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Electric versus Fuel-Based Camp Heater: Which Is the Best?

For those who are not aware, there are generally two types of camp heater devices sold in the market today. This includes the electric-powered camping heaters and the fuel-based camping heaters. When you go in a camping trip, you can never anticipate how cold the temperature can get on the camping site. Hence why, it is highly recommended to always bring a heating device with you to keep you warm in case there will be a sudden drop in temperature. With the many choices available, the question is – which type should you go for? Is an electric heater much better than a fuel-based heater or it is the other way around?

To help you decide on what type of camping heater to purchase, this article will present you with useful facts about the electric and fuel-based heater models.
An electric camping heater needs to be connected to an electrical power source in order to operate. However, there are also models that can be powered by batteries in case there is no power outlet available in the camping site. Campers who are lucky enough to have found an area with electricity will surely find good use to an electric heater. One great advantage of the electrical variety is the fact that it is safe to use and easy to operate. All you have to do is to plug it to an electrical outlet and you can instantly warm up the tent. But the only downside of having electric heater with cords is it increases the possibility of tripping accidents. Therefore, you have to place the unit in an area away from foot traffic.

Fuel-based camping heater units, on the other hand, operate using propane, gas, or butane. They typically have an electric ignition button, which is used to fire up the unit by igniting its fuel. The good thing about fuel-based camp heating devices is the fact that they do not produce visible flame so it is unlikely that they will combust nearby materials. However, since they emit certain levels of carbon monoxide, it is important that you use them in an area with proper ventilation to prevent the CO buildup which can be very life-threatening when inhaled by an individual in significant amounts.

Both the electric and fuel-based camp heater has their own set of pros and cons. Remember that any type of heating device will surely have major drawbacks; thus, safety precaution with regards to their use should always be observed.

Carefully weigh the pros and cons of both heating devices to determine which one will offer you the most benefits.

Ozark Trail Gear is a Sound Choice for Your Camping Trip

Consumers enjoy dealing with portable outdoor camping items that are simplistic in setting up and using.  Camping within Ozark trail tents falls within this category.  They are popularly marketed online and available at local retail stores. Ozark trail gear is available in many different sizes and is reasonably priced. There are many campers that will find it very affordable to buy a minimum of one trail dome tent and various accessories. Also, you may want to consider on taking advantage of every Ozark trail tent size in order to make sure that you and your guest will be comfortable with the camping accommodation.

Ozark trail tents are suited for different ranges of campers in each tent.  They have the capability of providing shelter for one to two campers, three to four campers, and five to six campers.  It is always prudent for tent shoppers to purchase a tent that provides more space than what is required.  This will ensure maximum comfort for guests and provide extra room for camping equipment.  An exception would be in cases where parents camping with small kids want smaller space.  Camping gear, pets, recreational items, and people should always be taken into consideration before making a purchasing a tent.

It is a wise move to set up the newly purchased tent prior to the camping expedition. This will give campers an opportunity to have enough practice in putting up and breaking down the tent.  Camping adventurists will also have a chance to make sure that all of the required pieces were included in the purchased box.  Staying ahead of the game allows campers to have enough time to perform any exchanges if the original purchase was not suitable for the outdoor trip.

You should always pack your tent and supplies after you pack the rest of your vehicle. This method will ensure that your tent is available immediately on arrival. Many campers like to ensure that erecting their tents is the first thing that they do on arrival at their destination. Making sure that your items of assembly are in order will alleviate any camper of the burdensome chore of unpacking all of their things in order to get to their tent.  Leaving the other things untouched allows campers the choice of placing their items in a locked and secured vehicle until it is time to unpack them.

Make sure that the tent is dry after usage.  A dry tent will eradicate any possibility of any mildew or mould developing.  This one step can help save you the trouble of extensive cleaning and the possibility of purchasing a new tent too soon.

Increase your love with family camping holidays

Being on a luxury camping holiday is the best way to let loose and relax with your family. Life has become so speedy paced that we can hardly think at times, but camping gives us all a possibility to forget about our busy lives for a little bit. Kids absolutely love camping because they get to discover the wilderness first hand. They are free to travel the surrounding area, swim in the nearby lake, catch fish with their family members, and help cook with only the basics. It is a whole good experience when you go camping with your family.

There are many benefits to life that family camping holidays provides as well. Being away from the activity and daily break up is often relaxing for parents, and the tension flows away, leaving kids wondering who replaced their stressed, too-busy-right-now mother and father with these mellowed out people. In return, the pressure of performing reducing up, kids will mostly love to be far more pleasant and obedient, willingly helping out with cool camping duties like fetching water to wash dishes in a plastic pan, or sweeping sand and dirt out from inside the tent.

One greater thing about camping with your family is the fun places and things your kids get to do. A night looking at stars is fun for all, fishing boat or a hike along the water's edge. Kids, gone in the excitement of their camping adventures, and moreover they be also be learning new skills throughout all of this. They will undoubtedly discover that perhaps all of the luxuries they have become used to to in their daily life are not so required after all.

You may also discover that your camping trip brings back something that was absent in your family. Once you rediscover value of time and taking a break from the extreme world we live in that’s brings your family closer to you, and you will probably want to live that feeling over again. And if you can't get away from the weekly activity, a return to natural world can easily be complete with some short, weekend camping trips with your family again.

How to Plan a Camping Trip With Trailer Tents

Going on a camping trip is always a good time, but sometimes lugging all those tent supplies around can be inconvenient. Trailer tents greatly simplify the process.

While spur of the moment adventures are awesome, doing such a thing is putting your success up to chance. It can be a great experience connecting to nature and bonding with your friends or family, so you want to make sure to plan ahead of time. Failure to plan could lead to a six hour mountain hike in the pouring rain, or not getting to do what you thought you would at the campsite.

To start off with, make sure you have a few days off work to spend. A weekend is good, but a whole week is even better. Quite possibly the most important factor here is the weather. Know the general climate of the area you want to camp at to get a feel for how often rain is, whether flash floods are common, and what dangerous animals may live there. It would be unfortunate if your whole trip got stormed out because you unknowingly planned it for the middle of the rainy season. On the other hand, think how amazing it would be to walk barefoot across the moist grass in the full sunlight, with not a cloud in the sky. Just you, your friends, and the forest.

You also need to take into consideration the types of activities you want to engage in. Not all activities are allowed at all campsites, so check in with the local authorities to find out what is and is not allowed. You should also plan your activities based on how much time you have available. For many people, it would not be worth it to only spend one night at the campsite if you have to hike for six hours to get there. But remember to think from an abundance frame of reference. The possibilities are limitless, You could go whitewater rafting, fishing, cliff-climbing, or if you're feeling really ambitious, you could do it all! of course, that is just a small sample of what you could do.

At last, take into consideration the supplies you need bring and how to get to the campsite. If you can get there by road, you can take a trailer tent, which makes moving and setting up your tent much easier. Most brands have enough tent room for four to six people. And the features of your trailer may affect how you eat. Some models have electricity, so you could bring a microwave with you.

Take all these factors into consideration, but don't over-think it. Be flexible. If you're too rigid about the trip ("Ok, now we HAVE to do this on day 1" etc..) the smallest change in circumstances could ruin it. Be accepting and flexible, plan ahead, be safe, and above all, have a blast!

If you liked this information, you can find loads of priceless information about trailer tents at

How to Survive in the Rough Wilderness

There is nothing more terrifying than getting lost in the woods. But it doesn’t have to end in disaster if you have proper preparation in place to ensure you are ready for emergencies. The woods can be unforgiving but luckily it also provides an opportunity to survive if you know how to use your resources. No one ever plans to get lost when camping or hiking, but if it ever happens you’ll be thankful that you have adequate resources. So whenever you plan your camping trip, make sure people know where you’re going, and always take along emergency supplies to keep yourself safe.

When it comes to survival gear the first thing you should put together is a first aid kid. There are many products on the market that come with a variety of good first aid supplies, and these are fine as long as you know how to use them. But don’t just buy a kit because it comes with a lot of items. You should take the time to keep an inventory and learn what each thing is for, and how to use it.

Your survival kit should be comprehensive without being too overloaded and heavy. When you put it together at home, make sure that your children don’t get into it because kids love to play with camping equipment. You should always keep your essential gear separate from everything else in a container that is easy to pick up. The items you may have in your kit should include waterproof matches, a fishing kit, an emergency blanket, and water purification tablets. The first thing you’ll want to take care of is keeping yourself warm so building a shelter will be a priority. A campfire will also help to dry out your clothes while being used as a signal for rescuers. Obviously no one ever sees themselves getting lost while camping, but you’ll be glad you took the time to plan ahead if it ever happens.

The Multipurpose Camping Table

These days camping can be as comfortable as you want to make it. For those setting out on their first outdoor adventure there are a few extra items you can buy that will make all the difference to your vacation. Once you have the basics of a tent and some sleeping bags you need to consider a camping table.

For example, a folding camping table or even a camping table and chairs can make such a difference to your level of comfort. To be able to prepare a meal on a sturdy, flat surface makes outdoor cooking a pleasure rather than a stress. Also, once you have eaten your meal the table can be cleared and used for games and other activities throughout the evening.

Camping picnic tables also have a function outside the family holiday. They can be used at home for extra seating or in the garden. As they are so lightweight and durable they can easily be put in the car and used on a day trip as well as a holiday.

Portable camping tables come in a variety of materials, from hard wearing nylon in a multitude of colours to plastic, wood or aluminium. Many camp tables also have cup holders, particularly the nylon variety, which can be an added bonus if you have young children present.

Generally, these tables can seat between 4 and 6 people which makes them an extremely practical addition to your camping equipment and one that you will use over and over again.  Just pull your outdoor folding chairs up to the table and eat, drink and enjoy life.

For added luxury, many of the chairs available also have cup holders; arm and leg rests and some even have an attachable canopy.
So whether you are taking a long vacation or a short break camping tables can make the whole experience much more pleasurable and all for very little cost.

How to Go Camping On a Budget

Camping is a great way to release all your stress and to be closer to nature and to develop relationships with your family. Going camping with friends and family will make camping all the more enjoyable. We are here to discuss how to make your camping trip cheaper.

We all know that sometimes camping can be quite expensive, even though the campsite might be inexpensive. Probably the most expensive part of the camping trip is the tent. The best 3 man tent can cost you hundreds. Most companies offer tents that are sturdier, bigger and more economical so that customers get a bigger bang for their buck. Most companies offer cheaper alternatives to their line up of consumer products, so don’t worry.

Another way to lessen your costs is to buy a tent with more add ones for the same price as a regular tent. Also, don't buy a tent that is bigger than you need. Consult a 3 man tent guide to compare the tents that are available to find the best tent for you. Remember that a regular camping store usually has cheaper camping stuff, but the selection in camping stores is not as wide as a dealers.

When you are camping you don’t have to spend a lot for something exciting to do. You can buy a few board games and those should be fairly cheap, you may not even use them. Since you are surrounded by nature you should take advantage of it. This is why camping can be very romantic. Most camping activities include fishing, biking, hiking and swimming. If you cannot do any of these things then do not worry because camping is supposed to be relaxing, and sometimes the best way to relax is to do nothing at all.

Unless you have equipment prepared for a big group of people, camping alone could be a lot cheaper, and sometimes more relaxing. Although camping alone can be more relaxing and cheaper it is much more dangerous. Whenever you camp out alone you should have a cell phone, in case you get lost or have an injury or some freak accident just happened you should have someone to call. Having a cell phone with you could also reduce your costs by preventing loss of items and damages to property.

In conclusion, camping cheaply is easy as long as you have a lot of people with you on your camping trip or you can use cheap equipment. You do not have to spend a lot of money to take away boredom on your trip, bring a board game or better yet, since you are in the great outdoors it is an excellent time to enjoy nature with your loved ones.

One Easy Way To Verify That Your Water Softener Is Working

Is your water softening system using enough salt?  If the softener is regularly using salt chances are that the system is working properly.  If the system is not using salt, you may have a salt bridge, or valve vacuum problem.

There are many circumstances that can cause bridging. A hard layer of compressed salt will form a foot or so below the top layer of salt in the brine tank. Water that is in the brine tank cannot rise above this hard layer, or shelf of salt, eliminating the possibility of dissolving more salt for regeneration of the water softener.

If you have a salt bridge in the water softener, the salt level will decrease in the tank.   Salt bridging is caused most commonly by using pellet salt. Pellet salt has adhesive in it to make the pellet. This adhesive causes the salt to adhere together, when there is a significant amount of salt in the brine tank. The salt towards the bottom of the brine tank is wet and dissolving. The salt on top is putting pressure on the salt, causing it to harden. It is best to use coarse or crystal type salt.  G.E., and Kenmore water softeners are known for being prone to salt bridging. The single tank design lends itself to salt bridges because of the tight spacing between the resin tank sides and brine tank cabinet. If you are having other problems with your water softener you could use a company like Clear Water Concepts to do it for you or you can try to troubleshoot it yourself.

The object is to break through this layer, or bridge. Take a broom handle, or similar rigid object, and thrust into the salt. Do not hit the bottom of the brine tank with the broom handle, as this can rupture the tank. Do this several times in different locations in the brine tank.  You can also shake the brine tank back and forth, this often breaks down the bridge and will not damage the tank.

Duck Hunting: How To Master Your Duck Call

When it comes to duck hunting there are many ways to skin the proverbial cat and bag more birds.  And the bag limit seems to be the never ending goal of many a waterfowler.  To that end there are some things that can be done to tilt the odds in our favor.  First and foremost becoming a better shooter would do wonders to increasing the amount of birds you shoot each year.  That is for another article, however, in this article we are looking for ways to master our duck call and use it to bring the ducks in close range.

When it comes to duck calling it seems that everyone wants to learn the high ball and use it incessantly while out in the blind. And if you are an expert caller with years of experience and know exactly when to use it you will get birds to turn and take notice.  But let’s be honest, every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing the call and the ducks have heard it from the northern extremes of Canada to the southern confines of Mexico.  To put it bluntly the call doesn’t work that often and is used far too often.

So what should we be using?  There are two duck calls that should be mastered and used in the blind.  The first is the simple single “quack” of a hen mallard.  This call is the easiest to master and yet is rarely used.  Learn to use this one note call every few seconds and watch the results.  It will bring birds closer to you.  The other is the drake mallard whistle which can be blown from one of the many whistles available on the market today.  This call is seldom heard by passing ducks and can really work wonders.

So there you have it, a quick and dirty guide on how to become a better waterfowl caller and bag more birds while out in the field.

Different Types Of A Hunting Knife

There are many different types of hunting knives which are designed to fit many different needs. When choosing a knife, it is important for a hunter to consider their own specific needs including the type of hunting they will be doing, the size of the game they will be hunting for, and whether they will be hunting for meat or just for a trophy. This criteria will help to decide the size, shape, and blade of the knife they will need.

There are two main types of knives: the folding blade type and the fixed blade type. The fixed blade is a great choice as a hunting knife because of their durability. They should only be used for one purpose and are not a good choice for a multi-use knife.

The folding blade is a good choice for hunters, and they can also be used for other things. They are easier to carry around, so many choose to carry them for general purposes as well as hunting. They are not as durable as a fixed blade knife, but they are a lot more versatile.

There are a few different types of hunting blades available on fixed or folding knives. A good blade for the big game hunter would be the drop point blade. These are great for skinning and gutting larger animals without damaging the meat.

A good versatile blade is the clip point. The blade is not as thick as a drop point, but they can do all the same things as a drop point blade, but not as effectively.

A skinning blade is a good dedicated purpose knife. Having one of these in addition to a regular knife can save a lot of time when skinning an animal.

Finding the right knife does not have to be a difficult decision, but making an informed choice is always very important when choosing any piece of hunting equipment.

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