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The 3 Binder Machine Varieties

Book binding is a practice that dates back many centuries ago with the first processes being done manually with the use of leather and other expensive materials. However, the binder machine has been innovated to make this procedure way easier and faster to do. There are now different varieties of binder machines available in the market. With these, one can quickly produce organized and professional looking documents without breaking out buckets of sweat. Binding machines are mainly utilized in businesses, articles, records, spreadsheets, report presentations, and many other types of files that need to be organized into a single document that can be accessed easily.

A binding machine basically does its job by aligning the individual sheets or pages of a document together and attaching them through the use of adhesives, punched holes, wires, or plastic holders. The three most commonly used types of binder machines include the comb binding machine, wire binding machine, and the thermal binding machine.

The thermal binding machine makes use of heat and a specific adhesive to produce neat booklets. Documents in here are placed into pre-made thermal case covers, and are then slipped into a binding slot. After which, the machine heats glue strips onto the edges of the sheets at a certain temperature. Then, the glue is allowed to cool thus, the booklet is ready to use.

Comb binding machines are often used in the production of creative report presentations and documents. Documents produced by this machine come distinct from others since they can be laid flat and rearranged. The plastic combs on these documents can also be removed and used for other documents. A comb binder basically punches holes into sheets of paper. After which, a plastic comb is attached to hold the pages of a document together.

Wire binding machines work similar to comb binders and are often used in binding notebooks. They make use of spiral loop holders to hold pages together.

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