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3 Question to Ask When Buying an Air Mattress for Camping

Many people love to enjoy the great outdoors.  One of the ways people do so is by camping.  Every year millions of families go camping.  While camping can be great and inexpensive it can also be quite uncomfortable.  Bringing an air mattress with you on your next camping trip can help make you feel more at home and less like you are sleeping on a pile of rocks.  Here are 3 things to consider when purchasing an air mattress.

1.  How big of a space do you have for it?  Tents come in many different sizes and shapes.  The bigger the tent the more room available to put your air mattress.  When you select a smaller sized tent you might limit your ability to include one.  Air beds also come in many different sizes just like a regular mattress.  If you are limited on space consider just a twin air mattress.  On the other hand, if you are sleeping in a large tent with plenty of room you would be able to fit a queen sized one.

2.  The next thing you want to consider is how easy is it to inflate?  Most come with their own pumps to make inflating the mattress as easy as possible.  On some occasions they will have corded pumps that require an electrical outlet.  This creates a problem if you are camping in the wilderness where there are no electrical outlets.  If it doesn’t have its own pump you can generally find one in the same aisle as you find the mattresses and other camping equipment.

3.  How tall is the air mattress?  This isn’t the most important thing to think about however, it should be considered.  The height of the mattress is more of a personal preference.  Some are going to be very high and mimic a real bed mattress.  You might prefer this if you want to sleep higher off the ground.  At the same time, that might change how easy it is to get up off of the mattress.  Figure out what would be most comfortable for you.  If you think you will be more comfortable on one that is higher off the ground look for the word “raised” in the mattress description.

Increase your love with family camping holidays

Being on a luxury camping holiday is the best way to let loose and relax with your family. Life has become so speedy paced that we can hardly think at times, but camping gives us all a possibility to forget about our busy lives for a little bit. Kids absolutely love camping because they get to discover the wilderness first hand. They are free to travel the surrounding area, swim in the nearby lake, catch fish with their family members, and help cook with only the basics. It is a whole good experience when you go camping with your family.

There are many benefits to life that family camping holidays provides as well. Being away from the activity and daily break up is often relaxing for parents, and the tension flows away, leaving kids wondering who replaced their stressed, too-busy-right-now mother and father with these mellowed out people. In return, the pressure of performing reducing up, kids will mostly love to be far more pleasant and obedient, willingly helping out with cool camping duties like fetching water to wash dishes in a plastic pan, or sweeping sand and dirt out from inside the tent.

One greater thing about camping with your family is the fun places and things your kids get to do. A night looking at stars is fun for all, fishing boat or a hike along the water's edge. Kids, gone in the excitement of their camping adventures, and moreover they be also be learning new skills throughout all of this. They will undoubtedly discover that perhaps all of the luxuries they have become used to to in their daily life are not so required after all.

You may also discover that your camping trip brings back something that was absent in your family. Once you rediscover value of time and taking a break from the extreme world we live in that’s brings your family closer to you, and you will probably want to live that feeling over again. And if you can't get away from the weekly activity, a return to natural world can easily be complete with some short, weekend camping trips with your family again.

How to Survive in the Rough Wilderness

There is nothing more terrifying than getting lost in the woods. But it doesn’t have to end in disaster if you have proper preparation in place to ensure you are ready for emergencies. The woods can be unforgiving but luckily it also provides an opportunity to survive if you know how to use your resources. No one ever plans to get lost when camping or hiking, but if it ever happens you’ll be thankful that you have adequate resources. So whenever you plan your camping trip, make sure people know where you’re going, and always take along emergency supplies to keep yourself safe.

When it comes to survival gear the first thing you should put together is a first aid kid. There are many products on the market that come with a variety of good first aid supplies, and these are fine as long as you know how to use them. But don’t just buy a kit because it comes with a lot of items. You should take the time to keep an inventory and learn what each thing is for, and how to use it.

Your survival kit should be comprehensive without being too overloaded and heavy. When you put it together at home, make sure that your children don’t get into it because kids love to play with camping equipment. You should always keep your essential gear separate from everything else in a container that is easy to pick up. The items you may have in your kit should include waterproof matches, a fishing kit, an emergency blanket, and water purification tablets. The first thing you’ll want to take care of is keeping yourself warm so building a shelter will be a priority. A campfire will also help to dry out your clothes while being used as a signal for rescuers. Obviously no one ever sees themselves getting lost while camping, but you’ll be glad you took the time to plan ahead if it ever happens.

Fire Safety When Camping

Just about everyone I know enjoys spending time in front of a roaring fire on a camping trip, singing songs, roasting Smores or just hanging out with friends. And while this is a lot of fun, having an open fire like this can be a dangerous thing. Several hundred forest fires are started each year by careless campers, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of destruction can potentially occur if a wildfire gets out of control and head toward civilization. So before you head out into the woods again and start up a campfire, let's take a few minutes to review some basic camping fire safety tips.

First off, before you set anything alight, you definitely need to clear a fire ring around the area that you're going to have your campfire. Some campgrounds may have designated fire rings at each campsite, but if yours doesn't, then a ring at least a foot thick around the fire. Clear out any dead grass, leaves, sticks or anything else flammable from the ring.

Second, make sure to keep everyone a safe distance from the fire once it's going. Keep those camping chairs at least a couple of feet away, and make sure to leave a clear path for people to walk around the fire so they're not having to get too close to it as they walk.

Third, before you go camping, make sure to check with the park authorities where you'll be staying to see if there's any sort of ban on campfires at the moment. Park authorities will occasionally set temporary bans on fires if the season has been unusually dry, or if there a greater than normal risk of wildfires. Fines for having a campfire during a ban can sometimes be a couple hundred dollars, so you don't want to get slapped like that unnecessarily.

Using Camping Toilets On A Camping Trip

Camping toilets are a simple and elegant solution to one of the more uncomfortable aspects of camping outdoors. Everyone has, at some point, been through the experience of trying to find a tree or suitable log to lean against when nature calls. Having a couple of camping toilets around on your trip can simplify the issue nicely.

There are a number of different styles and types of camping toilets available, and you'll want to get the best one for your particular situation. If you're going backpacking, and will be hiking in to your campsite, then a simple folding camping toilet will be best. If you're going car or RV camping, then a more expensive chemical toilet can be a great thing to have. These sorts of toilets use chemicals in the tank to break down waste and control odor.

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