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The Mindset of Get Rich Quick

Get rich quick schemes have been around for about as long as there have been people who think they want to get rich quick.  The words “Snake Oil Salesmen” originated from just such a time, and concept.  There are so many people out there who want to sell you something, which they promise you will quickly turn into profit.

Of course, there are plenty of ways, both on and offline, that allow you to get rich quick, without taking large financial risks, and losing your life savings.  These get rich quick schemes often involve your investment in time and education.  If a course or program asks you to outlay more than $60 a month, are probably the type of get rich quick schemes that I am about to discuss below.

Do you believe that making ridiculous profit by simply finding the right scheme?  If so, you’re probably a likely contender for the next offer these people make up.  From timing the market just right, to real estate, to some sort of online borderline fraudulent scheme, they tend to sound very similar – “we were just like you, but then we found this too good to be true (which it is) scheme, and now we’re rich!  They’ll say it in this seductive, breathless, wide eyed way that makes you jealous of their situation.

They’ll probably throw in the line about skeptics not acting, but if you “buy now” you’ll be taking the first step to financial freedom.  Perhaps it is true, and the conservative people turned the offer down because they are just that.  Online this is so common.  caps, colours, long pages of sales copy, with hooks and teasers saying, but there’s more to come!

The more skeptics these people get, the better they tend to do.  Controversy is a great way to get attention.  What are these people actually selling?

Usually it’s not earning wealth itself.  If that were the case, they’d just hire a whole bunch of employees and accrue it for themselves.  It’s the dream of being wealthy.  It’s the thrill, the challenge.  These people will promise you the world, but won’t deliver.

The fact is, most of the people who sign up for their courses, e-books and coaching are addicted to risk.  They love the thrill of taking risks, the high of putting money on the line, often followed by the low of finding that the many promises were never delivered, or even close, and that 1400 dollar coaching course was a dud.

It is the lottery ticket mentality.  It is people who think that the answer to the daily drudgery of this life is to get rich quick, that they will find true satisfaction, and that all their problems have gone away in proportion to the number of zeroes in their bank balance.  Ask a rich person how true this is.  Few will tell you this is the case.

The author, Jack Higgins was once asked what he could have done with knowing before he was famous, to which he replied “That when you get to the top, there’s nothing there.”

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