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Golf and Tension A Risky Combination

Quick tips from Golf Courses Charlotte

Some days you are soaring with the Eagles and other days playing like you've never been on the course before. That's golf.

You're still using the

  • same clubs,
  • same driver,
  • same irons

and everything feels right but nothing seems to work.

On the green you're putting stance seems normal and you remember the times when the ball went straight into the hole but now it's just not happening.

You may start to wonder if putting and gambling are the same game. Is it just one big spin of the roulette wheel?

You're probably experiencing the undertow of golf -- tension.

Tension is a strange bedfellow. It can move in like a cloud and attack you when you are least expecting it. Maybe it was something at the office,  at home, any number of things can cause subtle tension which can have a dramatic affect on your golf game.

Here's the good news

You get to relax and improve your game. Take a breath, relax your muscles, and your putting will improve.

Your golf game gets more difficult when you tense your muscles. The very foundation of golf excellence is simple relaxation. If you're bracing yourself or stiff with sore muscles you are going to experience difficulty in your game.

Think about the times when your puts were world-class. You can be guaranteed that those times were when you were relaxed, fluid, tension free, and on your game.

Top performance coaches teach the process of visualizing just such moments.

Here's How

Start with your face and relax the muscles of your forehead and all parts of your face, ears, top of your head and neck, shoulders, back down to your buttocks ,thighs, your legs and ankles feet... really shake it off and relax and you get the feel of what it's like when you're playing your best.

You're putting game improves in direct proportion to your ability to relax. That really is good news.

When in Charlotte Golf at Springfield.

4 Basic Pieces Of Golfing Equipment

If you are interested in learning how to play golf, there are several pieces of equipment that you may want to invest in.  Since there is literally thousands and thousands of different pieces of golfing equipment available, this article will touch of a few of them that may prove to be valuable.

First, you should invest in some golf clubs.  According to the American Golf Association Guidelines, you are allowed to use fourteen golf clubs.  While the actual composition of this set of clubs is up to you, you need to make sure that you have a few drivers, wedges, and putters.

Next, you will definitely want to get a golf bag to help carry around your golf clubs.  Depending on your personal situation and budget, your choices range from a cheap nylon golf bag with two legs (to keep it standing upright) to a far more advanced golf bag with a battery operated trolley attachment.

While you may not need one, if you are frequently on the golf course, you may want to get a golf cart.  The really neat thing about golf carts is that you can customize them with lights, golf cart tires, stereo systems, and paint jobs.  If you do get a golf cart, just remember to use a golf cart cover to protect it.

The last piece of equipment that you will need is the golf ball.  If you speak to an experienced golfer, he or she will often swear that there is a difference in the quality of the ball and its performance.  As a beginner, we recommend you use the cheapest golf balls you can buy until you gain some additional experience.

In conclusion, these four golfing accessories are practically essential to playing golf.  As a result, if you are interested in learning to play golf, you may want to invest in them.

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