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Creating A New Look With A Futon Cover

Futons are a great alternative to a sofa bed. They provide you with extra sitting and sleeping room while saving space and looking great. It is easy to find a futon that will look great in your home, no matter what furniture style you like. The best part about any futon is how easy it is to change the futon cover and create a new look whenever you want to.

When you are trying to decide what kind of fabric you want your futon to be, you need to think about your lifestyle. If you have children or pets, the first thing you might consider is how easy the futon will be to clean. For households like this, vinyl futon covers would be an excellent choice because these types of covers can be wiped off with a paper towel and a little Windex. Microfiber and Denim are also good fabrics for those who have kids and pets because they can take a lot of abuse and continue to look great. A good thing about each of these fabrics is that they feel wonderful to the touch as well.

Most of the covers for futons have Velcro on them or zippers, which makes it very easy to take them on and off if you want to change or clean the fabric. If you get bored of one color or style of futon cover, it is extremely simple and inexpensive to take it off and put on another one. There are many colors and designs for futon covers to compliment your personality and preference.

You can find futon covers in a variety of different fabrics, colors, and styles that will be sure to fit your needs. You will love being able to change the cover whenever you feel like it, while not spending a fortune.

Check out the Futon Cover Guide for the latest styles and fashions for futon home decor!

Which Futon Cover for Your Bed?

Should you ever need to purchase a futon mattress cover then there is no need to be overwhelmed by the task. Finding a futon cover to fit your futon is not as hard as you might think. Read below to find out how I went about finding my new set of futon mattress covers and see how it is done.

I was looking for a new futon cover for my bed. I had never owned a futon bed before and I really needed to know what type of futon cover was going to work for me. I did not know if they were all the same size or if I needed to measure my futon mattress. When I purchased the furniture set for my family room, I had purchased a futon sofa bed and a futon chair bed, so I had to find futon mattress covers for both of them.

I first went and researched the sizes of a futon mattress cover on the internet. After I found the sizes that I needed for my futon sofa bed and my futon chair bed I began looking at patterns to match my blue family room. I looked at different websites until I found a few colors that I liked. I was specifically looking at whites, tans, and chocolates, all colors that would complement the room nicely. I finally decided on the chocolate as it would be easier to clean should the futon mattress cover were to get stained.

Finding new futon mattress covers was not as hard as I thought it would be. Find out the size of your futon mattress. Research futon websites on the internet. Then look at the different selections of futon mattress covers. Pick something nice that matches the color scheme of the room that your futons are in and then order your new futon mattress covers. By following what I did above, you too can have your futon looking classy with new futon mattress covers.

About Those Futon Covers

If you have a futon and are looking for a cover for your futon, you are a smart individual.  If you already have or have had a futon cover and are looking for more, you’re even smarter.  How do I know this?  Easy, since futon covers save time, look great and are so simple to put on and take off, you’d be silly not to get them.  Also, since you are reading this article, you must have some interest in the topic and this means you do your due diligence.

I have personally found that my futon really helps me to express my style personality by letting me put different ‘outfits’ on it.  Just like when I was a little girl, I would put different clothes on my dolls and let them take on a new persona.  Now, I get to do that with my furniture.  It’s quite fun and a bit entertaining for me as well.  When I want to change the look in my room, I don’t need to order new furniture or paint, I just pull out a new cover for my futon or go online and look a new pattern I like and order it.

Buying Futon Covers Online

Many people are scared to buy futon covers online because they cannot touch or feel the material, or see the pattern in person. But you can save a lot of money on futon covers and find many that are not available in stores. The worst case is you have to return the futon cover and get a refund, not the end of the world!

I have bought many futon covers online and for the most part have always been pleased. If you shop from reputable dealers for reputable brands you should have no problems buying a futon cover online.

The hardest part is choosing a futon cover because there are many things to consider before buying. If you like to know more about choosing futon covers then I suggest reading this article.

Types of Futon Covers

When you choose your new futon covers there are obviously going to be a few factors that are going to be most important, the color being one of the more significant. In most cases you are going to want to match the futon cover with the existing dominant color in the room and work from there. Perhaps the exact color is not crucial and you simply have thoughts on whether you need a light tone or a dark tone, this is also a pretty good starting point.

From the color you may have a preference about the type of fabric that you want to use. This is going to determine exactly how comfortable you are going to feel on your futon because that's the part that is going to come in direct contact with your body. Here are a few examples of popular types of futon covers based on the fabric used to make them.

The futon covers displayed for sale below are examples of the types, colors and sizes that are available but the ranges are quite extensive and more products are available when you begin browsing.

Woven Suede Futon Cover

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Micro Suede Futon Cover

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Cotton Futon Cover

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Vinyl Futon Cover

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Canvas Futon Cover

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As can be seen from the selection provided above there are a number of alternative options available to you when you are selecting a futon cover based on the type of material it is made from. Remember that the futon is one of those items of furniture that is very likely going to get a lot of use and so the cover that you buy is not only going to have to look good and feel comfortable but it is also going to have to be durable and hard wearing.

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