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Help for the Chronic Acne Sufferer

There are many causes of acne. Hormones, genetics, excess oil production, clogged pores, and stress can contribute to the creation of a pimple. Chronic acne suffers have learned that typical acne solutions don’t work for them. This doesn’t mean that their acne is incurable it just means they are not curing the actual cause of their acne.

For example one person may use a product that reduces the oil production of their skin and it can work great for them but for the chronic suffer it doesn’t because that may not be the main cause of their acne. For bad cases of acne we need to look at the body and treat it not just the surface of the skin.

Going through a detox phase can help to clean the body from internal toxins that do lead to acne in the most severe cases. Getting the body balanced and properly maintained will go a long way in reducing outbreaks and over time can eliminate acne altogether. Detox doesn’t have to be a huge event and it can be done in as little as 7 days done at least once a year.

In this 7 day period to help the body flush the toxins and bacteria from its system it is recommended to eat foods that are high in fiber. I am not going to bore you with a list of foods because you can easily find that out with a quick Google search.

Also drinking the doctor recommended 6 glasses of water a day will help to flush the liver and kidneys of excess toxins. Exercising is another important factor in cleansing the body. One hour a day of moderate exercise will be sufficient to further help out your body cleanse it of all the toxins.

Follow these simple steps strictly for 7 days and you will be amazed at how it affected your breakouts as well acne scars and how well you will feel. This treatment is for the overall performance of our bodies and mind helping us to regain our optimal speed and energy. You may repeat the process as needed but at least once a year to maintain that balance.

How to get the Healthiest Skin

Although your skin is on the outside of your body, keeping it strong can also be about what you put on the inside as well. Because of this, stay clear of oily and fatty food that may alter your body chemistry for the worse. Also make sure to consume plenty of liquids because this will ensure that your skin stays moist and supple. Your skin is  your largest organ and as such it requires proper nutrition to keep up its appearance in addition to its ability to function at its best. It can be far too easy to take your skin for granted, but you’ll be happy you put effort into skin care when you experience a more clear face that looks and feels great.

Good skin is important for aesthetic reasons and for your overall health as well. For some folks good skin seems to come to them naturally but you might be surprised to find out how much real effort people put into having nice skin. In the end it might all be worth it because clean and clear skin keeps us feeling good about our skin. It’s not all that difficult to maintain great skin if you know how to utilize the right resources. It could just be a case of using the right washing habits, or perhaps a trip to the dermatologist is in order if your question is how to get rid of acne.

When washing your skin you want to make sure never to use very hot water because this will result in drying your skin in the long run. Use a very mild temperature of water to splash on your face, and then build up lather with a good non chemical soap or lotion. Rinse completely until all of the foamy soap suds are gone and make sure to pat dry your skin instead of wiping it vigorously. It’s always essential to rub thoroughly and get all the important areas of your face including your hairline and around the ears. Clearing the pores of your skin will help prevent pimples or even more drastic conditions such as acne scars. When it comes to your skin, it’s always better to prevent possible problems than to deal with complications that arise. But in any case, all it takes is daily maintenance for an improvement in your skin’s appearance.

Proper Healing Of Acne Scars

The unsightly nature of the acne scars is the worst thing that requires to be removed immediately.  It can otherwise become a cause of embarrassment. Worst scars may be more unpleasant and are usually caused when the skin tissues are damaged.  Medical professionals relate acne scars to insufficient collagen and elastin.  When the healing process is compromised, you can expect more acne scars to develop.

In any case of acne, you need to pay special attention to the healing process.  If the healing process is interrupted then acne and acne scars will not leave you alone.

As soon as you notice acne scars developing, you should look for treatments and cures to get the scars healed.  There are few simple steps you need to follow to ensure that your acne is being healed properly.

Firstly, it is not good to keep touching and squeezing acne marks.  You should keep your hands and fingers away from acne so unnecessary infection doesn’t occur.

The correct and proper use of medication is important in facial acne scar removal.  It will help your skin to heal better and properly.  It is important to stick to tested medication as it will give proper treatment.  You need to follow the directions of use and conform to the instructions.  It is not possible to get rid of acne scars in a day or two, so therefore you need to have patience and wait till you see results.

If you really want to treat acne scars properly, then you need to clean the wound, take vitamin supplement, and also change your lifestyle so that outside influence doesn’t lead to the formation of more scars.  After doing all the necessary procedure, you need to be patient and you need to wait for the acne scars to go away.

Treatment Of Scarring Caused By Acne

Creative Commons License photo credit: VillySt

Acne scarring can take the form of pitting, ice-pick scars, discolouration or redness. Some acne scars can fade over time, or become a less obvious colour. Exfoliating the affected skin areas or doing home microdermabrasion can help to improve the appearance of some types of scars, usually the shallower types. Regular repeat treatments will probably be needed before results show.

As is the case for many types of skin care, it's a continuing process, and will also help to combat the effects of skin ageing, sun damage, pigmentation changes etc. The skin on your face may look younger and in better overall condition. Home microdermabrasion can be as effective as those at spas or other professional treatment places. Doing it at home can also save you a considerable amount of money, considering that you will probably need to repeat the process several times.

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