Preparing For Summer’s Sizzle

As the months turn towards the heat of summer, I usually start planning my suntanning regiment. You do not want to start too early or you will have leathery skin before the summer's end. But you do not want to start late, either, lest you provide the moon shine on your first outing to the beach or pool.

In recent years I have discovered the healthy and versatile joys of airbrush tanning systems. These great suntanning systems enable me to build a natural, even tan regardless of the weather and no matter what my schedule.

I know you might immediately react with skepticism, as such artificial tans looked, well, obviously artificial in the past. But the ingredients and the equipment have really evolved over the last decade. As long as you are not foolish and impatient with it, you can give yourself a nice rich bronze without damaging your skin too early in the season.

So what does an airbrush tanning solution entail?

Airbrush tanning is all about getting that suntanned look without having to risk the ultra-violet rays from the sun. There are methods for sunless tanning that can be achieved at home using tanning lotions and there are ways to accelerate the effects of the sun on the skin with tan accelerators, but if you want to get your sunless tan with the help of professionals, you will go to the salon for an airbrush tan.

Getting an airbrush tan is a safe and simple procedure and it results in a smooth and even tan that lasts for a few weeks. The sunless tanning product uses a tanning chemical called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is FDA approved and does not penetrate the past the outer layer of skin.

The only risk involved with using a fake tan is that it does not protect the skin from UV rays when you go out into the sun later. The natural inclination might be to believe that because you have had an airbrush tan that your skin will better equipped to withstand the sun but this is not the case and your skin can be damaged as a result if you are not careful. It is essential that you wear a sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun, even after going through an airbrush tanning procedure.

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