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Pros and Cons of Working Out at Home

Everyone needs exercise. Most of us would probably agree that we need to make more room in our schedule to do physical exercise. Home exercise equipment sales are in the billions of dollars every single year. Yet, we as a nation still remain obese. While many of these products are gimmicky and come and go, there are still many others that have stood the test of time.

A stationary bike is a great way to get a solid workout at home. There are many advantages to having one in your home. First and foremost is the convenience aspect. If you have some room in your home then you are able to exercise at any time both day and night. You can also exercise while watching your favorite TV program. Others enjoy working out at home so that they do not have to exercise in front of other people. If you are considerably overweight than this is probably important to you. It is also a great way yo get a nice cardio routine without damaging your joints in a high impact activity like running.

There are a few negatives to owning a stationary exercise bike. First, because it is stationary you cannot take it out for a spin outdoors. Second, too much convenience can be a bad thing. If you tell yourself that you can workout out at any time, you actually end up never working out. So you have to find some accountability if you are going to succeed. Others might find that sitting on a bike for a long time is not very comfortable.

If you are strongly considering purchasing a bike to workout at home with then be sure to try it out first. Assembly of these bikes can be a nightmare. Expect to take up to two hours to put everything together. That is why you must try it out at the store.

Exercising Outside Without Somewhere to Hike

Going outside to exercise can be a fun, refreshing, and healthy experience, but sometimes it can be difficult to find something you enjoy doing. Running can be great, but the time it takes to build up the necessary muscles and endurance to actually enjoy it can be off-putting. Hiking can be wonderful too, but without the necessary wilderness this becomes pretty difficult. Biking is another great way to get exercise outdoors, but again the terrain can be somewhat limiting depending on one's location.

One type of exercise equipment manages to be largely unused for some reason despite the fact that it is fun, good exercise, and different from just about anything else you can do – anti gravity boots.  Hopping around on cool boots or with a pogo stick doesn’t necessarily have to be reserved for kids; there are several variations on the boots (and more to see at ranging from a couple inches of air up to a couple feet.  Air Kicks makes one of the nicer versions of the cheaper boots, with sizes ranging from small child called Kickaroos anti gravity boots to a range of adult sizes.  The different sizes make these a great option for a toy that parents can use with their children.  These boots don’t provide for much spring, but this is another good reason to use them with children.

When I was younger the only type of pogo stick available was one held with two hands and with two foot rests.  We stretched the pogo stick to its limits by trying all kinds of different tricks on it, but it was fairly limited.  There are new boots out that basically strap pogo sticks to the bottom of each of your feet.  It is either terrifying or exciting to think about any hard flat area basically becoming a trampoline.  I hate to think of the tricks my friends and I would have come up with if we had gotten a hold of these when we were younger.

If you’re looking for a way to exercise outside sometime soon, keep in mind that anti gravity boots might actually be the perfect way to have fun outside while getting some good exercise.

Rubber Floor Tiles Can Be Great For Your Home

If you are redecorating or improving your home, you may not have thought of rubber flooring. There are some instances in which it would be the best choice.

Rubber floor tiles are ideal for home gyms and workout rooms. Even if you do not have a fully set-up gym, these tiles can provide safety and look stylish at the same time. When you are doing your exercises, slippery floors can result in serious accidents. When you use rubber on the floor, even the most active exercises can be done safely.

Bathrooms are one of the most common locations for accidents in the home. While wet floors can pose a danger to anyone, they are especially bad for families with children and elderly persons. With a rubber floor mat in place, bathing and showering will be a worry-free experience for everyone in your family.

It is also an excellent type of flooring for the areas inside your front and back doors. As rain and snow can cause slippery conditions when the wetness is tracked inside, not only will it prevent unnecessary slips and falls, it will protect the rest of your carpeting or hardwood floors from moisture damage.

Rubber Floor Tiles for the Gym

Anti-Fatigue MatThe gym is a room that will benefit greatly from the installation of some type of rubber flooring. It is often a hard working room that has to absorb a great deal of shock, both from the equipment used and from the feet that hit it. It is also a floor surface that should be padded to protect you when you are working out on it.

A great solution when looking for an appropriate floor choice for the home gym is anti-fatigue rubber mats. These soft rubber tiles are interlockable so that they form a soft, solid sound and shock absorbent base.

These types of rubber floor tiles can be bought as thick as ¾” and they provide outstanding cushioning as well as being anti-slip. They are also insulating which will help to make the room a comfortable place to work out in.

Anti-fatigue mats are available as 2 foot x 2 foot tiles and come in packs of 10 to give you a 40 square foot coverage. They can also be bought with removable edge pieces which means that they can either be used as interlocking center pieces or as border tiles for the edge or corners of the room.

Pictured above and to the right is a ¾" anti-fatigue mat that is perfect for use in home and commercial gyms. It is one of a number of different options that are available at Amazon and gives you a great starting point if you are looking to cover your gym floor at a reasonable price.

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Rubber Floor Mats Can Be Aesthetically Pleasing

When you think of rubber matting, boring, unattractive material probably comes to mind. The good news is that you can have the amount and style of flooring you need in the color that coordinates the best with your home decor. It gives a nice appearance to any room, so you do not have to sacrifice beauty for safety. If you wish, you can also choose interlocking rubber tiles. As each tile fits together neatly, there is the additional option of mixing or matching tile colors. A beautiful floor and your family's safety are a very positive combination. Both the tiles and mats are simple to install, so there is no reason to not do it today

Best Places To Buy Cheap Treadmills

Buying a treadmill for the home has become a popular option for people looking to get fit without the hassle of having to get themselves down to the gym four times a week. But if you have decided to get one where do you go to get the best prices on treadmills?

In this day and age the best place to go for most things is on the Internet but saying that doesn't really narrow things down for you. There are so many retailers on the Internet that you are going to have to do some serious research to get the best price whether you are in the market for a new or used treadmill.

Start off by having a look on Amazon to get an idea about the prices the different treadmill machines are going for and then you can do some serious Google searching to see if you can get that price down.

Two Exercises You Can Do In Your Spare Time to Lose Weight Fast

We all know how important it is to exercise on a regular basis if we want to lose weight fast.  There may be times when you find it hard to find time for the gym or for longer exercise workouts.  Here are two quick weight loss exercises you can do in your spare time.

* Walk up and down a flight of stairs

If you work in a building with stairs you can walk up and down a flight of stairs at lunch time or on another break and use the stairs when coming to and leaving work.

* Do a set of jumping jacks

You can do a set of jumping jacks while watching tv, on a break in your office, or sneak in a few minutes at home.  It only takes a few minutes and no equipment.  Doing quick sets of exercises throughout the day will help to keep your metabolism up and keep your body burning calories which helps you lose weight fast.

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