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Indoor Fireplaces are Brilliantly Romantic

When people think about romance or romantic settings, many times they think about a candlelit dinner or sitting around an indoor fireplaces while sipping wine. While the candlelit dinner is a great idea, two people sitting around that fireplace might just be a better idea for a few reasons.

There are practical reasons why a couple would want to sit in front of a fire indoors. For example, an indoor fire is usually run by a remote control and utilizes an electric current instead of an open flame. This is the recent trend, unless of course you have access to a cabin deep within the forest. Only then would a real fireplace indoors be realistic, otherwise it might become too dangerous. Those who do have real flames indoors may become more nervous instead of romantic and that could ruin an otherwise perfect evening.

Another factor for an indoor fireplace would be the cold weather. While it may be too cold to sit around a fire outdoors, if it is located indoors, staying warm is never an issue. In fact, if it is, then you can just turn the fire up with the remote control. There is also the pollution and smoke issue, which is never a problem with the electric fires.

If a couple is cuddling up in front of the flames indoors and they do not have to worry about the flames spilling over into the living room, the couple can relax a little more than they normally would. This makes it even more romantic than if they were outside in front of the fire. Of course, there is an easy way to ensure that the fire is safely contained and that is by putting a fireplace screen in front of the fire to contain any stray embers.

While the cold weather might make them want to cuddle, they would be shivering too much to think about much else. Sitting around an open flame has always had a certain allure to it but an indoor fireplace utilizing electric is much safer and can be just as romantic.

Evaluating a custom fireplace screen

A custom fireplace screen will come in various sizes, styles and finishes and you can never go wrong with them. Fireplace screens categorized as antique are usually associated to rooms that are Victorian themed, rich in tapestries and are characterized as elegant. Fireplace screens are a gorgeous way to protect your hearth and floor from fireplace sparks and embers without compromising the view of your roaring fire. Fireplace screens are an integral part of ensuring that your home not only looks good but remains as safe as possible. Three panel screens are probably the most familiar style. The middle panel is typically about twice as wide as each of the side panels. Three-panel screens are often favored for traditional settings. Some have bowed panels; each panel is gently bowed so the entire screen forms one, continuous bow when placed on your hearth.

The Accessories You Need for a Gas Fireplace

When I moved into my new home I was so excited about the gas fireplace. Approximately one day after we moved in I discovered that I was going to need at least some gas fireplace accessories. The first problem that arose was that my children were infinitely curious about the fireplace and wanted to get close. A gas fireplace accessory called a screen can help fix this problem. The screen sits in front of the firebox so that little fingers cannot get too close. It also encourages adults to sit far enough away so that they do not get caught by a spark. Another gas fireplace accessory that is important is the fireback. This is an iron or steel sheet of metal that fits into the back of the firebox. The metal then reflects any heated generated by the fireplace back into the room. Gas fireplace accessories are excellent ways to enhance the safety and effectiveness of your fireplace.

Different Ideas For Fireplace Designs

There are many aspects and components that go into designing a fireplace - namely, the fireplace mantel, surround and hearth.  To a lesser extent, if the homeowner is starting from a blank state and the designer is a real stickler for details, then even the fireplace tools will be incorporated in part of the design.  More to the point, fireplace designs are all about creating a well-blended focal point and attraction in a room.

You would not want your fireplace to be something that jumps out at you because it feels so out of place.  So, choosing materials and style that match your home’s decor is paramount.  Stone fireplace designs are very popular these days.  In the west, natural materials like native flagstone and other local stone materials are the perfect blend.  Larger rock and slate fireplace surrounds and mantels are more common in the east.

Fireplace Mantels Are Part of The Overall Design

Creative Commons License photo credit: fauxto_digit

When you are designing a fireplace in some room of your home, consider the mantel as the keystone in that bridge.  The bridge is the look you are after.  What will your fireplace be for your home?  What type of theme, image or statement are you trying to make?  Will the final piece in this design puzzle be decided by choosing from the types of fireplace mantels that have been around for ages or from a more contemporary look?

Based upon the overall design of your living space, the right fireplace surround will make itself known and you will begin to bring together your space.  The mantel need not match any of your fireplace tools or even the hearth, but it should be properly studied.  You will be surprised at how your fireplace mantel will set the tone of your new room’s focal point.

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