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Market Leading Manufacturers of Solar Lighting

The most recent batch of solar garden lights are far more powerful than the previous generations of solar lighting.  A couple of well placed lights can illuminate your entire patio, garden, or yard.  The brightness has improved, as has the tinting of the globes, which produces a more appealing color of light.  Basically, you are now looking at lights which perfectly substitute for traditional outdoor lighting, except that they don’t cost a cent to power.

This is one of many great benefits which solar garden lighting offers the savvy homeowner today.  They store sunlight which has been converted into electricity until dusk, and then automatically power up to illuminate the desired space.  Basically you not only save money, but time, as they turn themselves on and off (when the battery dies), and reduce both maintenance and upkeep as the LED globes last a long time.

It is wise to consider shopping at an established lighting or hardware store, at least for your initial purchase, as you will want to test the lights, and discuss it further with a person somewhat knowledgeable about the subject.

For some products, you can get away with substandard finish quality, and it doesn’t affect you, but for solar garden lights, unfortunately, you can’t.  There are 3 reasons why this is the case.  Cheap LED globes don’t light spaces well, the batteries and globes don’t last very long, and for them to last in a harsh environment, the lights need to remain waterproof for a long time.

The two market leading manufacturers of this type of lighting are Hampton Bay and Executive Lighting.  Both produce lights which are of an extremely high quality.  Hampton Bay is renowned for their variety of solar lighting, whereas Executive focuses on the upper end of the market with a number of luxury, high end outdoor solar light fittings.

Either way, the saving you get from the power easily justify making a higher end purchase.

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