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How to Get a Ghost to Interact With You

If you were to want to get a ghost to interact with you there might be a way that can be accomplished. There are many haunted videos that claim to be of ghosts and interactions with ghosts, telling the real ones from the hoaxes might be a bit of a task in itself. A ghost like a person has a mind of its own and will do and act as it pleases, so there are no guarantees that you will find the answers you seek, or even feel its presence unless it chooses to interact with you.

The simplest way to get a ghost to interact with you would be to simply try talking to it. There are many ghost hunt videos that show paranormal teams talking to what they are trying to prove is a ghost. Many times you see these videos of real ghosts you will hear the person asking the ghost to do something to show its presence. It is recommended that when you attempt to interact with a ghost to be firm but polite when you speak. It is never a bad thing to be polite first whether you are dealing with the living or the dead.

There are of course people that claim they can contact ghosts and spirits, although true mediums are few and far between. There are mediums that claim to have their own ghostly videos with actual ghost interactions, they can be found very easily on YouTube and other websites. Another way that you could try to interact with a ghost is by using a Ouija Board. There are many haunted ghost videos that show people attempting to interact with ghosts by using a Ouija Board in a darkened room lit only by candles.

You could of course attempt to hold your own séance. A séance is a ritual that is used to connect with the spirit world or ghosts if you will. There should be no less than three people if you attempt to conduct a séance, and some people believe that the number of people that you have should be divisible by the number three. The people gathered for the séance should be willing participants and not scared as fear is a negative energy and could not only bring bad energy to the séance but could also be used by a mischievous ghost. There are many ways to interact with ghosts and there are many ghostly videos you can watch to get an idea of what to do and what not to do, some say that by conducting a séance or using a Ouija Board, you might be getting more than what you expected.

Using Spell Candles

The daily use of candles is pretty straight forward.  They are used to improve the atmosphere of a room  with their romantic dim lighting and at times their various scents. They will easily turn a room into a warming environment that helps you window down and relax from a long day.  However, many do not consider that candles are used for another purpose, and that is to cast spells.

Specific candles designed for spell casting are used in candle magick that is performed by those that practice Paganism. Each colored candle represents a specified outcome or intention that is cast upon it.  Using the candle alone will not make things happen, but when the person casting the spell combines the candle with visualizations of the desired outcome while  lighting the candle, they will likely achieve the results that they are looking for.

For example, here are just a few colors and what each colors desired outcome represents:

  • Green – green spell candles represent luck and money.  If you are wanting to cast a spell to bring someone prosperity or to achieve great things then this may be a candle to consider.
  • White – this particular color is used to bring purification, blessings and protection.   If you want to bring purity or cleanliness to another person or yourself then you would consider this color.
  • Black – black spell candles are associate with banishment, loss and to ward from evil spirits.  You should use a black candle with caution as it can also be used for evil.

Simply using a colored candle on its own does not mean that it is a spell candle or that the outcome will be automatic.  Spell candles have been pre-spelled with the wanted otucome, so not just any candle will do.  The person casting the spell also has to believe, desire as well as visualize the outcome of the candle.

The mystery behind cheap psychic readings

If you are on the lookout for cheap psychic readings then read on! It happens many a times that you wish to know why things are happening a certain way in your life and when will yours stars change. Most of keep wishing and nothing comes out of it. However, cheap psychic readings can put an end to all this wishing and wondering. Psychic readings are gaining popularity as this ancient science is being rediscovered in new ways. From tarot cards to crystal balls, psychics have a wide range of talent to offer you.

Cheap psychic readings are available almost everywhere today. All you need to do is search on the internet or find out from sources about reputed psychics who provide cheap psychic readings. It is better that you visit a psychic rather than taking the aid of online sites or telephone lines. The latter can either be a hoax or greatly hamper the accuracy of the readings. Also, many psychics rely not only on one particular art but rather an amalgamation is often used. Cheap psychic readings can be a combination of readings from tea leaves, tarot cards and even face reading. Thus being physically present before the psychic can enhance his/her abilities.

Those who seek a medium to communicate with the dead or establish any kind of contact with spirits can find their answer in psychics. In addition to providing cheap psychic readings, these clairvoyants can also act as efficient mediums at a spiritual level.

Psychics are generally written of and their talent is negated but we often ignore the fact that their help is often needed to solve grave crimes! Therefore, the power and gift of psychics should not be underestimated. Cheap psychic readings can help increase your future prospects and give you that much required peace of mind.

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