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The Different Styles Of A Billabong Wallet

There are no ‘bad’ styles when you are talking about a Billabong wallet. This brand has an overflowing supply of designs to choose from. Here are some design categorizations to help you know what to expect on the display shelves. You can buy a Billabong wallet from the following range of choices.

Billabong Wallets For Sale

Billabong Billabong
Sale Price: $12.00 - $24.95


Vegan leather bi fold wallet with cut and sew panel detail, metal badge, zippered coin pocket, 6 card slots and mesh id window.

Billabong Men's Vacant Wallet Billabong Men's Vacant Wallet
Sale Price: $17.47 - $24.95


Vegan leather bi-fold wallet with embossing, metal badge, zipper coin pocket and mesh id window.

Billabong Men's Tides Wallet Billabong Men's Tides Wallet
Sale Price: $20.54


Allover print bifold wallet with zip coin pouch inside.

Billabong Men's Vacant Wallet Accessory Billabong Men's Vacant Wallet Accessory
Sale Price: $24.95


Egan leather wallet with embossing detail, and 7 card slots including 1 slot on front of wallet.

Billabong Dimension Wallet Accessory Billabong Dimension Wallet Accessory
Sale Price: $24.26 - $24.95


Premium classic wallet with chain loop, metal badge, coin compartment, feature stitch and mesh id window.

Types of Billabong Wallets


For girls, designs vary from butterflies, flowers, a human girl’s face in retro art, sassy laces, and some ribbons. The wallets are mostly in bright colors and usually have a clean cut. For boys, designs usually vary from graffiti texts, sports, camouflage, a mixture of colors, and wave patterns. Most colors have dark shades but not necessarily in shades of neither black nor brown.


Although the primary focus of Billabong wallets is cool, unorthodox, new age, and modern art designs, there are also styles which exude elegance and neatness. Designs are plain but with a very stylish logo that are usually metal. The materials that are used for these wallets are leather to create a formal look; and since it is a Billabong wallet, rest assured that it will go perfectly with your dress or your suit.


Classic designs are based on the look of what an item should be. For wallets, it should be either black or brown leather with visible even stitches at the sides and the logo of the manufacturer usually attached at the bottom right of the front side of the wallet. They say that classic designs are boring to look at. I could not agree more and you should not argue either. Classic designs are boring, deal with it. Unfortunately this style is so simple that it cannot be altered in any way. Although known for its trendy styles, poor Billabong has to make wallets with classic designs. If the first Billabong wallet you see has the classic design, you probably won’t be thrilled with buying one.


You may think that simple should not be the word to describe any Billabong wallet. In that case, you may not have read the first paragraph above and for the record; I’m saying the word ‘simple’ with Billabong designs in mind which means that they are a level higher than the ‘common’ simple. Simple designs usually involve boring patterns and texts.

Just cool

These are the designs that define the essence of a Billabong wallet. Whereas the other types of designs are limited when it comes to choice, this type is the complete opposite.

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