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Cupcake Boxes For Special Occasions

Making cupcakes for special occasions has become an increasingly common practice as individual iced delights can be handed out to guests to enjoy without the process of cutting and dividing a larger cake is more desirable. The addition of individual cupcakes has also prompted the requirement of a more decorative way of storing and presenting them and this is where themed cupcake boxes have become more prevalent.

These cupcake boxes, or favor boxes as they are also commonly known, can help to give your desserts a special appearance and help to add to the sense of the occasion. There are appropriate display boxes that can be used for events such as weddings, anniversaries and, of course birthdays. Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are also perfectly suited to the use of these types of cupcake boxes.

Christmas Cupcake Boxes

Christmas cupcakes can be handed out as a special treat to everyone sitting around the Christmas dinner table but if they were packaged up in a seasonal box they will look even more impressive. Choose from the range of Christmas cupcake boxes that have been displayed below.

Creative Converting 84802 Christmas Cupcake Box with See-Though Window Creative Converting 84802 Christmas Cupcake Box with See-Though Window
Sale Price: $7.99
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Halloween Cupcake Boxes

Halloween is another of those celebrations that is perfectly suited to decorating to a theme and the provision of cupcakes in an appropriate looking box will add to the fun. There is any number of great Halloween cupcake recipe to try.

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Wilton 415-0454 Halloween Spider 4-Cavity Cupcake Box with Insert, 3 Count Wilton 415-0454 Halloween Spider 4-Cavity Cupcake Box with Insert, 3 Count
Sale Price: $14.93
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Wedding Cupcake Boxes

Providing wedding cupcakes for all of your guests is a wonderful idea and something that will help your celebration stand out from the rest. To mark the occasion you are going to require wedding cupcake boxes that can be matched in with the rest of the decorations. There really are some very attractive wedding cupcake boxes available to choose from.

Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories, Cupcake Favor Boxes with Heart Shape Windows, 3-Inches Square, Pack of 24 Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories, Cupcake Favor Boxes with Heart Shape Windows, 3-Inches Square, Pack of 24
List Price: $21.99
Sale Price: $18.91
You save: $3.08 (14%)
  Eligible for free shipping!
1 X 12 Two Hearts Cupcake Boxes 1 X 12 Two Hearts Cupcake Boxes
Sale Price: $15.99
  Eligible for free shipping!
Meri Meri to Have and to Hold Small Cupcake Box, 4-Pack Meri Meri to Have and to Hold Small Cupcake Box, 4-Pack
Sale Price: $5.99
  Eligible for free shipping!

Birthday Cupcake Boxes

Cupcakes for birthday parties are part of the fun of growing up and are loved by children and adults alike. There is no need to keep all of the cupcakes that were made for the party, particularly when there is a simple way of ensuring that each of your guests has a simple way of taking one with them when they go home. Birthday cupcake boxes are made to be suited for children’s birthday parties as well as adults. They are a simple but handy solution for allowing the cupcakes to be taken home without destroying them on the journey.

Happy Birthday Cupcake Boxes (12 Pack) 4 1/2". Cardboard. Happy Birthday Cupcake Boxes (12 Pack) 4 1/2". Cardboard.
Sale Price: $11.99
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Baby Show Cupcake Boxes

Are you celebrating the impending birth of a baby and want to get into the spirit of the occasion by handing out perfect little cupcakes. It's possible to dress them up with the use of baby shower cupcake boxes. Pink for a girl or blue for a boy is the traditional way to go, but that doesn't mean you've got to conform.

Baby Girl Shower Cupcake Boxes - Party Favors & Party Bags & Containers Baby Girl Shower Cupcake Boxes - Party Favors & Party Bags & Containers
Sale Price: $8.99
  Eligible for free shipping!
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There are many other types of cupcake boxes that are available in all types of styles and colors to suit any occasion or diplay needs. You can find an even larger selection of cupcake boxes for sale by visiting our maing cupcake boxes page.

Cupcake Boxes With Inserts

No matter whether a cupcake box is plain or decorated there is an important aspect about it that should be considered a must – the insert. These types of boxes are available to store either an individual cupcake or for multiple cupcakes.

A cupcake box insert is a section that is placed in the bottom of the box with a cut-out circle that will ensure the cupcake is held securely in place. Without the insert you risk the cupcake sliding or rolling around whilst it is in transit and potentially smearing or completely ruining the icing on top.

The majority of cupcake boxes, or favor boxes as they are often called, are designed with an insert already built inside making them the ideal storage containers for your little treats.

It is possible to buy these cupcake boxes in packs of 10, 12 or more and they can be used as visually pleasing display boxes or convenient storage containers for transporting your cakes from place to place.

Browse through the cupcake boxes with inserts for sale below to find a style that will best suit your needs or the occasion for which you require one. We have attempted to provide some of the best cupcake boxes with inserts to offer for sale with a choice of either single presentation boxes or larger multiple cake boxes to choose from.

Cupcake Boxes With Inserts For Sale 

Darice 12 Piece Cupcake Box, 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5", Clear Darice 12 Piece Cupcake Box, 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5", Clear
List Price: $7.59
Sale Price: $7.55
You save: $0.04 (1%)
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25 boxes of Window Cupcake Box with 12 Cupcake Holder($2.3 Per Set/Per Box) 25 boxes of Window Cupcake Box with 12 Cupcake Holder($2.3 Per Set/Per Box)
Sale Price: $57.50
  Eligible for free shipping!
Creative Converting Cupcake Box, Red Gingham Creative Converting Cupcake Box, Red Gingham
Sale Price: $3.29
  Eligible for free shipping!

Assembly of some types of cupcake boxes can sometimes be difficult so be aware that it is necessary to go through the process with some of them. This is most commonly the case with the plastic cupcake boxes and there are often reports that not only are they difficult to assemble but, when they are completed, they don’t always provide a satisfactory closure.

They might cost a little more, but the cardboard cupcake boxes are often more sturdy and are much simpler to construct. They can be found with clear lids so the contents can be seen and displayed if desired.

There are plenty of different choices when it comes to finding a suitable type of cupcake box and you can read more information about the different types, as well find details about how to buy them, on our main Cupcake Boxes page.

Versatility of Cupcake Boxes

The humble little cupcake has been standard fare at parties from kids birthdays all the way up to wedding receptions and golden wedding anniversaries. They are a fun treat that can also be made to look impressive with just a small bit of decoration and imagination.

Cupcakes are such a fashionable treat right now. They are small enough for one to enjoy, or can even be shared by two. They work great as gifts not only because everyone loves to eat them, but also because they are so cute! With decorations and embellishments, cupcakes can be real works of art. Sometimes the only difficulty is how to safely package and carry them so they do not incur any damage, and that is where cupcake boxes wholesale come in handy.

Take a look at some of the stylish ways in which you can protect and carry your cupcakes in either single packs or larger multiple packs.

From the plain white boxes that have been built with a window to display the cupcakes within (as can be seen from the example displayed to the right) to more fancy decorative cupcake boxes that have been made with brightly festive colors there are cupcake boxes to suit many different types of occasions. The most useful types of boxes are cupcake boxes with inserts to ensure the cakes are held in place to reduce the risk of destroying the delicately iced tops. We have a separate page devoted to cupcake boxes with inserts.

The cupcake boxes displayed for sale above are only a small selection of the many different low-priced solutions that are available at You can also see a more complete list by following the link supplied directly below.

Cupcake boxes

Individual cupcake boxes are the best way to give and take cupcakes as their size is made specifically to fit the little cakes. They usually come in mini, regular and jumbo sizes, and by using the appropriate size, the cakes will not slide around and be damaged when carried. Small cupcake boxes enable you to give cup cakes as gifts to others, for any occasion including to teachers or co-workers for birthdays or special events.  You can also give them as favors at parties or even weddings.
If they are given as favors, so many single cup cake boxes are available to match any theme or color scheme. With the wedding cupcake boxes, the colors of the box can be coordinated to match the colors of the wedding, even monogrammed with the newly wed couple’s initial. Any guest would be happy to take a cupcake home in a fancy box!

Clear Cupcake Boxes

Sometimes your cupcakes might look so delicious that you will want to show them off while they are still packaged. This is where clear cupcake boxes are the perfect way to store and transport them. These individual cupcake boxes are an ideal way of showcasing each cupcake for display while ensuring they are hygienically sealed. The more delicate cupcakes will also be protected from getting squashed or otherwise damaged.

The boxes are designed in such a way that they can be stacked on top of one another allowing the cupcakes to be placed on a table or counter, in full view of everyone, so that they look utterly irresistible.

Displayed here are 5 of the best clear cupcake boxes for sale in a variety of styles and sizes.

Darice 12 Piece Cupcake Box, 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5", Clear Darice 12 Piece Cupcake Box, 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5", Clear
List Price: $7.59
Sale Price: $7.55
You save: $0.04 (1%)


Showcase your decorated cupcakes while keeping them fresh in these clear cupcake boxes by Victoria Lynn. They measure 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5 inches in size. There are 12 pieces per package.

Clear Bakery Pastry Brown Kraft Paper Single Cupcake Boxes With Window And Handle Wholesale(50PCS) Clear Bakery Pastry Brown Kraft Paper Single Cupcake Boxes With Window And Handle Wholesale(50PCS)
List Price: $79.90
Sale Price: $28.90
You save: $51.00 (64%)


Do you often met below situations? 1.When you want to buy small quantity cake box, have you met that the seller told the minimum order quantity is 100,500, or even more than 10000PCS. Pleae don't worry we can meet your requirements of small quantity ...

LaRibbons 30Pcs PET Transparent Boxes / Clear Gift Boxes for Wedding, Party and Baby Shower Favors, 4"L x 4"W x 4"H LaRibbons 30Pcs PET Transparent Boxes / Clear Gift Boxes for Wedding, Party and Baby Shower Favors, 4"L x 4"W x 4"H
Sale Price: $19.99


5 Different size boxes for choose Material: PET, safe for food, which is widely uses in bottling beverages, such as mineral water and carbonated soft drinks Transparent plastic box is great for wedding candy, cookies and other decorations, it is a great way to display your personal style...

Ling's moment PET Transparent Clear Favor Boxes 3 x 3 x 3 Inch Pack of 50 for Wedding Party Baby Shower Favors Cupcake Boxes Party Supplies Ling's moment PET Transparent Clear Favor Boxes 3 x 3 x 3 Inch Pack of 50 for Wedding Party Baby Shower Favors Cupcake Boxes Party Supplies
List Price: $31.99
Sale Price: $25.99
You save: $6.00 (19%)


Ling's moment Clear Gift Boxes These favor boxes have unique Clear & Shiny look, won't look Hazy & Dull like other cheap ones. These boxes come with predefined creases so it is very easy to assemble, they hold their shape and stay closed no need tape or anything else to keep them closed...

Package of 12 Clear Single Cupcake Boxes Package of 12 Clear Single Cupcake Boxes
List Price: $8.61
Sale Price: $8.59
You save: $0.02 (%)


Package comes with 12 boxes and 12 inserts, a total of 24. perfect for wedding and bridal shower favors, baby showers, birthday parties, or any other special occasion.

Cupcake Boxes for Special Occasions

Cupcakes are increasingly being made to help celebrate special occasions. To help in adding to the festive nature of the event it may be desirable to place the cupcakes into suitably specialized cupcake boxes. Anniversaries, weddings, engagement parties and, of course, birthdays can all be marked by a specially chosen cupcake box.

The cupcake boxes displayed below are a perfect example of the way in which a wedding can be made even more of a special occasion through the use of this type of packaging.

Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories, Cupcake Favor Boxes with Heart Shape Windows, 3-Inches Square, Pack of 24 Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories, Cupcake Favor Boxes with Heart Shape Windows, 3-Inches Square, Pack of 24
List Price: $21.99
Sale Price: $19.28
You save: $2.71 (12%)


The frosted tops of cupcakes peek through the heart-shaped acetate windows of these white boxes. 3-inches square. Your wedding deserves the best - and the best comes from Hortense B. Hewitt, the leader in quality wedding accessories for more than 60 years.

Because of the elaborate decorations on cupcakes, often clear cupcake boxes are a good choice. These usually have a clear window on the top so the cupcake can be seen   when the box is closed. The boxes still come in a variety of colors and patterns, the cupcake can add to the visual appeal. We have provided a more complete summary of the various cupcake boxes for special occasions that you might require.

Cupcake boxes make a beautiful presentation for cup cakes as gifts or favors. They make it easy for the cupcake to be carried and transported with no risk of damage.

Find hundreds of cupcake boxes for sale here.

Carrying Style And Durability With Alligator Wallets

Alligator skin is one of the most sought after animal skins. The fact that hunting alligators for their skin was banned at some point some years ago proves that it doesn’t matter whether its leather is being used to make shoes, belts, wallets, and whatnot. People like it for its durability and style. As a creature of the wild, alligators have armor-like skin and as such their hide has superior quality and durability compared to other animal skins.

Although alligator wallets are initially expensive to buy, they will last a long time. The price which ranges from a couple of bucks to over half a grand is nothing if compared to designer wallets which cost even more but has around less than 50 percent durability than wallets with exotic leather as their material.

Take a look at the following selection of alligator wallets for sale from Amazon. As you will see from this selection they range in looks as well as price. To get pricing information follow the link to the Amazon page where you will find more information about each product.

Trafalgar Men's Alligator Billford

Alligator Style Black Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

Signature Gold Genuine Alligator Bi-Fold Wallet

New Pink Alligator Print Passport Holder Wallet

New Black Alligator Clutch Flat Wallet Purse

New Brown Alligator Clutch Flat Opera Wallet Purse w/Cell Phone Case

Although inarguably durable, alligator wallets need care if you want it to last even longer. If cared for properly, expect your alligator wallet to stay with you for at least six years. Wallets made of common leathers such as that of a cow only have a lifespan of at least two years.

To keep your wallet from looking old and tattered, keeping it dry and clean pretty much does the trick. However, conditioning your wallet every few months will dramatically increase its lifespan. If you are planning to use cleaners, make sure that you are using cleaners specifically intended for alligator leather. Use other types and you can say goodbye to your wallet. Cleaners intended for other leathers will damage your wallet. Moisturize and reseal the leather by using beeswax. Giving your alligator wallet periodic care will make it look great for up to a decade or more.

When it comes to style, you can choose from a classic which has a high gloss look or safari which has a more natural finish. The classic look tends to have a relatively stiff skin and is less durable compared to safari. The classic style is best used as a general luxury item rather than as an ‘errand’ item. The safari look on the other hand has a more authentic alligator look that is hard to imitate and is more durable compared to a classic finish.

No matter which style you choose, alligator wallets is one of the things that you want to invest in if you want to own a durable yet stylish accessory.

The Cubic Zirconia Ring: It Won’t Hurt That Much If You Lose It

If you want to accessorize yourself with a good-looking ring but would want to save a lot in terms of cost, then the cubic zirconia ring is the best choice for you. This is perhaps the most noteworthy alternative to diamond rings and other ring varieties that have precious gem stones on them. Even though this doesn’t have an expensive price tag attached on it, it still comes with very pristine quality and appearance that comes in very close to that of a diamond ring.

Indeed, this is very affordable. Let’s look at the price of a 1 carat diamond ring. How much would that be? That’s going to be a whopping $4000. Now, let’s see the 1 carat cubic zirconia ring. That only averages at $10. The price difference is really amazing. By buying cubic zirconia rings you get the opportunity to own a very good-looking ring without necessarily getting bankrupt.

It has been said that cubic zirconia rings take on similar appearances as diamond rings and that is absolutely true. These two look very similar to an extent that it would be impossible for the naked eye of a lay person to determine which among them the real thing is. CZ rings are truly magnificent pieces of jewelry and they have been designed to shine and sparkle like a genuine diamond. On the other hand, there are some attributes of CZ rings that come in superior to those of diamond rings. These would include their quality and being colorless.

With all of that said, you can now prove to yourself that buying a CZ ring is easy. On the other hand, if you lose it, it won’t hurt that much and you won’t be grieving for days like what you would tend to do if what you lost was a diamond ring.

Are you interested on buying cubic zirconia engagement ring sets? Then, drop a visit at for the details you need.

Three Things to Consider when Purchasing a Biker Wallet

It is somewhat a rare occasion when a biker wallet is bought. Almost all biker wallet users are men and it is an accepted fact that most men hate shopping that is why when buying a biker wallet, you should find a near perfect one that best suits the unique personality of the user. Whether you are buying it for a friend, for your husband, or you just want to own one, here are some important things to consider:

1. Quality

Looks can be deceiving. This is not always true though especially in buying wallets. Not everyone have this skill but there are buyers who will recognize right away whether a wallet has a low or high quality just by feeling the wallet. For those who do not have this skill, you have no option but to use your eyes to closely examine the whole wallet. Check the stitching and the quality of the leather. The stitching should be straight and parallel. As for the leather, it should not be too soft or too hard depending on the type of leather used. The leather should also be smooth and flawless except if exotic leather is used such as alligator, crocodile, or stingray.

2. Build / type

The traditional biker wallet is designed after the size and shape of a dollar bill which is rectangular and quite large. Not to worry though since manufacturers have made more than one build for a biker wallet. You can buy these wallets in a bi fold or tri fold model; but by doing that, you are stripping your wallet its true essence of being a biker wallet.

3. Design

The design of a wallet is actually the preference of the buyer. Some even buy fully customized wallets to satisfy their eccentricities. Anyway, here are some common styles that I would like to point out:

Cross-it resembles weirdness and coolness at the same time. It is very popular with male Goths.
Animals-whether it’s a dragon, a serpent, a lion, or an eagle, animal designs are a hit to men from all walks of life.
Patterns-if you do not want a stereotype masculine look, you can go for a design of patterns.

Be sure to buy a biker wallet that is both affordable and durable. If you are a dude, I’m sure you hate shopping for these things so be sure that what you buy will be replaced after a long time. If you are a woman, save your boyfriend or husband the trouble of buying wallets all the time by choosing sturdy ones.

The 3 Binder Machine Varieties

Book binding is a practice that dates back many centuries ago with the first processes being done manually with the use of leather and other expensive materials. However, the binder machine has been innovated to make this procedure way easier and faster to do. There are now different varieties of binder machines available in the market. With these, one can quickly produce organized and professional looking documents without breaking out buckets of sweat. Binding machines are mainly utilized in businesses, articles, records, spreadsheets, report presentations, and many other types of files that need to be organized into a single document that can be accessed easily.

A binding machine basically does its job by aligning the individual sheets or pages of a document together and attaching them through the use of adhesives, punched holes, wires, or plastic holders. The three most commonly used types of binder machines include the comb binding machine, wire binding machine, and the thermal binding machine.

The thermal binding machine makes use of heat and a specific adhesive to produce neat booklets. Documents in here are placed into pre-made thermal case covers, and are then slipped into a binding slot. After which, the machine heats glue strips onto the edges of the sheets at a certain temperature. Then, the glue is allowed to cool thus, the booklet is ready to use.

Comb binding machines are often used in the production of creative report presentations and documents. Documents produced by this machine come distinct from others since they can be laid flat and rearranged. The plastic combs on these documents can also be removed and used for other documents. A comb binder basically punches holes into sheets of paper. After which, a plastic comb is attached to hold the pages of a document together.

Wire binding machines work similar to comb binders and are often used in binding notebooks. They make use of spiral loop holders to hold pages together.

Are you wondering as to where you can search for plastic coil binding supplies? Then visit and read about the details on this.

The Different Styles Of A Billabong Wallet

There are no ‘bad’ styles when you are talking about a Billabong wallet. This brand has an overflowing supply of designs to choose from. Here are some design categorizations to help you know what to expect on the display shelves. You can buy a Billabong wallet from the following range of choices.

Billabong Wallets For Sale

Billabong Billabong
Sale Price: $13.30 - $24.95


Vegan leather bi fold wallet with cut and sew panel detail, metal badge, zippered coin pocket, 6 card slots and mesh id window.

Billabong Men's Vacant Wallet Accessory Billabong Men's Vacant Wallet Accessory
Sale Price: $24.95


Egan leather wallet with embossing detail, and 7 card slots including 1 slot on front of wallet.

Billabong Men's Vacant Wallet Billabong Men's Vacant Wallet
Sale Price: $17.47 - $24.95


Vegan leather bi-fold wallet with embossing, metal badge, zipper coin pocket and mesh id window.

Billabong Young Men’s Classic Tri-Fold Wallet Accessory Billabong Young Men’s Classic Tri-Fold Wallet Accessory
Sale Price: $12.29


Classic tri-fold wallet in allover print polyester fabric featuring zip bill compartment and woven label.

Billabong Men's Tides Wallet Billabong Men's Tides Wallet
Sale Price: $20.54


Allover print bifold wallet with zip coin pouch inside.

Types of Billabong Wallets


For girls, designs vary from butterflies, flowers, a human girl’s face in retro art, sassy laces, and some ribbons. The wallets are mostly in bright colors and usually have a clean cut. For boys, designs usually vary from graffiti texts, sports, camouflage, a mixture of colors, and wave patterns. Most colors have dark shades but not necessarily in shades of neither black nor brown.


Although the primary focus of Billabong wallets is cool, unorthodox, new age, and modern art designs, there are also styles which exude elegance and neatness. Designs are plain but with a very stylish logo that are usually metal. The materials that are used for these wallets are leather to create a formal look; and since it is a Billabong wallet, rest assured that it will go perfectly with your dress or your suit.


Classic designs are based on the look of what an item should be. For wallets, it should be either black or brown leather with visible even stitches at the sides and the logo of the manufacturer usually attached at the bottom right of the front side of the wallet. They say that classic designs are boring to look at. I could not agree more and you should not argue either. Classic designs are boring, deal with it. Unfortunately this style is so simple that it cannot be altered in any way. Although known for its trendy styles, poor Billabong has to make wallets with classic designs. If the first Billabong wallet you see has the classic design, you probably won’t be thrilled with buying one.


You may think that simple should not be the word to describe any Billabong wallet. In that case, you may not have read the first paragraph above and for the record; I’m saying the word ‘simple’ with Billabong designs in mind which means that they are a level higher than the ‘common’ simple. Simple designs usually involve boring patterns and texts.

Just cool

These are the designs that define the essence of a Billabong wallet. Whereas the other types of designs are limited when it comes to choice, this type is the complete opposite.

Keep Your Business Clean With Janitorial Supplies

If you want to be able to keep your business free or dirt and debris you will need to order some janitorial supplies that can be used by those designated to clean the office and building for you. There are several different cleaning supplies that you will want to make sure that you order so that you will have everything needed to keep a clean environment. If you are unsure of what to order then make sure that you read this information so that you will be able to figure out what you will need.

Making sure that you have the right janitorial cleaning supplies will help you not only to ensure that the business stay clean but will help you not to buy things you do not need and waste the company’s money. Depending on what type of business you are running; there are certain things that you will need. One type of cleaning supply that you will need no matter what type of business you have is a good disinfectant spray. This will help to keep all of the germs down in the work area so that people do not get sick and have to call into work.

There are a lot of other janitorial supplies that you are going to need as well, so make sure to evaluate what type of business you have when you are choosing the supplies you need. There are certain supplies that are made for cleaning large warehouse areas and certain ones that are made for small offices so take the time to look over different ones and their uses so that you are able to buy the ones that you need. By taking the time to buy the cleaning supplies that your business needs you will be able to keep everything looking good and germ free.

Choosing What Kind of Airsoft Battery to Use

Deciding what kind of battery you want to use in your airsoft gun is an important decison. In all electric airsoft guns, the battery is what powers the operation of the product. It also is a heavy determinant of how powerful the product is, although other factors include the build of the internal gear box and any upgrades that the airsoft gun may have received. If you do not want to undergo any expensive upgrade processes, the best option you have is to get a larger battery.

Many airsoft guns only accept one type of battery, and if this is the case, you do not really have a choice about to go with. But there are just as many multibattery guns as there are the other kind, so many instances occur where the battery type is something that must be considered. Getting the most power out of your gun means that you will need the largest battery available. As you can probably assume, more chemical energy results in more electrical power being produced, and that is directly proportional to how fast the product can fire. This includes both the specifications of rounds per minute and feet per second.

Strength is important, but a lot of people are primarily concerned with cost. Small batteries are usually significantly cheaper than large ones, and they can still get the job done. In addition, a lot of products come with the stock battery, and then you would have to pay even more for a large one. This is because you pay for the cost of the battery in the package, so it's like buying two batteries in order to upgrade. Of course, if you have the money and it is worth it to you, then getting the best battery out there is a good decision.

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