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8 Smart and effective tips for managing your stress

Our hectic modern lives are full of everyday stressors like traffic, a demanding boss or family or financial problems. And it can wreak havoc to our health and cause illnesses like heart disease and depression. So it makes sense to have smart and effective tips for beating that stress. Here we look at 8 such tips:

  • Find the sources of your stress - Finding out what are the causes of your stress will help you to effectively deal with them. So take a dairy and write down exactly what you are stressing about.
  • Find solutions for your stress sources - Take a look at every one of your stressors and try to find solutions for them.
  • Consider taking supplements to support your stressful life - Vitamin B,C and E helps to combat with stress as well as magnesium and calcium.
  • Exercise regularly - Regular exercise one of the best cures for everyday stress. It will also make you feel better, thanks to the feel-good hormone dopamine. To increase your chances of exercise, invest in a home fitness machine like the home fitness treadmill.
  • Make sure that your diet are healthy - A healthy diet will support you and make you less likely to suffer from stress related illnesses.
  • Do regular meditations - Meditation helps to strengthen the nervous system and is also a great way to install a sense of serenity and peace.
  • Take up yoga/Pilates - Yoga and Pilates helps to de-stress and calm the body and the mind. Aim to get at lest one class in a week. Or you can practice at home with a pilates fitness ring.
  • Have a good laugh with family and friends - Laughter really is the best medicine. Make sure that you spend enough quality time with family and friends.

These tips will help you to stress less. Just implement them and see the difference for yourself.

Marriage Trust Problems Can Be Overcome

There are lots of problems that can cause a couple to consider divorce. One of the most common of those problems is broken trust between the spouses. There are many things that can cause trust problems in marriage, but probably the one that damages trust most often is when one or the other of the spouses has an affair. Regardless of whether it was an affair or something else that caused the trust between you to be broken, in order for the marriage to survive, steps must be taken to regain the trust.

You must accept responsibility for the damages that have occurred to your relationship and make changes in your behavior to assure your spouse that it won't happen again. Remember talk is cheap, while you can apologize all day long, your actions need to back up those words. You will have to consistently not only tell your spouse that things will be different but also show them through your actions. This is the only way to prove to your spouse that you do still love them and that you can be trusted again. Don't expect your spouse to instantly forgive you and trust you again.

Destroying trust doesn't take long at all, however rebuilding that trust can take a long time. There are several things that can prolong the amount of time it takes. Trying to justify what you did or denying what you did is the same as denying your responsibility and will drive your spouse further away. Trying to argue with your spouse or being angry with them because they can't instantly trust you again is foolish and disrespectful. Your actions are the reason your spouse doesn't trust you and your actions will have to be the proof that you can once again be trusted.

Broken trust does not always have to mean divorce. A couple whose marriage is damaged by loss of trust can survive the ordeal and go on to have a good relationship. While rebuilding trust takes time, consistent trustworthy action and honest communication will allow trust to be restored.

Using Softball Quotes to Motivate Your Team

If you are the coach, the captain or a player on the softball team, you may be looking for new ways of motivating your team to be the best they can be. Taking advantage of the numerous softball quotes may just be the answer. This type of tool will get everybody pumped up before the game or if things are not going the way you want during the game, you can pull out a quote to get everyone fired up and back on track.

If you browse the Internet, you can find many motivational and inspirational softball quotes from high-profile players of US team or from individuals that have found different words that have inspired the team. Or, when the team seems to be a bit tight and you need that extra something in order to get the win, you may want to pull out a great quote.

Game time is not the only occasion to get your team excited and want to practice just that much more to become a winning team. As the team practices, you may want to provide some inspirational messages as well.

The game of softball is one of the most widely played sports during the summer. There are leagues for men, women and mixed leagues. There are leagues for high school players, and for collegiate players. Many times, a company will have its own team for employees to join in or there are a variety of community teams to become a part of. This can be a highly competitive game, where winning can bring glory to the business or school you may be playing for. It does not matter if you are involved in slow or fastpitch softball, inspiration and leadership is an important part of motivating any team to victory.

Using quotes are a great idea, especially if combined with your own words and ideas. You do not want to let loose a string of quotes without putting your own imprint on your speech. You should also make sure that you keep an upbeat, even when your team loses or is not playing up to the standard you think they should be.

Try not to forget about the crowd, coming up with a team softball slogan can get the fans rallying behind you. These cheers should be upbeat and motivational without being nasty about the other team. The whole idea is to rally the team with the support of the fans. There are websites that have many examples of cheers that you can use. There are some teams that will actually have inspirational quote placed on their softball shirts.

Playing this game is much more than the softball gloves bats, it is an activity based on working together and as a team. The coach should be the motivational leader of the team and should use words of wisdom before, during and after each game. Look on the Internet for some quotes that will fit the personality of your team and begin using them. An unknown author wrote, “Softball: Blood, sweat, and tears, and you still want more”. Have a great softball season!

Awesome Ways To Ruin a Date

Lets talk about some black hat dating advice. Instead of giving out the same predictable dating advice on how to date, lets talk about how to screw it up. The value in going over awesome ways to ruin a date is found in covering what not to do. By covering what not to do, we can avoid one less pit fall. Lets begin.

Arrive late. Really, why should you bother to be on time? They are probobly not that interested in you anyways and nothing says "I don't care" by being late and showing you don't.

After dinner and the bill comes, talk your way out of paying for her. When the waiter drops the bill on the table, let it sit their and see what she does. Wait her out, eventually she may make the first move and pay for the meal.

Be jerk and treat the wait staff like the useless losers they are. Did they forget? Your a paying customer, and as a customer obviously you are infinitely smarter and more superior as a human being.

Call or text message your friends or ex while your out on a date. Just tell the other person "is it ok if I can take this?" Your date needs to know that your also in a long term relationship with your phone, and he/she needs to be reminded of just how unimportant they are. All that matters is you.

Talk about topics that make you seem like a neanderthal. Such favorites include jokes about race, sex, and politics. Be sure to be loud enough so everyone around you can hear your brilliant jokes as well. If you get into a fight, blame the jokes on your date by say he/she put me up to it.

Dress like you were 10 minutes late for an early morning school exam. Make sure you do not shower and definitely pick something dirty out of the hamper you wore two days ago. Also be sure to have stayed up till 3:00 am playing Xbox so you have that nice glazed over/puffy red eye look. Nothing says sexy like "I just woke up".

The Emergency 72 Hour Survival Kit

In this day and age of uncertainty, it would be wise to pay close attention to the boy scouts creed to ‘be prepared’. Every day the news is full of stories of disasters worldwide from hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes and the man made threat of terrorist attacks. Natural disasters have quadrupled in the last two decades for no appreciable reason.

In most cases the victims of these catastrophes are ill prepared and there are casualties that could have been avoided. Many have perished outright but many were left to survive without any resources at their disposal and it is the ones who have prepared that have the best chance for survival.  One of the first steps you can take to prepare yourself for a disaster is to put together or buy a survival pack.

In the developed nations, people tend to be complacent about catastrophes befalling them and would be ill prepared if actually faced with the prospect of taking care of themselves. Hurricane Katrina left hundreds of thousands homeless and left to fend for themselves. Wildfires in California caused the evacuation of a million people and power outages across the Midwest left people with no heat, no light and no way to cook. Most people won’t be faced with a disaster at sea, being lost in the desert or stranded on a snow-capped mountain but for a home front calamity the experts agree that everyone should be prepared with a 72 hour survival kit. The survival kit should be portable, packed in a backpack, duffel bag or a five gallon bucket.

There are certain necessities needed to ensure human survival and the most important is water. Water is heavy to carry and the amount needed in the first 72 hours is dependent on the weather. Water can be packaged in a variety of ways and many commercial packs have individual pouches.

Food is essential to keep up strength and there are many options. The military’ MREs, meals ready to eat, may not be five star but are nutritious and high in calories. Another option is the backpackers meals in a pouch that are easy to prepare and some are quite tasty.

The need for heat is imperative in colder climates and waterproof matches, a small hatchet or heavy knife should be included to cut wood and to light fires for warmth and cooking. Shelter from the elements can be accomplished with a light tarp or a tube tent strung between two trees and a space blanket may ensure your survival.

A power generating flashlight, necessary utensils and a proper first aid kit are necessities and beyond that everyone can personalize their own emergency survival kit.

Treating the symptoms of panic attacks with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Treatment of panic attack symptoms and anxiety disorders are multi pronged. Doctors often prescribe a combination of drugs and medication coupled with other therapies and exercises.  A few of the treatments include meditation and breathing exercises, lifestyle changes to include creative hobbies or learning music etc. Another line of treatment also includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy called CBT in short.

Panic attacks are the response mechanism of the mind to face a challenge which causes stress and the mind perceives that it is unable to meet the challenge successfully. In most of the cases the person or the mind does not rationally perceive the threat or the anxiety causing situation and prepare for a response to meet the challenge. Rather it triggers a panic response. Moreover the mind also pre-empts situations and over reacts to any stimuli that it may perceive to be dangerous where as in reality there may not be a danger. Thus the mental process and physical process of the person gets jammed and causes the panic attack.

Beyond understanding the mechanism of how panic attacks are developed, there is also the area of the behavioral aspect of the mind, its emotional make up and its process of response or reaction to the unpleasant emotions perceived by the self.

Treating the mind to learn to recognize, think about, and educate itself in addition to increasing the awareness of the self to understanding the physical systems and the panic disorder form what is known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  CBT – As the name suggests, cognition therapy involves techniques to help the person comprehend or analyze his thinking patterns and where his process of thinking goes wrong in situations which are unpleasant or causing anxiety and thereby teaching the person to change his thinking pattern in dealing with the situation. Behavioral Therapy involves  helping the person to face and understand the situation. Most of the times it is the fear of the unknown that causes or adds stress to the mind. Exposing one to the fearful situation or going through and facing the situation in a therapy session helps the mind to get over the fear and to learn to face the situation and deal with it effectively.

Are both Cognitive therapy as well as Behavioral therapy both needed as treatment of the symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety attacks? The answer is Yes and No and depends mainly on the kind or nature of problem or the attack. Your therapist would be the right person to discuss what might be the correct solution for your problem.

Both Cognitive therapy as well as Behavioral therapy are conducted in individual sessions as well as group therapy sessions. Again your therapist will be the right person to advise what is best suited to your problem.

Who Pays for a Date?

Dating can be complicated at times so if you don’t want to think too hard about it, have the man pay for the bill when on a date - especially if it’s a first one. In any case he will probably expect to do this anyways since it’s hard to go against traditional gender expectations. But a more solid general rule is the person who asks for the date should be the person who ends up paying for it. Since its most likely to be the man who asks for the date in the first place, these two elements usually correspond with each other. These rules may seem unromantic at first, but knowing them will benefit your dating experience in the long run.

It can be assumed that the man will pay for the check when dating begins. Over time however, it is reasonable to expect that the woman starts to chip in as a well. She should at the very least offer to pay for half of the check as this will demonstrate she is interested in having a healthy partnership with the man. The guy doesn’t necessarily have to accept this offer all the time, but it’s sometimes a good gesture to make to show that the woman is appreciative. So a basic rule you should keep in mind is that if you find one person is paying for all of the dates or dinners all of the time, then the entire relationship is much too one-sided and the other person may not be as interested. It’s sometimes easy to take advantage of someone else’s generosity, but stay clear of doing that if possible. And if your date is your soulmate that is meant to be, the situation will rectify itself without much fuss in the end anyways.

Decades ago dating used to be a lot simpler. People didn’t generally think too much about what the rules of dating were as it was usually expected that the man would pay for a date. Nowadays it can be a lot more complicated since there are different rules for separate situations that may come up. It all might seem to get in the way of discovering true love, but in the real world where money is a major factor, it’s best to be aware of basic dating rules. You can also use these guidelines to see where you stand in a relationship, so always be aware of who is paying and how often.

Hair Systems For Women May Be Purchased Discreetly

Not many people want to announce to the world that they need a hair system for women. Many would prefer to do this quietly and in private, away from anyone other than their closest confidants. By going online, one can find these systems in abundance along with methods of acquiring one without ever leaving home.

Many of the manufacturers and suppliers of these hair replacements have devised ways for an individual to be fitted for a custom one in private. They have kits available that they send directly to you. Each of the kits has samples of the materials the hairpieces are made of along with detailed instructions for their fitting.

By using these kits, the manufacturers have made it possible for a hairpiece to be constructed to fit exactly to you in skin tone and hair color match. This, in turn, makes the hairpiece look as natural as the hair that was lost while it is being worn. Each of the kits also comes with samples of the base material to allow an individual to choose which will be the most comfortable fit to use.

These kits are then used to make a custom hairpiece in no time flat. This also allows the manufacturer to retain all the specifications for them to create replacements on a moment’s notice. This feature is great should the hairpiece an individual chooses become damaged and need immediate replacement.

Many of the manufacturers and suppliers of these also offer an automatic replacement program. This means that they send a new hairpiece to an individual each month on a schedule without the need for placing individual orders every time one is needed. This keeps the hairpiece in use always looking its best and consistent in color and texture, very important for the overall look and longevity of the unit.

Alcohol and Depression

As a recovering alcoholic, if you asked me; which came first, the alcohol or the depression? My answer would be, yes.

That question isn’t so easy to answer. Alcohol depression was something that didn’t manifest in my life until after years of abusive drinking. Drinking alcoholically meant, for me, that I pretty much was numb to most emotional highs and lows. I started drinking in my early teens and I’m not completely sure when I actually became an alcoholic—it doesn’t matter—but at some point I did. As a result, I never really learned how to deal with emotions in a healthy manner.

Later in life, first at the age of 27, when I first realized alcohol was causing real problems I my life, I was able to abstain for alcohol for many years. There’s a saying around recovery that “sober up a horse thief and you still got a horse thief.” This goes along with the idea and concept that drinking is only a symptom of the disease of alcoholism.

When I finally decided to really make a go at recovery, I had to learn to deal with my emotions in a healthy manner. I could no longer count on alcohol to numb the pain. This can be a laborious task and takes hard work, but the results can be a life which is better than any life with alcohol could have ever been.

In my experience, depression from alcohol came from the remorse and lack of control I knew was being caused by my excessive drinking. What made the depression worse was my inability to stop on my own. This made me feel worthless and weak willed which only fueled my depression more. For this alcoholic, to drink is to die since my depression reaches such deep depths of despair as a result of drinking that suicide has often seemed like a logical solution. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. As long as I remain free from drugs and alcohol and continue to grow spiritually and work on a recovery program, my depression is manageable and my life continues to full of wonderful blessings.

How to Prevent Sweating in Your Armpits

It is perfectly natural for humans to sweat under their arm pits, in fact that's just how they are made. It does not really matter whether someone works very hard or not, they will still perspire and need to wear deodorant on a regular basis. While it is a natural bodily function, some people have a problem with excessive sweaty armpits. These people can actually soak through two or three shirts at a time. This problem of excessive sweating is both embarrassing and difficult to cope with for the person  who has the problem. Most people are very desperate to find a cure and a way to stop their over sweating.

Here are a couple of time proven methods, home remedies in fact, that can actually show you how to stop underarm sweating. These methods do not work exactly the same as an antiperspirant works for example, as they do not block the sweat from reaching the skin's surface. That means that you may not see an immediate improvement when using these methods however you should definitely see some improvement after five days to one week.

The apple cider vinegar method: This has proven very effective for many people. Basically, before going to bed at night, put the apple cider vinegar into your armpit. If you have a hair under your arm you should trim it at this point.  Leave the apple cider vinegar on all night. Upon waking in the morning, wash under your arms as you normally would and rinse off the apple cider vinegar. You should begin to see some results within a few days if you use this method.

The baking soda method: You can use baking soda in two ways; either by forming a paste and placing that underneath your armpit, or you could use it together with your regular deodorant. If you're going to make a paste with the baking soda, make it thick enough so that it will stick underneath your armpit. Leave it there for about 30 minutes and then rinse it off. It works much better if you do not have any underarm hair. Again you should start seeing results within a week.

Botox injections: If all else fails, you may need to look into something like this. Botox is injected into your armpit. Although it can be a bit painful at first, you will not need to do it more often than every 4 to 6 months. It seems to be fairly effective, although more research is being done on it.

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