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Replacing your Fishing Chair

So you have got to the point of where your current fishing chair could be your first fishing chair, or it this is one of many you have had to replace, either way there are many things you need to consider as fishing chairs have more improved features than ever before. Fishing chairs have come a long way since the simple light weight fishing chair that was basically the same as a camping chair, there are many features that you may not have know about.

Now that you are considering replacing your fishing chair you should first consider if you want a fishing chair or a fishing trolley. Both can provide the same benefits of the fishing chair, however the fishing trolley also has the added benefits of having wheels and room to put all your gear including your fishing rods, tackle and an icebox. The fishing trolley provides you with more benefits if you need to walk a distance to your fishing spot. So if you are sick of carrying all your heavy gear to your fishing spot, than you might want to consider a fishing trolley over a fishing chair.

Fishing chairs differ from fishing trolleys by not having room for packing up and carrying one item. They are designed specifically for a type of fishing, which means they have features that are designed to make your fishing experience more enjoyable. For example, if you are fishing on a creek bank which has a steep incline to the water which means many chairs would be very uncomfortable, however if you can find one that has each individual chair leg with adjustable height, than you can make it very comfortable.

However, you can enjoy the benefits of both the fishing chair and the fishing trolley than you can consider both. This provides the added benefit of not carrying your fishing chair to your fishing spot. You also get the added benefit of having a fishing chair designed specifically for your type of fishing. This can be achieved purchasing a fishing chair and a fishing trolley that has the correct attachment for a fishing chair. Now you can enjoy your next fishing adventure much more than you did before.

How to Plan a Camping Trip With Trailer Tents

Going on a camping trip is always a good time, but sometimes lugging all those tent supplies around can be inconvenient. Trailer tents greatly simplify the process.

While spur of the moment adventures are awesome, doing such a thing is putting your success up to chance. It can be a great experience connecting to nature and bonding with your friends or family, so you want to make sure to plan ahead of time. Failure to plan could lead to a six hour mountain hike in the pouring rain, or not getting to do what you thought you would at the campsite.

To start off with, make sure you have a few days off work to spend. A weekend is good, but a whole week is even better. Quite possibly the most important factor here is the weather. Know the general climate of the area you want to camp at to get a feel for how often rain is, whether flash floods are common, and what dangerous animals may live there. It would be unfortunate if your whole trip got stormed out because you unknowingly planned it for the middle of the rainy season. On the other hand, think how amazing it would be to walk barefoot across the moist grass in the full sunlight, with not a cloud in the sky. Just you, your friends, and the forest.

You also need to take into consideration the types of activities you want to engage in. Not all activities are allowed at all campsites, so check in with the local authorities to find out what is and is not allowed. You should also plan your activities based on how much time you have available. For many people, it would not be worth it to only spend one night at the campsite if you have to hike for six hours to get there. But remember to think from an abundance frame of reference. The possibilities are limitless, You could go whitewater rafting, fishing, cliff-climbing, or if you're feeling really ambitious, you could do it all! of course, that is just a small sample of what you could do.

At last, take into consideration the supplies you need bring and how to get to the campsite. If you can get there by road, you can take a trailer tent, which makes moving and setting up your tent much easier. Most brands have enough tent room for four to six people. And the features of your trailer may affect how you eat. Some models have electricity, so you could bring a microwave with you.

Take all these factors into consideration, but don't over-think it. Be flexible. If you're too rigid about the trip ("Ok, now we HAVE to do this on day 1" etc..) the smallest change in circumstances could ruin it. Be accepting and flexible, plan ahead, be safe, and above all, have a blast!

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Party Boat Fishing

The Point Pleasant docks

The Point Pleasant docks

Last week I went out on one of the party boats that runs out of the Point Pleasant NJ docks. It was a half day outing and it was not a lot of money to get out on the ocean for the time we spent out there. The Atlantic was a little choppy when we headed out. Some people on the boat, including a buddy of mine that took the trip with me, got sick because of that. I even felt a little queasy myself. Once we made it through that things were pretty nice the rest of the time.

Fishing was not that good, but we did have a good time nonetheless. Once we got back into shore we headed over to a restaurant in Point Pleasant and had a nice meal. By that time my friends churning stomach had settled.

This was my first time getting a boat out of this dock area. There were a lot more boats around, some large some small. I would definitely go back to try a Point Pleasant fishing trip again.

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