Cupcake Boxes With Inserts

No matter whether a cupcake box is plain or decorated there is an important aspect about it that should be considered a must – the insert. These types of boxes are available to store either an individual cupcake or for multiple cupcakes.

A cupcake box insert is a section that is placed in the bottom of the box with a cut-out circle that will ensure the cupcake is held securely in place. Without the insert you risk the cupcake sliding or rolling around whilst it is in transit and potentially smearing or completely ruining the icing on top.

The majority of cupcake boxes, or favor boxes as they are often called, are designed with an insert already built inside making them the ideal storage containers for your little treats.

It is possible to buy these cupcake boxes in packs of 10, 12 or more and they can be used as visually pleasing display boxes or convenient storage containers for transporting your cakes from place to place.

Browse through the cupcake boxes with inserts for sale below to find a style that will best suit your needs or the occasion for which you require one. We have attempted to provide some of the best cupcake boxes with inserts to offer for sale with a choice of either single presentation boxes or larger multiple cake boxes to choose from.

Cupcake Boxes With Inserts For Sale 

Darice 12 Piece Cupcake Box, 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5", Clear Darice 12 Piece Cupcake Box, 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5", Clear
List Price: $7.59
Sale Price: $7.55
You save: $0.04 (1%)
  Eligible for free shipping!
25 boxes of Window Cupcake Box with 12 Cupcake Holder($2.3 Per Set/Per Box) 25 boxes of Window Cupcake Box with 12 Cupcake Holder($2.3 Per Set/Per Box)
Sale Price: $57.50
  Eligible for free shipping!
Creative Converting Cupcake Box, Red Gingham Creative Converting Cupcake Box, Red Gingham
Sale Price: $3.29
  Eligible for free shipping!

Assembly of some types of cupcake boxes can sometimes be difficult so be aware that it is necessary to go through the process with some of them. This is most commonly the case with the plastic cupcake boxes and there are often reports that not only are they difficult to assemble but, when they are completed, they don’t always provide a satisfactory closure.

They might cost a little more, but the cardboard cupcake boxes are often more sturdy and are much simpler to construct. They can be found with clear lids so the contents can be seen and displayed if desired.

There are plenty of different choices when it comes to finding a suitable type of cupcake box and you can read more information about the different types, as well find details about how to buy them, on our main Cupcake Boxes page.

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