straight off a flat roof and back up into the sky raising the atmospheric temperature. The green synthetic grass will counteract this phenomenon to a certain extent.

Not only will synthetic grass on the roof help the outside temperature it can also act as a layer of insulation to affect the temperature inside the building. It can help to keep the building cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Add to all of the environmental factors with the simple fact that by installing synthetic grass on the roof of an apartment building you are giving everyone who lives there a valuable set of amenities to utilize. Placing this sort of set up, which may include a barbecue area and a few seats to allow for a place to relax, on the roof removes you from the noise and other distractions that you might get at ground level.

Finally, installing synthetic grass in a roof garden is a preferred option over trying to use live foliage due to the weight issues that surround planting real grass. If you were to lay real turf on a rooftop you would be looking at a lot of drainage issues as well as the weight of the soil required to get the grass to grow. In order to safely use this option you would have to undergo significant strengthening of the roof supports.

The alternative is the weight of a layer of synthetic grass plus a few pots or tubs to house whatever plants you would like to use. It’s a much simpler, much cheaper and more sensible solution.

Pick A New Kind of Lawn

Picking out a new lawn for the front yard could be a completely new experience if you choose a different type of product to replace the Buffalo, Kikuyu or Couch grass that you already use. You might have to venture into the realm of the artificial grass manufacturers rather than visiting the local garden center.

All it really means is a change of thinking when it comes to what is important in your new front lawn. You will no longer have to consider which grass variety will do best in semi-shade or on a soil that tends towards the clay rather than sandy side.

You might still have to choose between rye grass and blue grass but in the case of synthetic grass, your choices are going to be a lot more permanent in the way they will look and the height they will grow. The great thing about choosing any kind of artificial grass is that it is far less time consuming to maintain than a real lawn. You no longer have to cut the grass every weekend during the hotter summer months and there are far fewer watering requirements.

With synthetic grass technology vastly improved than during the early days, the grass that you get with these new products have been made to look exactly like real grass. Some products are even made with the odd yellow blade to mimic a grass with a few dead or dying grass blades sprinkled through it - just to give it a bit more realism.

Synthetic grass does require some maintenance to ensure that it is clean and there is no build up of leaf litter, moss or dirt, all of which can quickly cause the grass to look second rate. But the cleaning requirements usually amount to a brush with a stiff broom and a quick rinse down with the hose. Far less than the work you would otherwise need to put in.

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