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Why Liv Dolls Are Better Than Barbie

Liv dolls are better than Barbie because they are new and they are more like real girls in junior high or high school. Do girls in junior high or high school play with these dolls? Of course not. But the girls who do play them are aspiring junior high and high school students. This is a way for the girls to use make believe to pretend that they are cool best friends, just like they will be someday when they move up a few grades.

Barbie has a lot going on for her too. For instance she is really fit, even unrealistically fit sometimes. At least the liv dolls have more realistic body types. But hey, you can't really penalize Barbie for this considering, she is a fashion model. In fact, she is not only a fashion model, but she has had almost every career imaginable from Doctor to Stewardess, Barbie has done it all.

She is also ageless considering she is almost 50 and doesn't look a day over 25. Besides her many career accomplishments and her great shape, she has also been in the same long term relationship her entire life. So Barbie is not all bad, and she is the first of the fashion dolls.

But, the liv dolls have a lot going for them. Besides their more realistic body types they are also designed to be more like real girls. For instance, you can read about all of their dislikes on Liv World, which is a virtual world. Each liv doll comes with a password to this online virtual world. This is where kids can play games and learn more about the personality of each liv doll. In fact, they will even discover that each doll has a flaw, which is a little more human than the, oh so perfect, Barbie.

Liv dolls also have life like glass eyes. Another cool thing about the Liv Dolls is they have interchangeable wigs, and kids can even cut, color, and style their hair, without fear of ruining the doll if they make a mistake. Barbie is great, but the Liv Dolls may just be better.

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