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3 Steps to Getting the Best out of Outdoor Solar Lights

To get the best out of any type of solar lighting and outdoor solar lights in particular, you need to first understand that solar lighting systems have taken some huge steps forward in recent years. As the systems have improved, so the applications that this type of technology is suitable for have increased. There is now a solar light fixing to replace virtually any type of light that is powered by a conventional electricity supply.

1. Decide what type of system you want to install.

Do you want to install a complete solar power system for your home that will provide almost all the electricity for your home (some homes can be totally self sufficient), or do you just want to replace individual lights and power them with solar energy. If you are only interested in replacing some of your lighting, probably the easiest place to start is with outdoor lighting, as this is cheaper to install and the units have built in solar cells which make them fully self contained units. Fixings such as the solar driveway lighting is ideal if you are considering this.

2. Set the budget you want to spend and stick to it!

If you fix a budget before you start your scheme, you are much more likely to avoid a large overspend. The amount you decide to fix for your budget depends very much on how far you decide to go, but as a ball park figure you could be spending as little as a few hundred dollars to fully light the outside of your home, or as much as $10,000 net for a full home installation. If you decide to opt for a full install, don't forget to investigate any state or federal grants that might be available. In some states you can receive up to $10,000 in rebates for installing a solar energy system.

3. Get at least 3 quotes.

Before you commission any work, you should seek advice from at least 3 different solar energy contractors. I have seen some wild fluctuations in contractor's quotes, so this is an extremely important step. In my opinion you should never accept the cheapest quote and always ask for references or better still, ask to see examples of the best solar solar lighting systems they have previous installed.

Solar Lights For Driveways Are Often Indestructible

Never Expected These To Grow.
Creative Commons License photo credit: outofmytree

Many consumers are sold on the idea of solar lights for driveways but they hesitate to buy them because they fear that if somebody drives over them they will break into a billion pieces.  I understand this concern but it’s a worry that is usually unfounded because many of today’s brands are nearly indestructible.

For example, stainless steel solar driveway lights are almost as solid as a rock, so they are very sturdy.  Most of these lights are now also shaped like a flat disc or saucer so that they don’t incur as much force if a tire were to strike them.  I’m not making any promises for every situation, but in most cases if you buy the right lights they will be just fine if the family sedan cruises right over them.

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