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What to Expect From a Hybrid Golf Club Set

There is not a lot of argument to the fact that the hybrid golf club has been the biggest innovation in golf to come along in a very long time. A hybrid golf club set allows for versatility on the course. It allows a golfer to be able to drive the ball like they would with a driver or fairway wood but have the feel and shaft of an iron. Here is a little look at what a golfer should expect from a hybrid golf club set.

A hybrid golf club set will offer the golfer a selection of clubs with different lofts just like a regular iron set would. They have just about the same purpose as irons except that the hybrid has a bigger head and allows from hitting from just about any condition. Where the irons are more for placing the ball and high loft, the hybrid allows for driving distance plus a combination of loft. It is this duality that gives the hybrid its name.

The bottom line is this: if you are a golfer that has problems hitting with an iron, a hybrid golf club set would the best thing to get to help you get over the problem. You are still going to have that iron feel but a bigger face for striking the ball. Hybrids like to tout themselves as being able to have the distance of a driver or wood but the feel of an iron.

The best way to describe a hybrid golf club set is that the hybrid club is a utility club. It can get you out of a jam and is useful in just about any situation. That is exactly what you can expect from a hybrid golf club set. It is certainly advisable to have a hybrid golf club set in your golf bag the next time you step onto the course.

Hybrid Golf Clubs Are The Real Deal

If you are on the fence about whether you should give hybrid golf clubs a try, consider one simple fact. there are more professional golfers who carry hybrid clubs in their bags than there are those who do not. That is a very telling statement. if a professional golfer feels that these clubs will improve their game, why would any amateur think they could not benefit from using them?

Most of us amateurs have trouble hitting our long irons. they are truly the hardest club in the bag to hit. I am talking about 3, 4, and 5 irons. The reason they are so hard to hit is due to their longer shaft as compared to the short irons, and the very flat club head. This combination makes it very easy to either hit the ball thin, meaning your club hits too high on the ball, or hit it fat, which means the club head strikes the ground before hitting the ball. It is hard to get your swing consistent enough to make good contact at the right point in your swing, and repeat this over and over. The result of hitting poor shots with long irons is usually bad. The ball might go hard right or left, and that usually means trouble.

Now, enter the hybrid club, with its fairway wood type of club head. For the same hybrid, you have a shorter shaft when comparing it to its long iron counterpart, which translates into more control. The larger, rounder club head means there is much more forgiveness when misshitting a shot. If you hit the ball fat with a hybrid, the club head will not stick into the ground as a long iron does. It will instead bounce off the ground and still make pretty good contact with the ball. In addition to that, the ball will probably still go straight. If you can take hitting the ball left and right out of the equation, there is no doubt you will lower your golf score. If you hit the ball thin, the larger head of the hybrid will still make better contact than a similar swing with a long iron. Again, the result will be better contact and a more positive result to your shot.

When considering hybrid golf clubs, take a look at what the pros are doing. We all want to play the same golf ball and whear the same hat and shirt as our favorite professional. Why not actually do something that will benefit your game? Give hybrid golf clubs a try and you might just be surprised at your golf scores!

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