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You do not have to be a celebrity to wear gold shoes!

Shoe is an important part, if you are conscious about style and every one cares about their looks these days, especially women. Regular shoes can be classified in different categories like casual, trendy and sports etc. the world of women’s fashion is done with trendy style and a new class known as gold shoes has made its way in the market. They come in a quite a range and ladies love them. Whether it is a casual cocktail party or simple family gathering the gold shoe is what is in demand for most of the style conscious ladies. We all know how much ladies love to be showered with gold whether it is necklace, headdress, earrings or rings. Now women demands for gold in their shoes as well. The greatest obsession or the influence if we say it correctly comes directly from the celebrities as when you watch it, you like it and when you like it you want it.

Celebrities could be seen wearing these gold shoes whether we take Oscars or the red carpet events many celebrities (ladies) are found wearing these gold shoes. It directly transfers down to the Asian peninsula as well because if we take the Film fare festival or the IIFA the Indian actresses are also obsessed with the idea of gold shoes and once they do it then the local every day women wants it as well.

Some great designs are found at a range of $49-79 which could be put on as sandals slip on and some designers label such as Steve Madden Ripple which may cost about $79. The gold shoes are so versatile that they can be worn on any party or even day to day activities and that gold shine brings a trendy impression on the people around as well. So ladies you got to have one of these.

A suggestion for boys here as well, if your girl friend’s birthday is nearby and she is too choosy or you are too confused about what to give her as a present, then look no further and do not stay confused any more the gold shoes is your choice, girls love it.
Now a suggestion for short heighted ladies if you do not have a pair of these gold shoes with heels or hedges then get a pair as soon as possible it will make you look taller and give you a sleek stylish look.

Vicini Wedge Shoes

For the fortunate few who can spend money without batting an eyelid, wedge shoes do not hold restrictions to be worn only in summer.  Vicini has introduced wedge shoes in closed feet pattern that may also be termed wedge boots. Since these have closed feet, these can be worn in any season. But the range doesn't stop with the closed foot style. Strappy sandals are also available and with the attractive styles and colors that are available they are the types of shoes that will draw envious glances.

Vicini wedge shoes are available in some stunning looks and are worth tracking down. Take a look at a few of the Tapeet Vicini wedge shoes for sale.

The price range for these shoes is usually from around $529 and upwards but a couple of the shoes displayed above have been subject to substantial discounts. These shoes can be teamed with any formal clothes and you can wear these to your work place as well. Whether you select a shoe having a price tag of $50 or you select a shoe with a price tag of $ 500, it is time saving and energy saving to buy shoes through an online store. You can be assured of both price and quality when buying wedge shoes online.

Cheap Gladiator Shoes

Sometimes, you may buy a cheap gladiator shoes, but it may prove costly later on. Some of the common problems faced with cheaper variety of shoes is that, the shoes may not last long. The heel may chip off, the color may wear off or you may have problems with the buckles. If the soles used in the heels are not of a good material, it may give you leg cramps. These shoes can cause you lots of embarrassment when it breaks in the middle of the road. In order to avoid such problems, do not make your self feel guilty by spending a few dollars more. Buying a better brand may actually be cheaper than buying a cheaper shoe, since a better brand may last longer than a cheap sandal.

Coach Bonney High-Top Black Sneaker Boots

Women who love designer shoes will definitely love the Coach Bonney black hi-top sneaker boots. The pair has just been released and is now being sold in stores, online and offline, all throughout the world. These shoes fall under the Bonney style and are the highlights of any casual, winter, or sportswear. You’ll know it’s a pair of Coach Bonney sneakers for its high-top black shearling lining, the jacquard logo printed all over and the Coach “C” logo on the non-skid rubber sole. You can wear them up or down depending on how you prefer your sneakers to look like. These unique sneakers can be worn with ankle turndowns, which also reveal a cozy and comfortable shearling in the interior.

If you’re looking for high quality sneakers to keep you warm during the colder months as well as a pair to go with your everyday outfits, these black high - top sneakers from Coach will definitely fit the description. What’s more, it’s affordable with discounts being offered if bought from stores online, making it a fast-selling pair once again.

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