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Market Leading Manufacturers of Solar Lighting

The most recent batch of solar garden lights are far more powerful than the previous generations of solar lighting.  A couple of well placed lights can illuminate your entire patio, garden, or yard.  The brightness has improved, as has the tinting of the globes, which produces a more appealing color of light.  Basically, you are now looking at lights which perfectly substitute for traditional outdoor lighting, except that they don’t cost a cent to power.

This is one of many great benefits which solar garden lighting offers the savvy homeowner today.  They store sunlight which has been converted into electricity until dusk, and then automatically power up to illuminate the desired space.  Basically you not only save money, but time, as they turn themselves on and off (when the battery dies), and reduce both maintenance and upkeep as the LED globes last a long time.

It is wise to consider shopping at an established lighting or hardware store, at least for your initial purchase, as you will want to test the lights, and discuss it further with a person somewhat knowledgeable about the subject.

For some products, you can get away with substandard finish quality, and it doesn’t affect you, but for solar garden lights, unfortunately, you can’t.  There are 3 reasons why this is the case.  Cheap LED globes don’t light spaces well, the batteries and globes don’t last very long, and for them to last in a harsh environment, the lights need to remain waterproof for a long time.

The two market leading manufacturers of this type of lighting are Hampton Bay and Executive Lighting.  Both produce lights which are of an extremely high quality.  Hampton Bay is renowned for their variety of solar lighting, whereas Executive focuses on the upper end of the market with a number of luxury, high end outdoor solar light fittings.

Either way, the saving you get from the power easily justify making a higher end purchase.

Garden Lighting Offers Creativity To Your Back Yard

The moment the weather changes and the ground begins defrosting, your green thumb also begins itching to get your garden in top shape. Working tirelessly every moment you get and all throughout the day so that your garden looks exactly the way you want it is very time consuming. When you have completed the task perhaps you would like to enjoy the garden during the evening hours as well. Now that there are so many different types, styles and colors of garden lights available, you can have the lighting you need to enjoy your garden area at night. Lighting can create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests, or it can create a safer playing area for your children during the evening, or the lighting can simply show off the amazing garden you have created.

Although garden lighting may seem complicated at first, the installation is really not difficult at all. There are many different types of garden lighting that requires different means when it comes to the installation of the lights. Many home owners use a special type of lighting called up lighting or garden spot lights that are meant to shine up the height of your tall trees, statues, large plants. This type of lighting creates a full large and artistic feel to the area. To create a completely opposite affect, you will want to use shadow and silhouette lighting. Shadow lighting occurs when you place lights at a specific angle directly in front of a plant or shrub so that it will reflect another surface. Silhouette lighting is where you place lights behind the plant or shrub so that the item is silhouetted as you look directly at it. The most practical style of lighting is illuminating lighting which provides lighting along the pathway or steps so that people are able to see where they are walking.

No matter what style of lighting you choose, garden lighting can provide your yard with exactly the right amount of light you desire and the look you are trying to achieve. Pick up a set and give garden lighting a try today and see what a different a little light can make.

Beautiful Decorative Lighting for Gardens

Garden lights are a wonderful way of adding beauty and appeal to gardens. Be it home or commercial gardens, they add not only aesthetic value but also security to the whole surrounding. They make enjoying being outside safe and possible at night and also ward off burglars and trespassers. These lights not only make a house look attractive but also increase its value as an asset.

Decorative lighting for gardens are available in many different kinds and designs. One may use a single type or a creative combination of many types to illuminate the lawn. “Feature lights” help to highlight a particular object in a garden, say a statue, plant or a fountain. They are similar to spotlights and help to accentuate an unusual piece and make in stand out completely.

“Ambiance lights” are also much favored options. They are soft lights and create a magical ambiance during outdoor parties or get together. Colored lights or various types of lantern type string lights can be used to craft such diffused yet festive lighting. “Security lights” are the most basic form of garden lighting. They make the whole garden visible at night and make the residents feel secured.

Solar powered lights are very popular garden lights. They are easy to install and requires very little or no maintenance. The initial installation of the solar panels may appear expensive but other than that they are practically free. They save energy and money in the long run and extremely environment friendly. The recently designed solar lights look very attractive and vibrant.

LED lights are another much preferred alternative.  They are economical and highly affordable. They consume incredibly less electricity but gives off very bright luminosity. Even for dim lights, they are perfect. These lights usually have very long life and produce very less heat or pollution. Even these are eco-friendly lights and are easily recyclable.

Decorative garden lights, infuse a new life in the gardens during night time and also repel unwanted people and animals. A person’s artistic or imaginative side gets unearthed has much more information about lighting the outside of your home.

Garden Lights And Lighting – Save Money By Doing It Yourself

Many people go over the top with a huge investment  by way of using a professional landscaper or landscaping service that really is not necessary when it comes to their garden lights and lighting.

With just a little bit of time and research into the subject many people find that they can save an incredible amount of money by doing it themselves or with the help of someone who knows even just a little bit about these sorts of things.

Here are a few things to think about if you are planning an outdoor lighting project including the all important deck lights and lighting.

  • It should go without saying that more is not always better, but many people install far more lights than what their situation really calls for.
  • An excellent way to get a feel for what your deck or yard will look like with some outdoor lighting installed is to initially purchase some cheap solar lights down at the local big box or hardware store and just plunk them in the ground in the areas you feel would be best and see how it looks.
  • After doing the above it will really help you to determine whether or not you have the ability to take on a project like this yourself or whether or not it is time to call in a professional landscape design service.
  • Often times the folks who have done this have found that they need very little more in the way of outdoor ambiance.  Of course the cheap solar lights you bought will most likely only last a couple of years, but you can make a bigger investment into similar but more expensive and longer lasting designs later on.

If you find that the minimal light given off by most of the solar type lights is not enough for you, then it may be time to look into some of the more traditional and hard wired type lighting products available.  If you end up in this situation then it is most likely best to call on an expert to get the job done for you.

Solar Garden Lights Work Without Wires

By adding solar garden lights to the walkways, porch, to patio areas as well as to the swimming pool you will guarantee the safety of the late visitors. You do not want to take a chance of one of your friends or family members tripping and falling because it is dark outside.  On the other hand, if you desire to display a gazebo, a particular flower or a swing in the garden you may use a spotlight. You can develop some imaginative strategies for dramatic effects. You may place some garden lighting in some high locations and focus them on your desired object. The roof, the trees or the top of the she might be a good location for accent lights, which will make your garden amazing.

Improve Your Home’s Lighting

It is a cinch to implement garden lighting outside of your home. It will work to illuminate only those plants of which you are most proud. That is its job: to make your house look great and spectacular once the night falls. There are all different types so we will touch on that here for a brief second. You can get solar garden lighting, for example, which will run itself on its own energy. This is so great because with everyone talking about green energy no one is actually doing it. You alone can take this step for the benefit of the planet. (And your house will look like a mansion at the same time!) Everyone will be jealous and think you are so great.

Creative Commons License photo credit: loop_oh
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