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The Best Selection of Sonic Toys

Sonic the hedgehog is a cartoon from a famous Sega video game of the same name. As one of the most popular characters in Sega's history the blue hedgehog went on to appear in a cartoon show, comic books, and a very popular selection of merchandise from t-shirts to toys. Sonic the hedgehog toys remain very collectible and sought after. The action figure collection has a wide range of choice to choose from. This is especially good for beginners and die-hard fans who want to have as many different figures as possible. There are numerous websites and stores devoted to selling these items.

The selection of action figures ranges from the very expensive to a good price. You will get some 3.5 inch such as silver hedgehog, tails, knuckles, and many more. Even some special characters from the comic books have made an appearance. The price of these range from 9$ to 14$. Some exclusive toys in the action figure series come complete with all the specific details so you know just how rare they are. An example is the sonic the ware hog. Standing at 7 inches tall and with up to 20 points of articulation this has been selling in high numbers since its release in 2008.

The plush collection are always in demand for the lovers and fans of sonic toys. The majority stand at 6 inches tall and you will find sonic, knuckles, tails and some exclusive vinyl plus toys. Shadow the hedgehog is just one out of the collection. He is a black hedgehog who featured heavily in the series. This is quite a collectible piece which you can find only in stores which specialize in this series. The price will range from 28$ and up depending on the stock, and where you purchase the item from. Only purchase from official retailers so you know you are getting a genuine toy.

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