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Alien Sightings Have Moved to Different Forms of Media

A decade or so ago, it was popular to see alien sightings on the media being touted as reality or disputed as hoax.  They have showed up in books, movies, et cetera for many years, but in recent times it seems like the false alien sightings proclamations have taken a stronger role in entertainment media like video games and blockbuster movies than as a thing of legend.  With this pattern in mind, there’s a chance that the concept of aliens (outside of those used in entertainment purposes) is moving more towards the scientific concept of alien life.

With this more scientific concept of extraterrestrial life (part of what is discussed at Alien Sightings Chronicle), it is easier to eliminate the poor connotations associated with the search and let it take on a more exciting meaning.  In this case I mean exciting because of the fact that it is real – there is no true or false statements to read though; it is operating on the concept of what is actually out there.  The question of whether or not an incident that happened  a long time ago can be associated with an alien visit to Earth becomes less important because the search becomes about the facts that can be found out in the universe within reach of our current technology.

We are beginning to find some pretty amazing and seemingly crazy discoveries (like those found in quantum mechanics if you’re curious for some crazy physics).  We are reaching a point where things don’t necessarily make sense the way we think they should using our current logic.  Considering these large discoveries it’s probably only a matter of time before we find something else out there.  It might not look anything like what our movies and stories have in the past, but it will be exciting nonetheless.  Very exciting.

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