Go Green and use Solar Patio Lights

When you are deciding how to light up your patio for the summer season take a few minutes to look at the benefits of solar patio lights.  They have many advantages over traditional electrical powered light sets.  You might be surprised at how east they are to use and install.

The technology for solar lights has improved significantly over the last several years.  The lights are brighter and retain power longer than they used to.  You can also get a solar panel that gathers the energy and then powers a string of lights.  Designs have improved a lot as well.  There are so many different styles available now to meet consumer demand.  There is sure to be something to meet most needs.

Thinking specifically about the patio area there are several choices.  You can go with individual tall torch like lights that are located around the perimeter of the patio.  They provide a lot of light and last about 6 hours when fully charged by the sun.  There is no wiring involved.  Just secure them to the deck and off you go. They are also easy to reposition and to store during the winter season.

You could choose a string of camp style lights and string them around a banister or overhead along a cabana or roof top.  These lights are wired together.  The require a solar gathering panel that then stores and transfers energy to the lights via the wiring.  They require more thought, time and effort to install.  In return they offer softer light and can positioned more strategically than tall torch lights.  You can add more brightness to the area by combing solar lamps around on tables.

There are many other options out there as well.  All options are money savers in the end.  If you do a lot of outdoor living or entertaining the electricity bill can go up in a hurry.  Solar power saves the light bill and improves your homes green factor.  People love being green so this could also increase desirability if you decided to sale.  Either way you will enjoy the results. So stop, think and go green with patio lighting.

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