Eliminate Scalding Hot Water with Thermostatic Shower Mixers

Taking a hot shower can be an enjoyable experience especially with a thermostatic shower mixer installed in your walk in shower enclosure. Hot shower can be relaxing but if you are using a manual shower mixer, it may cause accidental burns when the water flow of cold shower gets interrupted.

Installing thermostatic shower mixer can assure you of a safe and consistent water temperature when you take a shower. It regulates the temperature by regulating the water flow of hot and cold water. If the flow of hot water is diminished a regulating valve will adjust the volume of cold water that will come in. Aside from automatically adjusting the flow of hot and cold water which can ensure that the water temperature will remain constant within ±2 degrees C, the thermostatic shower mixer has a anti scald feature that will shut down the shower when either one of the hot and cold water valve failed and also some have a pre-set maximum temperature in the dial to prevent accidental setting the thermostatic shower mixer to a very hot setting. If you want to change the highest temperature setting you have to press a button and twist the knob at the same time. This feature is valuable if you have children taking a shower.

Thermostatic shower mixer can be wall mounted or surface mounted. There are different types of shower head and material a buyer can choose from. Different designs that will suit your bathroom designs and different price range from as low as $300 to $4,000.

But for a thermostatic shower mixer to work well, it needs a balance pressure from hot and cold water. Most shower mixers but not all can be attached directly to main fed system or high pressure system or low pressure system. Before purchasing and installing one, you have to know what water system are you using in your home and if the thermostatic shower mixer you want to buy is compatible with the water system you have in your home.

Installing a thermostatic shower mixer can definitely help prevent scalding with hot water in the shower.

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