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Insuring Rented Moving Vans: Temporary Car Insurance

The summer months are full of fun and, for many, a major move.  Temporary car insurance can be one way to alleviate the pressures of a major move.  With the hard economy, many people have little choice but to do a DIY move.  Renting a moving van and hauling their own items from one home to another is stressful enough.  Add to the the costs, even of renting a van, and the stress can seem overwhelming.

One thing many overlook until the day of the rental is the cost of the insurance from the rental company.  Many may incorrectly assume that their own car insurance will cover the rental as it does when a passenger car is rented.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Since a large moving van is a "Commercial" vehicle, the personal auto policy will not automatically cover losses either for liability nor for physical damage.

The moving van rental agency makes this clear to renters and promptly offers their waivers for the renter to buy.  Without any other insurance protection, a renter of a moving van has no choice but to pay the high additional daily fee to protect for liability and for damage to the van, should some accident occur during the move.  But there is an alternative, temporary car insurance.

Temporary car insurance is short term insurance that can be written for a day for a few months. It is possible to insure a commercial vehicle such as a moving van and add additional drivers who may not reside in the insured's household, something that is difficult to do with personal insurance.  The rates for temporary car insurance are quite reasonable.  As such this benefit alone makes it an appealing alternative to the insurance waivers from the rental agency.  Additionally, temporary car insurance can offer additional coverages for the insured such as Personal Injury Protection and Uninsured Motorist.  These coverages are not offered by the rental insurance waivers.  The waivers only protect the interest of the rental agency.

With some advanced preparation and a quote in hand, a family planning a move this summer can cut a  bot of the cost off the expense of renting the moving van. Purchasing a temporary car insurance policy to cover the a rented van can be a smart move.  For more insurance tips and information, visit The Coverage Geek.

Cheap Vehicle Premiums for Women

Insurance premiums are based on certain criteria, which are usually fairly similar for most companies. If you are looking for a good deal on insurance policies, you should look for companies who are actually soliciting new customers as you will find that they often offer special deals. There also some companies that actually prefer female customers and although the policies are still decided upon on the same basis, they offer special perks and benefits for women.

Insurance premium rates depend a lot on each individual. For example it will be based on things such as what type of car you're driving, if you have made any claims, if your car is regularly  kept in the garage, and even how many miles you drive each month. You may be able to get discounts for certain things also. For example if you take out multiple policy where more than one car is insured you can sometimes get insurance for a cheaper rate. Also taking defensive driving courses can help you to get a cheaper rate. In order to find out what special discounts are offered you will need to ask, as each company has different discounts.

It is also reported that women in their 20s have fewer accidents than men the same age. This is one reason why womens car insurance in most cases is cheaper than men, at least up until the age of around 40.

It is always a good idea if you are thinking about buying a new car, to check with your insurance company. They can advise you on which cars will have the lowest insurance premium. Expensive cars, all those with high powered engines usually carry a much higher premium than a smaller cheaper car.

It is always best to shop around to find a company that is actively seeking new customers, and thus is onscreen discounts and very good rates for female only car insurance.

Car insurance for drivers over 50 years

Of course, everybody who drives a car - or any other vehicle for that matter - needs the adequate insurance. But not all insurances are equal. And especially if the insured is 50 years or older, some interesting features may apply which can have a significant impact on the price. The fact of the matter is: for insurance holders in this age range the cost for car insurance are typically meaningfully less. Fortunately, reputable insurance companies started to provide their clients with rewards for not being involved in accidents - we all heard of the term accident forgiveness program.

Insurances companies acknowledge that drivers over 50 have more driving experience and therefore less likely to cause accidents. Another aspect is the fact that this clientele simply doesn't drive as much, as a 25 year old for example.

Typically, auto insurance is usually being determined by three basic factors, which are driving history, location and age. Good deals can be found on the "American Association for Retired Persons" (AARP) website. Interestingly enough, you don't have to be retired to qualify, even though the name apparently suggests that.

Another way to save money on car insurance is to ask insurance companies to make you an offer. Given the state of our economy and despite all the hurdles we have to deal with as a result, there are situations where we can actually turn the tables and get excellent deals on all different kinds of things, including car insurance. Some of the insurers even offer that you tell them a price and they model an adequate insurance package around it.

Be aggressive when you reach out to them and keep in mind – they want YOUR business, as the competition among them is brutal. Use this situation to your advantage!

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Lay down the Law when buying Car Insurance for Your Teens

Insurers are often wary about offering car insurance for young drivers, especially under the age of 25. They are considered inexperienced and therefore classified into a high risk category. That they have acquired a driver’s license has no bearing on the insurers. Insurers instead would be looking for the type understanding young drivers have about conditions on the road, handling vehicle and emergencies, if any. Under the circumstances, premiums they charge will be on the higher side.

Importance of Laying down the Law

If your ward has just acquired a driver’s license and is feeling elated about it, that’s great. However, it is time for you to have a serious discussion about certain things that relates to driving and car insurance for teenagers. If they are looking to get a fancy model, which may be in the sports category, dissuade them form it. They will automatically be charged a high rate of premium by the insurers. Rather, encourage them to go in for a conventional model, which will keep the premiums low.

Do not forget to explain the importance of maintaining a clean record to them at all times. Driving safely involves taking a great deal of care and avoiding trouble at all times. Collecting tickets for traffic offenses will only blot their record. Talk to them about this aspect and ensure they have understood every word. This is greatly helpful if you are going to foot the bill for the teenager car insurance.

Statistics reveal that teenagers are involved in more accidents than people in the age group of 30 to 59. This is one of the reasons why insurers tend to charge a higher rate of premium. Therefore reinforce responsibility upon your ward. If necessary, make them pay a portion of the premium as this will also make them accountable.

Car Insurance for Drivers Under 25 Years Old

Many people think that just because you are under 25 you cannot get cheap car insurance. But the truth is, car insurance under 25 can be one of the easiest, cheapest car insurances to find. Most insurance companies are set on charging people who are under the age of 25 a pretty large amount. This tends to be because of the fact that people under 25 are the ones who are prone to more accidents.

There are ways that the age group of 16-24 to get cheap auto insurance. One of the best ways for these drivers to get the best deal possible, is to do your research and compare rates of companies. The internet offers the best way to get that done. It can be done from the comfort of your own home and within a couple of minutes.

Using the internet to search for auto insurance for drivers under the age of 25, is great! You never if you are going to be able to find a company that will negotiate with you and give you a price that you can afford. You must make sure to look over the policy really good as the coverage may not be what you think.

When you take the time to compare companies, make sure you read about what each company can offer you. It would be in your best interest to find a website that compares policies and prices for you. Make sure the policy and search results are up to date. You will also need to make sure the website that you are using is accurate as not all websites are up to date and precise.

Finding auto insurance for drivers who are under the age of 25 is easier than you would think when you use websites like It will take some work on the drivers behalf, but it will payoff in the end when you are driving in style and can afford it.

Liability Coverage and Car Insurance

Investing into car insurance protection is not something to joke around about, not only is it the most reliable lifesaver on the road but there is a certain amount required by law. While no one is going to be expecting every single vehicle owner to hold full coverage on their car, having liability protection with the minimum amount required by the specific state is demanded. Without following these instructions by the government, there can be some hefty penalties, fines and possible license suspension if the offence is severe or constant. For individuals struggling to keep their financial stability, downgrading automobiles to something cheaper is an incredibly effective option. Otherwise, try to take advantage of all the potential savings and discounts while optimizing car insurance policies for only what is needed.

Many vehicle owners like to skip right over to the collision portion of their car insurance with no deposit policy because they want to make sure their vehicle is safe no matter what happens, but this can easily lead to overlooking the most important types of coverage. Bodily injury liability and property damage protection are by far the most vital to have a sufficient amount of coverage for because this can mean the difference between saving a life or getting sued for thousands and thousands of dollars. Just for an example, being found at fault for an accident means that the liability coverage must kick in and that is when having only the minimum amount can go very wrong because only minor collisions will ever cost so little and even then that may be pushing it with an expensive vehicle. Buckling down and getting the proper coverage is the only way to be truly safe on the road and that can only go so far so make sure to have plenty of car insurance protection no matter what.

Low Annual Mileage and Car Insurance Discounts

Along with all of the other monthly payments that need to be made, car insurance for 17 year olds payments are probably just another hassle on the list. However, it does not have to be that way, there are plenty of ways to save tons of money on car insurance rates and one of those is by utilizing discounts. While some of these savings are automatically granted after a certain amount of time or because a specific vehicle is being driven with certain equipment, there are also some that must be earned.

When financial times get tough, not many people look towards their car insurance companies as a method of saving money and those individuals are definitely missing on the incredible opportunities there are. For instance, researching different providers and making the jump to another carrier along with finding out about three discounts that can be applied could really make a huge difference in overall costs so make sure to utilize everything that can be used.

Driving low annual mileage annually is enough for car insurance carriers to grant a nice discount to policyholders who make the cut. The standard mileage that is to be driven each year is 12,000 miles which equates to one thousand miles per month. Anything below this amount is eligible for a discount and the amount of money saved depends on how many miles are actually being driven.

The larger the saving the better the discount in some cases. Back in 2008, State Farm Mutual Insurance Cos., Travelers Cos. and Farmers Insurance were running discount incentives for drivers who logged less than 7,500 miles per year making it possible for them to be eligible for discounts to their premiums of about 10 - 12%.

These days the low mileage, low premium scheme has been expanded a little with companies such as Pay-As-You-Go Insurance using the low mileage incentive as just one of the ways in which the costs of insurance premiums may be reduced.

The reason that this discount exists is because if individuals who drove thirty thousand miles annually paid the same amount of money as someone who drove ten thousand miles annually it would be completely unfair. The person driving three times as much as the other driver is at risk three times as many miles which often equals about three times the amount of time spent on the road as well. Overall, as a vehicle owner if there is a way to keep mileage low than definitely take advantage of low annual mileage discounts because they can be quite noticeable.

A Few Notes On Car Insurance

Nowadays simply purchasing a car isn't the end of your travel problems anymore. With governments further tightening the noose on those without car insurance it has become an urgent necessity to be insured. Car insurance is when you pay monthly premiums to an insurance company that will reimburse you in the event of a car accident. Considering the purpose behind car insurance it is evident that it is important to have it. We will look at the different aspects of car insurance in this article.

Choosing the right car insurance company is the first and most important step. An informed choice will give you peace of mind as you will be faced with very few problems. The right choice is important because there are some insurance companies that backtrack on their promises and leave you stranded. Do your thorough investigations on the internet where you will be able to compare premiums under companies whose sole business is the compare insurance quotes. It is also advisable to consult with friends and family that already have proven experience with car insurance.

The next step would be to try to reduce the amount of monthly premiums that you pay. Monthly premiums can be reduced by buying a simple car with an engine smaller than most other cars. If you can also combine that with a good efficiency ratio you might see yourself paying less. In these times of global warming i would suggest you buy a car that emits fewer greenhouse gases.

Another way to cut down on your monthly premiums is reducing the risks of theft and accidents. What happens with insurance is that if the risk of theft or damage is high so will the premiums be. Having an advanced alarm system on your car will reduce the risk of theft, and ultimately the amount of premiums you pay. What else you can do is install a tracker on your vehicle so that it can be located in the event of it being stolen.

Once you have your car i would advice that you respect the law. If ever you break the law on the road this will definitely reflect on your traffic offense record. Now, the dirtier your traffic offence record the more insurance you will have to pay. Speeding tickets; arrests for drunken and reckless driving and not paying traffic fines will dirten your record. Offences like these are proof that there is a greater risk of an accident occurring; the greater the risk, the more the premium.

Buying a car and insuring it is half the job done. Your car will have to be kept in good condition if you're thinking of keeping your premiums low. Change the oil when you have to and take your car for servicing. If you service your car be sure to keep the receipts and submit them to your insurer. This will be a good reflection of a very careful driver, something that will reduce your premiums significantly.

Believe it or not but it's an offence to travel without car insurance. Drivers that travel without car insurance are more than likely to face prosecution if they don't travel with insurance. The main reason is that third parties who incur harm as a result of your driving aren't protected if you don't have 3rd party insurance. And inevitably this will impact on the amount of premium you pay.

There is 3rd party only car insurance that covers harm and damage made to people other than yourself. This form of cover is good to have as you won't have to fork out money in the event of an accident that is your fault. You can have this form of cover in addition to your car insurance cover.

Lastly, your choice of an affordable automobile insurance company is important as there are unscrupulous companies that have a bad record of malperformance. Consult with close friends so that you get the best out there. But remember that the most expensive isn't always the best.

Cheap Online Insurance Policies

With the wide spreading of broadband Internet, more and more services are being sold online an alternative to brick and mortar shops, and such is the case with car insurance policies as well.

Since the costs of operating an online store are much lower than the ones related to a regular insurance house, the policies sold online can get a lot cheaper. And customers seem to love this option, as they can do comparison shopping before actually getting a cover policy, can do it from the comfort of their home and do it at any time of the day. However, you should be advised that you cannot solely rely on the prices printed on the company's website, as there are often hidden commissions, and the final price to be paid will be printed on the contract that you will receive by snail mail.

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