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The Wonderful World Of Magical Movies

The wonder of magic has had people intrigued for hundreds of years, way before the special effects of modern Hollywood movies. And so as technology has advanced, so has the imaginations of the people that make the Hollywood films and who create these wonderful new worlds of magic.

Since the advent of cinema, the magic movie has had a never ending following for die hard fans. Disney has been long associated with the wonder of magic movies, this was started way back in 1940 with their amazing film Fantasia. In the 90s their film Hocus Pocus, magic was again brought to the children's attention, this time using three witches. In 2005, the 1960s TV show Bewitched was reborn as a feature length starring Nicole Kidman, about a witch trying to living a "normal" life in suburbia, but this only achieved moderate success. Recently however, magical movies have had a bit of a come back thanks to the hugely popular Harry Potter series of films, which have managed to surpassed the popularity of the Star Wars series, and in doing so become the highest grossing film series ever. It is certainly not the first film to make witches and wizards popular, but it certainly one of the first to utilize the technology available today in such a way and have wizards at the forefront.

There are of course other magical movies that share some success with Harry Potter, such as The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and as mentioned before Star Wars, which are some of the most popular stories of recent times.

It is possible that the interest in movies about magic lie in the outrageous elements. The world that we live in is far too real and boring for most film goers, who want to escape this reality and be emerged by a totally new world where anything is possible. For these reasons magic will keep on attracting interest and because of the recent boost in popularity it will only get more wonderful.

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Hindi Movie Speculation and Praise

In a weekly list of the thirty highest grossing films worldwide, it would not be surprising to see at least one Hindi movie among them. The list would obviously be dominated by American films since Hollywood is the world's largest film producer. However, there will always be Hindi films on that list. The Indian film industry, endearingly known as Bollywood, is the second largest maker of films in the world, producing thousands of movies a year. It boasts many well-to-do and good-looking actors, some of whom have worldwide appeal. It also boasts many exuberant, high-budget blockbusters. In the near future, Hindi movies will be just as popular as American films.

The characteristics of these films will help bolster their popularity throughout the world. The standards of the genre are universally recognized and renowned by moviegoers everywhere. Those standards include the most well-known Indian stars. They are tied to the success of any movie because of their good looks and marketability. Any movie they feature in will undoubtedly become profitable and popular. Another standard is the musical. Most Hindi movies contain moderate amounts of singing and dancing. These scenes are shot like MTV-style music videos, with quick jump-cuts and much exuberance. Its stylistic nature is meant to make the picture exciting for viewers. It usually works.

While popular in India and other Asian countries, Hindi movies are currently considered to be for a niche market in most other countries. In America, for example, theater owners are reluctant to include them among their play-list of more marketable movies. However, the aforementioned Bollywood standards are shared by American movies. An upcoming Hindi film called "Kites" has an Indian male lead actor and a lead actress from Mexico. It has song-and-dance numbers and a Hollywood director. It will be the first of many such films to make Hindi movies more popular worldwide.

How to set up your Karaoke Room

You’ve experienced the joy of singing in public and now you want to bring that fun into your own home. The first step is to buy a good karaoke machine that is within your price range. But there is much more than that in order to simulate the rocking atmosphere of a karaoke bar. So take some time to research, and be prepared to spend just a little bit more money because that’s the only way you’re going to have a great karaoke room. Remember that it’s not really about you so much as it’s about all your friends who are coming over for an immersive singing experience.

Karaoke isn’t just about singing corny songs, it’s about being with friends and putting on a show for everyone to enjoy. You can’t just plop your karaoke system in the middle of your living room and expect great results. The first thing you will need is a suitable room that hopefully has great acoustics. Not every house is equipped with a fancy sound room so any room that isn’t too large will do. If the room is too wide or the ceilings too high, then sound will travel too far and it won’t be a pleasant listening experience.

When it comes to a karaoke room, you have to consider the guests that you will be inviting over to enjoy the singing. So remember the basics like chairs, tables, and even a couch. You want people to feel comfortable so make sure you’re able to accommodate possible requests for food and drink. Also consider getting more than one microphone for your karaoke machine so that group singing is a possibility. A karaoke room is all about the people inside it, so keep that in mind and try your best to make it a unique experience.

Tamil Movie Actress – The Real Bhavana

A staple face in the Tamil Movie industry, Tamil actress Karthika Menon more popularly known as Bhavana was born on the 6th of June in Thrissur, Kerala, India. She has appeared in many films including those in Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil. Her very first film won her various awards and this made the 23 year old thespian very famous.

Being the daughter of G. Balachandran Menon, a cinematographer, Bhavana is a talented artist who starred in films opposite Renuka Menon, Jishnu, and Siddhart.

With her talent and her stunning looks, Bhavana has received two Kerala State Film Awards. Because of the said awards, Bhavana has become one of the most sought after talents in the Asian country.

What many people do not know is that Bhavana is a regular girl who loves to listen to music to relax. She also listens to music to fall asleep. Bhavana is not just an actress but also boasts a degree in B.A. English Literature. She describes herself as very talkative and says that her biggest achievement to date is learning how to speak Telugu, one of the many languages in India. During an interview, the Tamil actress openly talked about her boyfriend Loui who is actually her pet dog.

Apart from listening to music and spending time with her pet dog, Bhavana also loves watching movies –old movies to be exact. She said in one of her interviews that she does not have any hobbies except for watching TV. Many of her fans wonder however how she keeps herself fit and healthy and Bhavana said that one of the good things she does for herself is yoga every morning.

Passionate about films since childhood, the actress says that she does not really have a background in the film industry except of course with what she saw in her father’s works.

Top 3 Horror Movies to Rent on Netflex

When people are searching Netflex for scary movies to rent, there are quite a few contenders for the top spot of the most rented horror movies. But surprisingly, the one that usually tops the list of favorite horror movies is not one of the new ones that have come out recently. It’s one that came out 50 years ago. Here are the three top horror movies available on Netflex as rated by viewers.

  • Psycho – Psycho, even though it came out half a century ago, is still one of the big favorites when it comes to horror movies. There’s something seriously scary about that shower scene and The Bates Motel.
  • The Shining – Although this movie has only been around 30 years, it’s a movie that seriously scares its viewers and gives them shivers up their spine. Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance is scary in and of himself without any other plot, so you know that it’s going to be a scary movie when you see him in the cast.The Thing – A third horror movie which has stood the test of time is The Thing.
  • Directed by John Carpenter and released in 1982, this movie is about a innocent looking dog who you think has a bad rap, until you discover that he’s really scary looking thing that is hellbent on destroying and killing people. Completely freaky, it’s not a big surprise that this movie is one of the favorite horror movies rented by users of Netflix.

If you are looking for a truly scary movie, something that is going to keep you up at night and make you shiver and shake until your teeth chatter and you sleep with the light on, rent one of these movies from Netflex. Shivers and shakes come free with every movie rental, you provide the electricity.

Magic and Movies Entertainment

These days there are so many television shows and movies about magic that we get a new one every month on the big screen. With technology it makes these magic films all the more real. Three dimensional viewing is something that has come to the fore front in recent years and so much so that we are getting half of the movies that come out in 3D. What is it about magic that draws us in so close? I think its the inner child in us wanting to believe what we see.

I find myself watching shows and movies my children are enthralled in like Wizards of Waverly place. This is one of the best shows on Disney and it involves magic and spells. We all like to live in the surreal world every now and then. The escape is something that we relish and with magicmovies this is all the more prevalent. There is nothing better than sitting down with your children and watching the Harry Potter series or Chronicle of Narnia. These movies are awesome to watch and the entertainment value is equally intriguing. The great thing about this decade is we can watch these movies about magic whenever we want through outlets like online movie streaming and Online DVD rentals.

Everyone love the magic of film and what better way to spend some quality time with your kids then by watching a movie or television show with magic in it. There are some online sources that can help you find whatever movies you are looking for such as the Magic Movies Guide. They can show you the history of magic movies and what are some of the most popular titles to date. So get online and start researching your next magic movie to watch with your children. It all at the click of the mouse.

Craft Journals and books

There are a great many craft books and journals dedicated to the crafts which often give you ideas and projects to work on.  Even if you have little or no experience, your general skills would enable you to get started and be able to follow instructions to create craft pieces. Be inspired and purchase a book on whatever craft you are interested in. Suggestions would be working with soft metals like copper or carving hard woods. The books will give guidance on the materials and equipment needed for whatever crafts you choose. Perhaps you will work with paper, metal, wood, cloth or other textile materials to produce a work of art. You might use combination of some, or all of the mediums. Yet more books, partworks and journals are available on finishing your work by painting with acrylic paint, oils, watercolors and poster paints being the most popular. Take the plunge and begin working on your chosen craft, you will be surprised at what you might achieve.

Transformers 2 Toys – Bumblebee Helmet

Bumblebee HelmetThe Transformers 2 toys range does not only include action figures – there is also a great costume accessory that should not be forgotten – the Bumblebee Helmet. This Voice mixer helmet really adds to a Transformer fan’s dressing up experience and offers them much more fun. Of the three playing modes, the voice mixer one is probably the best. Here you get to hear your own voice mixed through various musical clips. The other two modes play you either the noises Bumblebee makes when he transforms from vehicle to robot in the movie or his favourite sayings. The helmet is quite big so will fit both children and adults and is easily adjustable with the attached strap. It is a little chunky on children aged under 5 though. The attention to detail that has gone into making this helmet is superb and your child will be amazed at how much they look Bumblebee when wearing it. Remember though their voice will not be changed during play, it will just be played through music.

The Lure Of The Portable TV

I remember when I was young the idea of having a portable tv was so exciting. Of course they were much different back then, much bigger with much bigger, heavier batteries making them a little cumber sum. But now you can find small, hand-held tvs that are easy to take with you where ever you go and easy to store while you're out and about.

Even though our PDAs do all sorts of things and preform all sorts of functions (talk about multitasking) they don't offer the option to watch tv on them. At least not yet. So there is still a real market for portable tvs.

Handheld tvs can make trips with kids much more enjoyable and they can help you stay up to date on news and events, with visuals and all, during your commute.

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Epiphone is a subsidiary company of the Gibson guitar empire. Epiphone produces guitars that are replicas of the Gibson models, but made more cheaply in a Chinese factory, using lower cost materials. As a result, they are just a faction of the cost of the Gibson equivalents.

An Epiphone Les Paul Standard for example, costs around $500, whereas the Gibson Les Paul Standard costs $2,500, five times as much.

When you play the two guitars side-by-side, there is a noticeable difference in quality, but the Epiphone stands up as an excellent guitar in its own right.

Any guitarist who is serious enough to want a good guitar, but who cannot afford $2,500 for a Gibson, would do well to consider the Epiphone and it is almost as good.

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