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Best Accessories For Your PS3 Console

If you've just bought a Playstation 3 bundle, then you know that this is a powerful media center, and more than just a gaming machine. In this regard, there are several accessories which one should know of, so that they determine the right PS3 add-ons for their machine.

One of these PS3 accessories is the SIXAXIS controller. This is one accessory that enhances the sensing capabilities of the machine and renders it more effective. The SIXAXIS also connects the PS3 with Bluetooth and has also a USB mini B port. This port is used for charging the PS3, hardwiring it, and will allow users to connect their PS3 to a PC. Another vital PS3 accessory is the PS3 Blu ray BD remote. The PS3 has a remote which can be used with Blu ray disc to watch movies. With this controller, one can control the playback options of the Blu ray disc. Most users find the controller convenient, and besides, it is affordable.

HDMI cables is another accessory that offers a HD output to the PS3. This is very often included in a PS3 bundle. If one has a HDTV, they just need to get a HDMI cable, which has higher quality than component cables. Users who have a PS3 should also know about the Logitech cordless media board. This is an accessory that can be used to surf the net with your machine. This cordless keyboard has a built in track pad which enhances navigation. Furthermore, with this keyboard, one does not need to go back to inputting text with a controller.

Regardless of whether one is around the house, or moving out, they need to have a PS3 travel bag, for moving the PS3 around. It is worth noting that the PS3 is a fragile and delicate machine, and so if one does not have a permanent media cabinet these bags are ideal.

The last accessory one should know of is the PS3 controller charge base. This can charge your SIXAXIS controllers at the same time.

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