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Why You Should Install A Solar Security Light

If you want some added security around your home then a solar security light can be of benefit to you. The extra light that these kinds of lights provide can deter intruders from coming onto your property. By choosing solar lights you have additional benefits over those using electric ones. With a little advanced planning you can ensure your home is safe and save money at the same time.

Burglars intent on breaking into homes are less likely to enter a property if there is a chance they will be seen. By installing a solar security light at the entrance to your home you can deter these intruders. A light with a motion sensor attached will light up when someone walks past, which can give the impression that there is someone inside the house and most likely scare off an intruder. This is a great way to protect and monitor the front of your home, particularly if you are entertaining out the back.

Solar lights have many benefits over regular electric lights. They absorb energy from the sun during the day and use this energy to power the light at night. This makes them very affordable because solar energy is completely free so you have no ongoing power costs. They are simple to install as they do not need to be connected to electricity, so you can do it yourself rather than getting an electrician in. There is very little maintenance involved once the lights are setup. Maybe a little cleaning and a bulb change is all you will need to do.

If you plan ahead of time you can make sure all of your needs are met with minimum effort required. You can ensure all of the darker areas of your property are well covered with the type of solar lights you choose. As well as the security lights, you can get solar garden lights to light up your paths and walkways which will make them safer, and spot lights or flood lights are great for larger areas.

You can enjoy a safe and secure home and save money at the same time by using solar lights.

3 Steps to Getting the Best out of Outdoor Solar Lights

To get the best out of any type of solar lighting and outdoor solar lights in particular, you need to first understand that solar lighting systems have taken some huge steps forward in recent years. As the systems have improved, so the applications that this type of technology is suitable for have increased. There is now a solar light fixing to replace virtually any type of light that is powered by a conventional electricity supply.

1. Decide what type of system you want to install.

Do you want to install a complete solar power system for your home that will provide almost all the electricity for your home (some homes can be totally self sufficient), or do you just want to replace individual lights and power them with solar energy. If you are only interested in replacing some of your lighting, probably the easiest place to start is with outdoor lighting, as this is cheaper to install and the units have built in solar cells which make them fully self contained units. Fixings such as the solar driveway lighting is ideal if you are considering this.

2. Set the budget you want to spend and stick to it!

If you fix a budget before you start your scheme, you are much more likely to avoid a large overspend. The amount you decide to fix for your budget depends very much on how far you decide to go, but as a ball park figure you could be spending as little as a few hundred dollars to fully light the outside of your home, or as much as $10,000 net for a full home installation. If you decide to opt for a full install, don't forget to investigate any state or federal grants that might be available. In some states you can receive up to $10,000 in rebates for installing a solar energy system.

3. Get at least 3 quotes.

Before you commission any work, you should seek advice from at least 3 different solar energy contractors. I have seen some wild fluctuations in contractor's quotes, so this is an extremely important step. In my opinion you should never accept the cheapest quote and always ask for references or better still, ask to see examples of the best solar solar lighting systems they have previous installed.

The Benefits of Solar Driveway Lights

Solar driveway lights can save energy and save money at the same time. Solar lights are an environmentally friendly way to light up your driveway or your garden, and they can also save significant amounts of money in lower energy bills.

Driveway lighting is used for safety and for security, for convenience and also for creating a specific atmosphere around the property. There are several different styles available, so you can find a lighting system that looks good on our driveway but also saves energy.

Post lights are easy to install and they are available in solar lighting. The variety of lamp posts including different colors, designs and styles guarantees that most people will find a style that is convenient for their garden and property. Because of the solar system you will not need any wiring either above ground or under ground, and you can place the light posts wherever you desire along the driveway.

Some lights are turned on as a car or a person approaches, and these can be another way to save energy and money. These lights have an in-built system that recognizes movement and makes the lights switch on when someone is approaching. This can be a good way to add security and a feeling of safety, as most intruders are deterred by bright lighting especially if it comes on as they approach the house or the garage.

It is estimated that solar-powered lights can save up to a third in energy bills compared to normal types of lights. Solar power can be especially cost effective in areas that enjoy a lot of sunlight around the year. Solar driveway lights usually last longer than other types of lights and as they come in a variety of styles, you can always find something to fit your personal preferences.

Solar Lights Save You Money

Have you been thinking about buying some solar lights to use outside of your home? You will be able to save a lot of money when you use this type of lighting rather than other types that are available. There are a lot of different options for you to choose from, but solar is the best available if you want to get the most benefits. Among all of the great benefits that are available is being able to keep your money in your pocket. Some types of lights are very expensive to operate and will take a huge chunk out of your electric bill each month, but solar lights will not cost you anything for the light they give.

The way that solar lighting works is by storing up energy from the sun during the daytime hours. The energy is stored through a solar panel that is placed on top of the light that is used to charge the solar battery connected to the solar panel. This means that you will not have to worry about plugging in any cords to any electrical outlets and using your electricity to power the lights that you want for your yard. This benefit will save you a lot of money every month and will provide you with the lighting that you need.

There are a lot of ways that solar lights will save you money if you are going to be using them around your home. You will be able to use the solar power that the sun provides for free each day to have your lights charged up, and then when it becomes dark outside the energy that is stored will be enough to last through the night. If you are going to be putting some lighting around your home then make sure that you check into all of the great benefits you can get with solar lighting.

Pick Solar Garden Lights

Solar lights, or solar garden lights comprise three separate but essential components.The photo-voltaic cell, the battery (rechargeable) and the lamp.  The photo-voltaic cell is the solar bit of the solar light, meaning that it is this bit that converts the suns rays into an electical current.  This electrical current is no good unless it can be stored in some way for use later, preferably when it is dark.

It is for this reason that solar lights have rechargeable batteries, most often nickel cadmium batteries, although more recently these have been changed to nickel hydride as cadmium is toxic to dispose of.

Finally solar lights have LED lamps.  The LED lamp is very bright, but emits very little heat.  This makes it perfect for garden lighting as it will not cause damage  to the surrounding foliage and fauna.

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