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Tips on Breast Augmentation recovery

If you are thinking about getting a breast augmentation procedure, then knowing the recovery process is important. Like any surgery, breast augmentation recovery is essential to make sure that the operation has been successful or not. Breast augmentation may look minor to some people, but it also involves great risks. That’s why the patient should be prepared not only before the procedure but also immediately after the procedure.

If you are looking for recovery tips and advice from breast augmentation, or tips about breast augmentation financing, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the things you need to know:

You Need to ice your Breasts Post Surgery

Cold compress or icepacks are a big help after the procedure. Ice is considered anesthetic in the medical field. They can reduce the swelling and pain by causing numbness to the area. The doctor usually recommends icepack application for 48 hours after the operation.

Keep Your Incisions Dry

You need to take care of your incisions because they can be a place where bacteria can grow. Thus, causing infection. Your incisions need to be dry and avoid applying creams and lotion on it. You also need to monitor your temperature. Because a rise in temperature would mean infection.


The doctor will surely recommend that you take antibiotics to avoid complications like infection. You should strictly follow the prescription given or else it may cause antibiotic-resistance. So if the doctor tells you to take your medications for 7 days, then you have to exactly do that.


Swelling on your breasts can last for two or three months. To manage these, you can drink lots of water, cut back on salt or do light exercises to reduce it. Do not take herbal or over-the-counter diuretics unless prescribed.

Sleeping with Your New Breasts

It is indeed difficult to sleep with your new breasts. You need to limit your movement to avoid breaking the sutures of your wound. But you can sleep on your back and keep your head and upper back elevated in order to reduce the swelling.


You need to move around as soon as possible after the surgery to prevent blood clots. But avoid strenuous activities or exercise for four to six weeks.

Recovery from breast augmentation may take time. You don’t have to rush to avoid making the situation worse. Therefore, it is wise to take the doctor’s advice seriously.

Preparing for a Cocktail Party

Going to cocktail party or prom night is a very interesting affair. Even if you are just a guest, early preparations are important to ensure that you have a good time during the party. You need to ensure that you have a proper and suitable dress for the occasion. Take some time of to research for a suitable cloth for the event. Choose clothes that fit your personality and you feel good when wearing it. Otherwise, you will feel odd and would not want to wear it later.

Personally, I love to pair a dress with bolero shrug as an additional outfit. Although the pairing is very simple but you can look elegant and beautiful if you know how to pair it properly and also with other additional garnishing.

One of my favorite is either a black silk dress or white silk dress. Generally, I will pair it with a short sleeves shrug. There are several reasons why I love shrug so much. Firstly, it protects your arm form being to expose if you are wearing a sleeves dress. Otherwise it looks pretty good as an additional piece of outfit. The shrug also serves as an extra cloth to keep you warm if you are in a cold environment.

This type of fashion clothing is elegant and stylish, thus very suitable for formal occasion. To further enhance your appearance, you can wear additional accessories such as scarf, belt, high heels and pearl necklace. Jewelry should be able to produce the similar effect. Rings, gold necklace, diamond earrings, crystal brooch are some of the most common jewelry wear by women to these occasions.

Lastly but not least, you can do something with your hair style too. Plan to drop by your hairstylist place on the day of the event to have your hair fix. Hope this advices help you in your preparation for a cocktail party.

Electronic Cigarettes – The Best Quit Smoking Alternative

Today, millions of people are fighting the battle to quit smoking. Smokers decide with full confidence to kick the habit; however they fail to complete this journey. People addicted to smoking try different methods to get rid of this unhealthy habit only to see their resolution going up in the smoke itself. It has been proved time and time again that the battle to quit smoking is formidable.

So, what are the reasons behind one’s failure to quit smoking? Why people who take the pledge to never smoke again end up in the same smoky environment?

Well, there are many things that can be blamed for the failure like the poor attitude and lack of will of an individual to get quit of smoking, inability to cope with the withdrawal symptoms and stress level etc-etc. However, the conventional quit smoking alternatives are also highly responsible for the failure of an individual’s quit smoking oath.

There are many kinds of smoking alternatives available in the form of medications and therapies. Drugs, injections, gum, patches, guided imagery, hypnosis, behavioral therapy, motivational therapy and breathing techniques and many other things are widely used to help people quit smoking, but all these alternatives fail in many cases.

Now all the talk above brings us to the search of an alternative quit smoking method that really works.
So, is there really any such thing that works effectively for quitting smoking?
Well, the answer is ‘yes’. I am talking about the electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes – (also known as Smokeless Cigarettes) This is a revolutionary quit smoking method that works for every person. It is totally different from the rest of the cigarette alternatives or quit smoking alternatives. An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a high tech product that helps you get rid of smoking successfully in a steady way.

This great piece of technology provides smokers with a healthier, safer and cheaper alternative to the traditional smoking. An e-cigarette or smokeless cigarette is harmless as it does not contain tar and toxins that are found in tobacco. It does not burn tobacco, so it does not produce any smoke. This device blows air into its atomizer that fills in tiny nicotine drops and produces vapor out of it. You inhale the vapor as your nicotine dose.

The smokeless cigarettes are becoming very popular among smokers as there are many benefits of this smoking alternative. With an electronic cigarette, you can enjoy full freedom to ‘smoke’ anywhere you want as it is not prohibited at any place. There is no second hand smoke with an electronic cigarette and therefore you are welcomed everywhere.

The smokeless cigarettes look, feel and give the same sensation that a traditional cigarette does, but without threatening your health with any kind of harmful effects. There is no real smoke with the smokeless cigarettes, you inhale a harmless vapor and when you blew this vapor out of your lungs, it disappears in the air quickly.

When it comes to the safety point of view, the electronic cigarettes are completely safe - there is no risk of fire as they are inflammable, you can enjoy your nicotine dose through a smokeless cigarette even in your bed. This is one of the major benefits of the smokeless cigarettes.

Every year, millions of people die because of smoking all around the world. An electronic cigarette is a perfect quit smoking alternative that can save lives and turn smokers into non-smokers the easy and enjoying way. Smokers can enjoy their nicotine fix through an electronic cigarette without worrying for the health risks or coping with the withdrawal symptoms.

Talking about the hygiene part, an electronic cigarette does not come with destructive ash, smoke, flames, tar and carbon monoxide. As there is no real smoke involved with an electronic cigarette and the vapor emitted by a smokeless cigarette is totally odorless, so you are not embarrassed with stinky breathe, clothes, hands, hairs, and car and household. With an electronic cigarette, you stay away from smoke that smells foul and creates problems like nausea and headaches. There is no need of ash trays, lighters or room fresheners.

What’s more pleasant is that the electronic cigarettes are available in multitude of tasty flavors like apple, caramel, chocolate fudge, raspberry, coffee, cola, mint and many more. So, you can enjoy smoking with a variety of flavors. Where else will you get this kind of smoking alternative?

Electronic cigarette is the best smoking alternative available today. It helps you both ways – for reducing your nicotine cravings and quitting it completely. The electronic cigarette is really a perfect gift for the smokers. It helps quit smoking healthily and without depriving you of your nicotine fix.

Switch to Electronic cigarettes, start a new life that is healthy, and smoke free.

Teeth Grills

The fashion of covering tooth with a metal cap has gained a lot of significance in the market these days. Although, it was quite common among athletes and celebrities but these days you find it among all.

These gold grillz are easily removable but sometimes the user prefers to mould their teeth to match the grills. Ofcourse, there is no evidence to prove that these grillz does harm to your teeth, but at the same time, there is no record of it being safe also.

It is not necessary that you need to wear only gold grillz as you could always find them made of other metals also. What has to be taken care is that these teeth grills need to be maintained regularly as food can get deposited over there which can cause damage to your teeth as a whole. The best way is to remove the grillz before eating and see that it is cleaned regularly. Also, never use any sort of cleaners that you normally use while cleaning jewelry. And avoid using these grillz for more time.

Always, it is advisable to find out whether the grillz that you are planning to buy is made of right metal, suitable for you. Otherwise, you can end up damaging your teeth as the wrong metal would create bacteria which would irritate you in the long run. It is always good to go for metals which are precious; otherwise, you may end up in allergies caused by using cheap metals.

When you are more particular on being always trendy, it is good to wear teeth grillz. But, using gold grillz or some other precious metal ones would always be safer as it wouldn’t damage your teeth in large if properly maintained. It needs a lot of caring and systematic follow-ups.

Do You Know Your FICA Score?

There are thousands of people who are unaware of their FICA score. There are even thousands of more people who do not know the inner dynamics of how their score is determined.  Many leading financial consultants and consumer agencies are now pushing heavy promotions that will enlighten the masses on this critical and important subject.

What is a credit score? This is a numeral that is created by loan companies that reflect your credit worthiness. It basically show how much of a risk you are when it comes to loans. It is important for anyone to be aware of their score if they have any intentions of applying for a home or automobile loan in the near future.

Finance companies will make their loan decision based upon your score.  A low score will ideally eliminate you from a conventional loan.  There are some secondary loaning sources, but they have come with a heavy price. You can expect to get a loan with a double digit interest rate is you have bad credit.

Some sources report that the average score in the nation is in the vicinity of six hundred sixty eight,  but it can go from three hundred to eight hundred. Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian are the three major credit bureaus that  provide credit information on consumers.

Being aware of your FICA score will help you determine the credit worthiness. You will be aware of how much you can borrow and what type of terms on the loan will be offered to you.

Where can one obtain their report for free?  You are allowed to get one free credit report sent to you from one of the three main bureaus mentioned earlier in the article.  You also have the option of going the Internet and getting one in a matter of moments from an online company.

It is important that one knows what their FICA score is.  This will help you find out where you stand when it comes to becoming a borrower for financing that is critical to your lifestyle.  Today should be the starting point for you to determine your score and learn various ways in which you can improve it within time!

Choosing an Icebreaker Game

There are a lot of icebreaker games out there, and a quick search of the internet can lead you in a million different directions as to which ones are the best. Choosing the right game for your situation isn’t a matter of picking the most fun or the most popular game, but it’s about addressing the needs of the particular people and application this group game is meant to help. The right group icebreaker game will relieve the tension of having new people in the group, or perhaps even help to introduce yourself into a group that’s already well established.

Where & When


Is this icebreaker game going to be done at the beginning of the workday when people may not have had their morning coffee? Or maybe at the end of the day when everyone is tired? Or will it be just before a big meeting that everyone is nervous or anxious about? When this icebreaker game is going to take place might dictate how involved of a game you want to choose. You also need to take into consideration the place in which it’s going to happen. Is it big enough to where a game with a beach ball isn’t going to break or hurt anything or will there be access to a whiteboard or chalkboard that can be useful in keeping score? Assess the situation from those perspectives and choose a game accordingly. How much time that will be available to play the game is also an essential factor in choosing the right icebreaker game.



It’s good to make sure that you have searched high and low for the ‘perfect’ icebreaker game for your situation. You can look online, and you can also look at the bookstore for a book on icebreaker games. If you don’t find the exact icebreaker game that will work for your situation, then try modifying or adapting one of the games you found so that it better fits the location or timeframe of the game.

A trip to solemnity

Last Saturday, my sisters in my religious community and I went on a trip. It was a trip for getting to know the Lord more as well as our bonding time together.  The place was a mountain resort, so it was nice and cool. Although I wasn’t really impressed when I got there, since it was already dark and it was raining hard when we arrived, we directly went inside our suite room. We had dinner together and watched television before we started our praise and worship.

The next morning before eating breakfast, I went outside our room to see what was there in the place. I was in awe when I saw two garden ponds. What amazes me most is that it had a lot of koi fish in it. Some were small and others were about 3 feet long with vibrant colors and different patterns.

Out of curiosity, I asked the owner of the resort what sort of koi and how many do they have. He told me they had around fifteen varieties in the pond. They have tancho, black koi, kohako, asagi, and many more. He wasn’t sure how many fish were they since he couldn’t keep track on the numbers but he said it was about a thousand koi fish already. He wasn’t planning to put up a koi center so that he could attract more guests in their resort. They are now constructing a big pond for their koi center; it is about six feet deep and 10 meters long. This is to give koi fish enthusiast to have a new place to go to and buy koi fish at the same time.

Our stay in the resort was short, but it was indeed fun. Not only did I enjoyed the company of my friends, but also seeing a koi center makes me excited to come back again. It was indeed a solemn trip.

5 Great Perks You Get From Using Paper Placemats

Placemats made from paper are becoming popular in coffee shops, espresso bars, restaurants, home parties, and so many more because of the many advantages that paper placemats give.

Below are five perks you can get from using a paper placemat:

1. Clean and Fun. A paper placemat can give your tables a clean and fresh look especially on Formica or wooden tables. It is available in plain white, colored or printed with wonderful images that would match the table cloth. The paper can be printed with a short comic strip which is especially effective in keeping kids seated at their tables while waiting for their food to be served.

2. Easy Clean Up. Placemats made from paper are disposable. As the party host or restaurant service crew, you can easily clean up the table just by throwing away the used placemat and replace it with a fresh, new one from the ream of paper placemat.

3. Saves time, effort and money for laundry. These table wares are disposable so there is no need for you to wash it after use. These are very handy especially on busy diners where service crews have to move as fast as they could to serve hungry customers. Business owners could also save on additional manpower and cleaning materials for tidying up placemats and tables.

4. Can be customized or made at home. A paper placemat is very easy to do; even kids can make placemats with minimum supervision. Try browsing the Internet for how-to instructions to make your own customized paper placemat for personal use or for gifts to moms and homemakers.

5. Inexpensive Advertising. Food service industries and event organizers have recognized the advertising power that these simple placemats have. Store managers can have their upcoming promotions, events, etc., printed on the placemats and events organizers can have their service packages and contact details imprinted on the paper mats they use on events they are hosting to promote their business (discreetly, that is.). Now, that’s free advertising!

With all these great perks, don’t you think you should be using paper placements next time you hold casual parties?

Thought For The Day When Work Gets You Down

Admit it; we've all had some pretty horrific days on the job.  The worst part is when these miserable days begin to outnumber the good days.  This sort of trend can take over your mindset before you even realize what happened.  Misery begets misery.  Before you even realize what's happened, pretty soon you're a firm believer that your job is the worst job on the planet and the people you work with aren't even from this planet.  Catch yourself before you let this trend begin to rule your outlook on your job and on your life in general.  There's no need to go around thinking "I hate my job."

Sometimes the easiest thing to do when you're feeling overwhelmed at work is to take a moment to just smile.  No need to smile at anyone in particular, you're not doing this for anyone's benefit but your own.  You're psyche needs a lift and you're the one that can lift it.  Simply give yourself a smile.  An authentic smile, not a fake smile that we catch ourselves pasting on our faces because it's expected of us.  Give yourself a genuine, full-fledged, lift your cheeks and squint your eyes SMILE!

Kind of calms you immediately, doesn't it?  Try it throughout your work day and see how it feels to lift your mood and get rid of that scowl on a moments notice.  I think you'll find it almost impossible to remain in a negative mood while you're smiling.  Try not to just mock this advice, give it a fair shot.  It certainly can't make your day any worse when your day has already gone down the toilet.  Take a moment to help yourself out of a defeating mindset.  It's gonna feel good.

This simple little trick can keep you from spiraling down into a funk at any time during your life.  Remember to use it every chance you get.  The one thing that -to-be-happy/">we all want a happy life.  What we fail to realize is that at any given moment, you can be happy by simply smiling.  It's that easy.  What a wonderful thing to have to practice  all day!

All About No Prescription Color Contact Lenses

Many people are realizing the fun they can have experimenting with different color non prescription colored contacts for their eyes. Not only are newer models better than ever, but they are also more affordable and easy to purchase. When considering contacts, if you are still thinking about the thick, glass versions, you should know that contacts today are very lightweight and when in, you can hardly feel them. That's why using color contacts as a sort of accessory has become a very popular pastime for men and women alike.

Color contacts are exactly like regular contacts only they have no prescription. That means that if you do not need glasses, they can be exactly like you are wearing no contacts only they will give your eyes the tint of another color. The colors work really well on light colored eyes. For instance, if you have light blue, hazel or green eyes, the colored contacts will be especially vibrant. However, if you have darker eyes, it might be more difficult to see the difference if you are going for something that is drastically lighter like blue or green. Brown eyes can be converted fairly easily to a hazel or a lighter brown, though, which might look more natural overall.

People who utilize colored contacts find that they are a wonderful way to accessorize with different outfits all year round. There's nothing like being able to make your eyes pop no matter what you wear. In addition, colored contacts are very affordable. Really, when you're talking about contacts, the most expensive aspect of them is the prescription. If the contact doesn't have a prescription then it will be much more affordable. You will be able to get a few different colors at a time and have them last for a couple weeks each. It's a great way to modernize your look and give people something to stare at.

Learn more about getting colored contacts without a prescription.

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