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Day Tripping in the Vineyards near Carcassonne

My husband and I are from being wine connoisseurs but we do like to enjoy a good bottle of wine as often as possible! No surprise then that we take most of our holidays in the south of France, specifically the Languedoc region. Now, as some of you may know there is no shortage of affordable tasty wine to be had from this region, in fact the Languedoc is the largest producer of wine in the country.

We visit almost always once a year, often staying in some pretty gite or other and filling up the fridge and cupboards with great food and, of course , lots of great wine. The last time we were there, in the early autumn, we decide we really should make an effort and discover a bit more about this enormous wine industry. The vineyards are everywhere and the wine was being made literally on our doorstep and yet we really had very little idea about how the wine actually comes to end up in the bottle on or dinner table.

Every trip we use this wonderful Carcassonne taxi service called Aerobus, run by a lovely woman Alison. Each time she drives us to and from the airport she has encouraged us to go on a tour of a winery or at least go and buy some wine directly from a grower. This time we asked her if she could point us in the right direction and Alison went one better and proposed that she take us on a day trip of the local vineyards that she knew well.
It felt very grand to have our own personal taxi service driving us around the countryside taking us from one vineyard to the next, where we would take a stroll through the vineyards or around the winery and then the obligatory tasting of their produce, not that I was complaining you understand.

Although we were only taking small sips of win each time they do quickly ad up and on an empty stomach you can imagine that we were fairly merry by lunchtime and grateful for the picnic that Alison had thoughtfully arranged. I still don’t hold much truck with all that posh wine tasting etiquette but I’m really glad that we’ve learnt a lot more about wine production and what to look for in a half decent wine. I would also like to recommend Aerobus taxis if you ever fancy a day out in the Languedoc.

Tips For Finding Cheap Train Travel

Are you looking for a way to get cheap train travel when you go on your next vacation? There are a few different tips that will help you to be able to find the cheap prices that you are looking for and the tickets that you need are just 1 Skip Away. Train travel much like the airline industry has experienced a lot of competition over the years and the competition has made it easier to get lower rates on the train tickets that you need. If you want to be able to save money when you are traveling by train then make sure that you take note of these tips.

One thing that will help you to be able to travel cheap by train is if you schedule your trip during the off season. By taking your trip at the same time everyone else is there will be plenty of people who want to ride the train, and the train station will not have much reason to be flexible with the ticket prices. If you travel when it is less busy then you will find that the rates are much lower because the train station wants to find people to travel by train, and are willing to offer them a discounted price.

There are a few other tips that you will want to know about that will help you to find cheap train travel. You will want to make sure that you know about these tips, but traveling in the off season will help you to save a lot of money on train travel. When you take the time to learn about all of the other tips that are available the low price that you want to get on when you are traveling by train will only be 1 Skip Away. Just a little research will go a long way in this regard.

How To Train For Bike Tours

Bike tours are more about having fun than winning a race. Bikers from around the world participate in bike tours to test their endurance and have a sort of holiday on wheels. Some bicyclists don't have any problem sleeping under the stars and riding on for days with only the bare necessities on the back of their bike. Some tours last for a few weeks at a time, so if you are planning on entering a bike tour, you should be prepared to have your endurance tested. In this article we will discuss some tips for training for a tour on wheels... bicycle wheels.

Peddling for long hours at a time, for days on end, no matter how slow you are peddling can have its toll on your body, and if you are unprepared can cause you to have to quit in the middle of a bike tour. So to avoid that sort of thing happening to you, here are some easy steps you can take to be prepared to ride on tour.

First you will need to get used to riding long distances. Try riding for a few hours at a time, stopping and starting, and positioning your hands on the handle bars in different ways. Shift gears, go faster and slower, and become acquainted with your bike. Next, try to add speed to your biking. Try to reach bicycling at ten miles an hour. Keep on adding time and distance until you can ride for a full day alternating between faster riding and more leisurely cycling. Continue training, only this time with bags of food supplies on your bike. Stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and continue biking. When you are comfortable with a days' journey you can try your first bike tour. Take it easy, and don't push yourself too hard when you travel for a few days at a time, remember it is not about speed, but enjoying the ride.

The Constant Demand For Tenerife Villas

There are many sort after resorts within Europe, both for their natural beauty, and their preferable climate. Tenerife, and the rest of the Canary Islands come firmly within that group. The climate on the island is almost perfect, there is sunshine almost all year round, and very little rainfall, especially in the southern parts of the island. This makes it a perfect family holiday destination. The Tenerife villas are particularly popular.

The large majority of visitors to Tenerife come from the United Kingdom, and across the rest of Europe, and almost all of the travelers are families, or older couples. The villa holiday is one that is extremely attractive to this type of holiday goer. It gives them the luxury of a hotel, but yet the freedom to come and go as they please. The fact they can cook, and eat their own choices of food is also an alluring feature.

Many of the villas on offer have numerous bedrooms, and swimming pools, making them ideal for large families, or just groups of friends. As some of them can be quite remote, a feature many enjoy, it is advisable to take advantage of the great value car rental the island has to offer. This gives the user ultimate flexibility during their trip, and also allows them to see all of the sights.

There are many ways in which to book your Tenerife villas. Most prefer to book online, there are a huge variety of them on offer here, and due to the high level of availability the prices tend to be extremely competitive. The plethora of websites on offer will generally have a wide array of photos of the properties so you know exactly what you are booking before you outlay any money. This is key to most travelers, nobody likes to be disappointed.

The Beaches of Calpe

Calpe Spain is a city which is in the province of Alicante. One of the things that provide relaxation to people who seem to be bombarded with fast-paced lifestyle of living in the city is going to the beach. Having a relaxed break on the beach is one way to de-stress and unwind. If you want to have a vacation in Calpe, here are some excellent beaches that you can go to that will surely give you enough rest and relaxation.

Playa Les Bassetes
A serene place surrounded with beautiful scenery and near the attractive beaches in Calpe. It has clear waters and very calm surroundings. If you want a tranquil place where you can have a quiet time with your family, Playa Les Bassetes is the perfect place for you. The beach also contains sailing school and a diving centre.

Playa La Manzanera
This is a small creek with shimmering sand. You will enjoy staying in this peaceful place because of the beautiful scenery that surrounds it. It is also a perfect diving venue to those who want to explore the underwater beauty of Calpe beaches.

Playa Puerto Blanco
It include one of the popular diving centre known as the Espana Bajo el Mar. this is another place where you can sit back and relax while you enjoy the picturesque attraction that surrounds it.  You will have a quiet vacation with your family and will have the time to enjoy your vacation by leaving your worries behind.

Calpe is a perfect place for relaxation. It can provide you an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban living. If you are planning to visit Calpe this summer, you will surely enjoy every moment that you spend in this fantastic city. You can also tell your friends to visit Calpe if they are going to Spain this summer. You will have an unforgettable vacation in this excellent city with all the amazing places you can visit.

Benidorm Car Hire

To make the most of your vacation to Benidorm it would always be a smart idea to hire a car. To be able to come and go at your convenience to the beaches and the theme parks is one of the main reasons to hire a car when visiting the busy sea side resort of Benidorm on Spain's Northern Costa Blanca.

Benidorm does not have a train station that would connect it to Valencia or Alicante and unless you have booked a package holiday the same scenario applies to bus services. With so many Benidorm car hire companies out there with many having desks at the airports it’s a simple procedure to hire a vehicle.

In Benidorm there are two main beaches with fantastic promenades where you can refresh yourself at the numerous bars and restaurants. At Playa Levante and Playa Poniente you will find everything you need - a first class beach with all the amenities as well as a great range of bars, restaurants, cafes, shops and boutiques.

To have seen everything there is to do in Benidorm no visit would be complete with out going to at least one of Benidorm’s four theme parks. Terra Mitica and Terra Natura are located on the hillsides of Benidorm and are easily accessible if you have hired a car. At Terra Natura you can explore the zoo, enjoy live entertainment and go for a swim at Aqua Natura on the premises. At Terra Mitica you can enjoy the rides, live entertainment and roller coasters.

Not to be missed is a day at Aqualandia a water park with rides and flumes and Mundomar featuring sea lion, dolphin and parrot shows. If a sophisticated night out is up your street why not book a table at Benidorm Palace and enjoy dinner and a extravagant show.

Benidorm has the reputation of being the party town on the Costa Blanca with its nightclubs, discos, pubs, and bars. If you hire a car you will be sure not to have missed out on anything.

4th of July Vacation Safety Tips

Family vacations during the 4th of July holiday are fun. But they can be dangerous. Follow a few safety tips for a fun weekend, without injuries.

1. Plan your vacation time carefully. If you are going camping or to a motel make sure your reservation are secure, paid for in advance and arrive on time. This will prevent a cancellation without notice, leaving you and your family without a place to stay.

2. Get plenty of rest before you leave. Do not try to drive while you are tired. There will be a lot of other vacationers on the road, all driving as fast as they can to reach their destination. Many of the travelers will already have started their celebration with a few drinks. Watch out for the other driver.

3. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive. You may run into road work, accidents, heavy traffic, traffic jams, and other highway delays. Do not be in a rush.

4. In case of delays during hot weather, have plenty of water for everyone to drink. But what goes in, must come out. Provide in auto bottle relief for the emergency rest room stop in the middle of heavy traffic.

5. Do not take fireworks with you. If you are traveling long distances, in a hot car, you are taking a chance of setting off beautiful explosives. This is not safe.

6. If you are camping, be aware of fire. During this time of year camp areas are very dry. Keep the campfire small and safe. Do not shoot off fireworks. Instead drop one sparkler at a time into the fire for the kids. Tell great stories, dance, play music, but stay safe.

7. Leave for home before the last day. Traffic will be heavy returning home. Vacationers will be exhausted from their own fun, many will have consumed a lot of alcohol, and tempers will be short. Be patient, take your time, relax and stop if you must.

8. When you arrive home, check your kids for ticks, chiggers, insect bites and injuries. Treat accordingly and relax before bedtime. Always check sunburns and treat with cooling sunburn medication. You will be glad you did when you try to move the next morning.

9. After a vacation, eat light for a few days. Your body needs time to relax and adjust after a lot of fun. If you were swimming a lot or hiking, drink lots of water for a few days and eat good, juicy fruit to replace the moisture your body used.

10. Clean out the car, put all matches out of reach of children, and count your blessing everyone is home safe and healthy.

Doolin Hotels: Three Top Class Hotels In Doolin Ireland

Doolin hotels and guest houses have in the last 10 years needed to raise their standards to remain competitive with the big hotel chains which are now so common in the Irish hotel sector. The independent hotels chosen here provide some of the most pleasant in Doolin Ireland with top class rooms, friendly service and stunning views.

A short walk from town sits the contemporary designed Tir Gan Ean Hotel. Popular with the young, and young at heart, this 4-star hotel has a boutique feel to it combined with every creature that you may be surprised to find in such a rural Irish locations.

Each of the 12 large airy rooms has plasma TVs, contemporary furniture, under-floor heating, air-conditioning and modern en-suites. The modern ambiance is nicely complemented by the use of Celtic furnishings and architecture in public areas. And the range of hearty hot & cold breakfast options mix modern healthy options with the more traditional full Irish breakfast.

The 3-star Aran View House Hotel is a 1km walk from Doolin and the big benefit of its hilltop location is its spectacular sea views out to the Aran Islands and Atlantic Ocean. It is a more traditional country manor style hotel, in its build and its decor, but refurbishment of the guest-rooms has upped the quality of en-suites while retaining the hotels comfortable & cozy charm.

Guests and non-residents are also drawn in by the family-friendly hotel bar with its panoramic sea views and Irish music sessions (in high season).

Finally, staying within a short walk of Doolin village itself the 4-star Ballyvara House Hotel manages to combine its rural setting (within an acre of countryside) with a clean modern hotel. Inside there is a mix of twin, double, luxury suites, quads, family and studio rooms. This eclectic mix caters for all group sizes and types with satellite TV and modern en-suites throughout. The luxury suites have a Jacuzzi bath and king size sleigh bed while the 2 studio apartment come with their own kitchen (ideal for self catering breaks).

Clifden Hotels: Three Best Hotels In Clifden Ireland

The small seaside town of Clifden Ireland has been attracting visitors for decades looking to discover the great Connemara countryside. The three Clifden hotels chosen here are the ideal base for exploring the area, and treating yourself to great service, food and views.

Starting furthest from town, the 3-star Ardagh Hotel is a popular choice with outdoor enthusiasts. The hotel is ideally situated close to the national park trails, fishing on Ardbear Bay and a selection of golf courses.

Inside, the guest rooms are big, bright and airy with all rooms having great views of the bay and/or the Connemara countryside. The restaurant on the second floor has won several awards for the quality of food on the menu with seafood and traditional Irish dishes being of special note.

Closer to Clifden, the Rock Glen hotel is a 5-star country house style hotel set within its own secluded grounds with views of Clifden Bay. Rooms are contemporary designed with all the usual amenities you’d expect with a 5-star hotel (including free wi-fi).

The hotels open plan dining room restaurant is a popular choice with guests and locals alike (which always the seal of approval on any restaurant in tourist areas) and has a menu of hearty Irish dishes.

Finally, in the hillside overlooking Clifden is the picture-perfect Abbyglen Castle hotel. The castles building has been lovingly maintained, as have the lawns, gardens and shrubbery on the castle grounds.

Inside the hotel doesn’t disappoint with high-ceilinged rooms throughout and the large guest rooms furnished in a country style. Those wishing to treat themselves on holiday can also make great use of the sauna, beauty treatments, restaurant and bar all inside the castle fortifications.

Staying in any of these hotels provides an ideal base for exploring this scenic part of Ireland’s west coast while still enjoying the luxury and fine-dining that these hotels can provide.

Getting The Best Private Jet Plane Charter Prices

If you are one of those who has enough disposable income to hire a private jet for either business or pleasure to your desired destination, there are some tips that you should take heed of when it comes time to book the flight. While expensive, massive discounts can be gained by knowing how to charter a private jet correctly. If you were just to rush in and get the first plane available from the first company that you call then you are sure to be paying well over the odds!

The first step is to find out as many numbers for private airline operators as you can possibly find. You can get these numbers most easily by phoning up your local airport and asking for them at the reception. Another way that some people find quicker is to use the Internet to look up which companies operate in their area. No matter which method sounds easier to you, make sure that you get at least the numbers of 5 – 10 airline operators.

Once you have amassed a pile of numbers it is time to start calling up these companies. They will most likely ask you for a few details; you should have these ready before calling. These include the number of people flying on the trip, the destination, and what amenities you will require on a plane. Now is the time to ask for your flatscreen TV!  It is a good idea to know in advance what kind of private jet you need – Learjet charter is ideal for trips involving a small number of people, but if you have a big group and would like more space then you should ask for a Gulfstream jet charter.

After this they will give you a quote price. But stop – don’t order the charter yet! Repeat this process until you have went through all the airline company numbers. Find the cheapest price – you can now use this low cost quote to barter with the other companies. Give them a call back with this new quote and you can be sure to knock at least a few grand off the price – saving yourself a small fortune in the process!

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