Summer Storms

Philly Storm, Aug. 18, 2009
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kevin Burkett

We live in an area that is prone to some wild storms during the summer months. It hasn’t always been like this; my neighbour has been here for 70 years, and he says that he never saw storms like this when he was a kid. He puts it down to global warming, and I have no doubt that this is probably the case. It’s a shame that we are making such a mess of our planet.

Last month was the worst, we had three huge storms in a row. My son hates them, and spends the night in my bed every time we have one. One night, we had a particularly nasty storm, and a tree outside the house got struck by lightning. One of the branches hit the house outside my sons bedroom. If it wasn’t for the outdoor shutter, it would have crashed straight through his window.

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