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The Cost of Laser Liposuction By Area

The cost of liposuction and laser liposuction depends on many different factors. But by knowing what part of the body the patient desires treatment we can begin to generalize how much a procedure will cost. Most clinics will provide a preliminary price estimate for laser liposuction patients based on this information. Generally, larger areas will cost more but the complexity or delicacy of the treatment also affects the final cost. It comes down to the amount of fat to be removed and the work required of the surgeon.

Large areas of the body such as the abdomen, back, chest or legs will cost the most to perform liposuction on. The cost of some of these areas can range from as little as $1,500 per treatment to as much as $10,000 or more. The average cost of abdominal liposuction is about $4,000 while liposuction legs, back or buttocks will cost approximately $3,000. Smaller areas of the body such as facial regions including the chin, jowls or neck can cost between $1,500 and $6,000 and average about $2,500 per treatment area. Despite being a fairly low amount of fat in the area the delicate nature or treating the face forces the surgeon to do more detailed work.

In general the cost of laser liposuction for a male patient will be higher than a female patient due to the generally large build of a male body. Men also tend to have more fibrous fat cells making it harder to break and remove from the body. Statistics have also shown that men tend to have liposuction in very particular areas of the body that are known to have the toughest fat cells to work with.

The only accurate way to get an estimate is by consulting a plastic surgeon for a price quote. Since consultation is free and a great way to learn more about options for an individual it is a good idea for anyone who is consider laser liposuction or any other cosmetic procedure. Be sure to verify that any quote you receive is explained so there is a clear understanding what fees or other charges might not be included.

Two Way to Reduce Liposuction Risks

Despite being considered a relatively safe procedure as far as plastic surgeries goes, there are still some inherent risks associated with liposuction that cannot be completely eliminated. The good news is that new techniques such as the use of laser technology in a procedure known as laser liposuction has significantly reduced some of the most common complications that plague liposuction procedures. Another good way to manage the risks of any plastic surgery procedure is by going to a board certified plastic surgeon that is diligent and considerate of his or her patients.

The Technique

Laser liposuction offers many advantages for patients and surgeons alike. It is much more accurate and precise in targeting fat cells so that the surrounding tissue is much less likely to be harmed during the procedure. The technique involves the use of an optic fiber which carries the laser. The laser generates significant heat energy that literally melts the fat in the area.

Attached to this optic fiber is a tiny cannula and that is the suction tube through which most of the fat is removed from the body. The remaining fat that is not suctioned out of the body is removed naturally by the body’s natural cleansing system. The increased precision of laser liposuction means faster and less painful healing process for the patient.

The Physician

Another way to keep liposuction risks under control and within acceptable probability is by going to a properly trained, skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. During the consultation session you will have the opportunity to question the surgeon about their certification and their credentials.

It is also an opportunity to ask for references that can vouch for the type of results the surgeon produces from his or her work. It is important when shopping for a plastic surgeon that you find one who is experienced in the particular procedure you are interested.

What to Expect from Lipo Surgery

When many people first consider liposuction surgery for themselves, they want to know what it will cost. There is no easy answer since there are many elements that factor into how the procedure is priced. Not only are there various charges and fees that make up the entire bill but these different charges can be influenced by various factors. The most important thing to keep in mind is that shopping for a high quality surgeon should be the first basis of decision making. It is a common mistake to base your decision solely on liposuction prices of the various clinics in your area.

One of the most important factors is what part of the body will be treated. This can also determine the technique that will be employed since small areas could be treated with laser liposuction which is very different method of fat removal. It offers many benefits such as the side effect of tighter skin without the laser skin tightening costs as a separate non surgical treatment. That is because the thermal from the laser causes the collagen underneath the skin to contract which produces the smoother tighter skin that many laser lipo patients greatly appreciate.

Of course there are limitations to this incidental skin tightening with the laser technique of removing unwanted body fat. It is most effective in skin that still contains much of its natural elasticity. Aged skin or otherwise damaged skin is not as responsive to the effects of the laser heat and will not contract as well. For these patients, a lift or some other procedure might be recommended to complement the liposuction surgery to enhance the results.

These days, too, it's not just women who are going in for lipo surgery. Male liposuction is on the increase although the areas that are being focused on are different with men more concerned with the extra fat around the waist, what we commonly refer to as the love handles.

The addition of complementary treatments will not come cheap depending on the type of procedure. For this reason it is important to speak with a certified plastic surgeon before the procedure and ensure that everything is understood by both the surgeon and the patient. It is a chance for the surgeon to learn more about the patient and their desires and goals for this surgery. Managing expectations is an important role of the surgeon because unrealistic expectations is a source of future problems.

Numerous Laser Liposuction Benefits

Laser liposuction offers numerous benefits for people who just need small areas of the body sculpted. The procedure is much less intrusive compared to traditional liposuction methods which require larger tools and larger incisions. Traditionally, liposuction removes fat cells by violently breaking up fat cells and sucking the fat from the area. Laser liposuction is a much gentler technique in which a small fiber is inserted into the area and a laser is used to generate heat which melts the fat. Since the incisions are smaller the area that was treated is at minimal risk of scarring or developing an infection. It is perfect since many people do not want full-blown liposuction but rather small areas of fat that are hard to reach through other means of fat loss.

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