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Is a Digital or Analogue Watch Better

If you are an avid outdoors type who is always out hiking or mountaineering, then you may wonder which is a better sports watch, a digital one or an analogue one. Or you may be looking to buy a gift for just such a person. Whereas someone looking for a stylish watch will often be most interested in how it looks and whether its style matches their own, sportspeople and outdoorsmen are usually much more interested in other attributes The first of these is usually ruggedness and the second is functionality.

When it comes to choosing a tough watch there should in theory be little difference between digital and analogue watches. Both have electronic mechanisms that are pretty reliable and both can be put into tough cases. Unfortunately in practise there often is a difference and this has more to do with price than technology.

The two things that really make a watch stand up to abuse are a tough, water resistant case and a strong scratch-proof face. In general digital watches are perceived as being lower quality and sell for less. This perception is slightly self reinforcing because when making a cheaper watch, a manufacturer usually won’t invest quite as much in quality materials. So for instance a high quality, high cost watch will have a strong crystal face that is resistant to scratching and breaking. A cheaper watch will often use a glass or plastic face that is more easily broken or scratched.

The same is true with cases, a cheaper watch will use a simple steel or resin case whereas a quality watch will use a solid steel one.

When it comes to function there are also some differences. Analogue watches usually have dials that are luminous and can be seen quickly in the dark. Most digital watches, on the other hand, need to be illuminated by an internal light. This means pressing a button. So for many people, especially those who wear gloves against the cold or other similar conditions, may prefer a self illuminating analogue watch.

Wholesale Fashion Jewellery: Business does not Recognize Economic Downturns

Many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the recession by going into the retail drop-shipping business by using wholesale fashion jewellery companies.  It is possible to go online and find many wholesale fashion jewellery companies that will put you in business as a jewellery drop-shipper with pictures to post to your website.  You keep your costs low as a retailer since you do not incur any overhead expenses whatsoever.  Plus you are in the position of private-labeling your jewellery products.  Another benefit for selling wholesale fashion jewellery is the opportunity that it provides you with a way to sell fashion jewellery without acquiring any inventory.

A question you may ask is, “Will I have a customer base especially with the downturn in economy?”  This is a good question and as the title of our article suggests as a retail drop-shipper of wholesale fashion jewellery you should experience no difficulty in selling to an interested buying public--especially selling fashion jewellery online.  The following are reasons why this is essentially true:

  1. Your buying public will receive better pricing since prices as you know are already highly competitive over the net.  Additionally, when purchasing on the Internet the fashion jewelry buyer is not going to need to spend gas driving all over town to make his or her selections.  The convenience of the net is what makes buying at low prices possible.
  2. You buy at wholesale and are in control as to the markup of the retail jewellery selections you offer your customer.  First off wholesale fashion jewellery will not be expensive and secondly since you needn't stock inventory you can easily pass your savings as middleman and facilitator on to your fashion conscious client.
  3. Many persons who sell within the fashion industry know that beauty does not take a backseat even during recessionary times.  Plus wholesale fashion jewellery as well as retail items can nowadays be purchased at very reasonable prices.  In fact it is possible to switch out all of your jewellery selections each season and always stay up to date.
  4. Take a look at drop-shipping retail jewellery items through wholesale jewellery suppliers while times are lean, then when times are better you will be able to make out like a bandit.

Wholesale fashion jewellery suppliers are found all over the Internet.  Do you think everyone knows the ease and non-complexity of becoming involved in the business?  Certainly not!  Then you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity.  You can become a drop-shipper or fashion jewellery retailer by way of your own website and you may continue your marketing efforts through on-line auctions.  There are all kinds of opportunities for fashion jewelry drop-shippers and retailers on the Internet.  The place to start is to find viable sources of wholesale fashion jewellery suppliers.

The Cultural Significance of Nose Studs

Nose piercing is a practice dating back to 1500 BC, and has been performed by many of the world’s cultures, from the Bedouin tribes of the Middle East to the tribes of New Guinea, and many places in between.

Today the Indian culture is most closely associated with nose piercings where most women, particularly Hindu women, have their nose prior to marriage. The left nostril is favored because of the Ayurvedic belief that piercing this nostril will help lessen pain associated with both menstruation and childbirth. Hindu women generally have their noses pierced around age 16 or when they are about to be married – sometimes even the night before the marriage. Because many Indian women do not remove their nose stud jewelry once married, nose piercings have become a sign that a woman is married, much like a ring on the left ring finger does in Western cultures.

Although worn by women in Indian culture, nose rings were worn by men in New Guinean tribes. They wore feathers, pig tusks, and pieces of wood and bone in their septa in order to appear fiercer to their enemies. These nose adornments also symbolized wealth and virility among men. Similar practices were carried out in the Solomon Islands.

Other cultures, such as the Aztecs and Mayans, used septum piercing as bodily adornment as well as to symbolize wealth and the status of nobility. Their nose rings were usually made of gold and jade.

Nose rings have been given as weddings gifts and even exchanged by husbands and wives in some cultures, such as the Berber tribe of Africa and the Bedouin tribes of the Middle East. These rings also symbolized wealth – the larger or more ornate the nose ring, the better. Some cultures still practice the giving and exchanging of nose rings at the time of marriage.

Nose piercing has also been practiced by American Indians, Australian Aborigines, as well as the Incas, the Kuna of Panama, and is still common in Bangladesh, Pakistan and several Arabic and middle Eastern countries.

Runway Model

I would like to share with you more details on modeling, some of which you may find surprising. There are a lot of people who associate modeling only with very tall skinny women. While this may be certainly an advantage in a certain type of modeling, there are a lot of options for almost anyone.

There is fashion modeling, which is what most people have in mind when thinking about modeling. This is about runway events where clothes and beauty products are presented. This is indeed the type of modeling that require quite strict criteria to be met by the runway model. Despite this, there are plenty of girls interested in how to become runway model.

These kind of models should be very tall and thin, according to precise requirements in terms of height and measures. Big eyes and lips also enter into the equation, together with elegant necks and an oval face with symmetric features.This type of modeling is glamorous indeed and very well paid, including runway modeling, but also modeling for top catalogs, magazines and high end show rooms.

Body part modeling is another modeling type. So, as the name suggests, this is about focusing on a certain body part, such as feet, hands or whatever other part of the body. Of course, you need to meet the requirements for that specific part of the body you are modeling. On top, you need to be able o pose nicely, meaning to be able to relax and follow the indications of the photographer exactly.

Then we have commercial modeling, where we have a wide are of jobs included. Here the requirements vary a lot, depending on the kind of look needed in the specific job. So here is the area where there are a lot of opportunities for everyone, as this market is really huge.

There are a lot of options here. You can be asked to model a product or a lifestyle. For example, you can be asked to portray a couple of elderly people enjoying retirement while traveling through Europe. Or corporate modeling, which requires bringing to life a totally different theme, the world of business, with its own specificities.

So you see, there  is more to modeling than staggeringly beautiful tall skinny women. There is an opportunity for almost anyone. And yes, if you have an unusual look, are particularly beautiful and meet stricter requirements, then you should definitely consider a career in modeling. But even if you don’t meet such tough standards, you can have a successful career if you find what best suits you and pursue that path with determination.

Famous Hair Styles For Men and Women

Are you fixing to do something new to your hair and think that you would like to model your new hairdo after someone famous? Over the years there have been a lot of different famous hair styles that celebrities have worn and there are many men and women who would like to emulate those haircuts. Whether you are looking for famous hair styles by celebrities or just for some ideas on the way that you would like to do your own cool hair you will get some ideas that have been made famous by many different people.

One hair style that has been made famous by both men and women is the Mohawk. There are a lot of men who sport this trendy hairdo and some women even find that they look attractive by wearing a spiked Mohawk. There are different things that you can do with a Mohawk such as dye it different colors, wear it flat, or spike it up with hair paste that will make it look very attractive. Many famous rock singers have worn their hair this way to create a pleasing image for their fans.

If you cannot picture yourself wearing a Mohawk then there are many other styles that you can model your hair after. You may find that you are more attractive wearing dread locks, a buzz cut, a layered hair style, or a number of other styles that are popular. There are a lot of famous singers who have made a lot of different hair styles famous.

Famous hair styles do not have to be modeled after singers. There are several famous people who have an influence on the way that people wear their hair. These people include actors, politicians, and sports figures that people look up to. For example, Jennifer Aniston hairstyles are always a favorite. You may notice that you even model your hair after people that you look up to in your life. Whether it is a movie star or a rock singer you may notice that your hair gives off the look of the things that you are interested in.

It can be difficult to decide what you want to do to your hair sometimes. If you have had the same hair style for years then it may be time for you to make a change. Look at the people that have an effect on your daily life and choose from one of the famous hair styles to see what kind of a change it makes in your life.

Ladies Shirt Buying Guide

Most women are known for their impulsive buying traits. Who can resist shopping when there are plenty of items to choose from especially when it comes to garments? That explains why girls usually have a pile of unused clothes in their closet and has them rotten for years because they just bought it on impulse without considering several factors before actually purchasing it.

So what do women usually buy as their staple clothes? Well, it’s none other than the ever flexible and a must have in a girl’s shopping list, a shirt. A shirt that can go anywhere, it’s almost perfect for every occasion, just make sure that you paired it up with the right bottom or accessories and you’re off to go.

Now let me tell you some guides to help you buy the perfect ladies shirt to add up in your collection.

  • Get your exact body measurement especially on the bust and inseam area. It will help you find the perfect shirt that will fit your body.
  • Consider the shirt’s price. While it is known for its versatility, it comes in a cheaper price compared to dresses and other kinds of clothing. However, never compromised the shirt’s quality over its price.
  • Since women come with an infinite variety of skin tones and body shapes, look for a shirt that has plenty of colors to choose from. It will be great if you invest on different shades to match your different moods.
  • Have an eye over the shirt’s style. You may want to check on your body shape as women love to find ladies shirt in a flattering style.
  • Most shirts nowadays have lots of features and not just the usual thing. For instance, there are now anti-microbial added to the shirt’s fabric to keep the wearer feeling and smelling fresh.
  • Note its durability. Check on its double hems to make sure that it will last long.

With these guide, you’ll never have to stock up your t-shirt just because you mistakenly bought it from your favorite store. Start up in being an economic and fashion wise shopper. To find out more about ladies shirts check out ladies shirts online.

Choosing and Purchasing a Pink Diamond

The Australian pink diamond comes from only one source in the world, making it one of the most costly diamond gems on the market. Documentation and examination are not enough to prove authenticity. There are several tips available to assist buyers in choosing and purchasing pink diamonds that are legitimate and of excellent quality.
Learn Color Variation of Pink Diamonds

Find resources available to study the different shades of a pink diamond. Pink diamond shades range from light to dark and includes colors such as, light, dark, deep and vivid. The lighter the pink diamond the less quality of the diamond. Also, discover the hues of pink in a pink diamond. Pink diamonds often have a second color that enriches the gemstone. For example, pink diamonds are known to have an orange, lilac, or brown mixed into the pink. Working with loose pink diamonds will provide a scale to gauge the shades of color within in the diamond.

Choosing Pink Diamonds for Quality and Beauty

Start by picking pink diamonds that get your initial reach action to its color and brilliance. Put aside the ones you like the most for comparison. To examine the clarity of the stones use a magnifying glass and good lighting. You are looking for cracks and anything that subtracts from the diamond beauty and brilliance. Once you find that perfect stone make sure the cut of the stone is just right for the setting you desire. The jeweler will know if the stone can be re-cut to accommodate your needs.

Purchasing a Pink Diamond

It is recommended to never ever purchase pink diamonds online. There are alot of scams online and there are very few authentic pink diamonds available. It is best to purchase a pink diamond from legitimate elite diamond stores where you can speak with an certified gemologist. Once you purchase a diamond in your price range insure it for loss and theft.

Choosing Great Accessories For Every Outfit

So, you have the outfit picked out for that special night out, job interview, or party, but it just doesn’t have that “Wow” factor. What you need are some of this season’s hottest accessories. Accessories can take a plain outfit from bland to glam. And this season, there are more accessories than ever to choose from to add a spark to your wardrobe.

Headbands are one accessory that is hot this year, and so are unique hairpins and clips. Especially popular are the whimsical and heirloom style. These simple pieces can add a feminine and flirty appeal to your overall look. Or, try adding a little color to a neutral wardrobe with a splash of colored jewelry, like a jade bangle bracelet. Adding hints of color brings interest and dimension to your outfit, without overpowering it.

Speaking of dimension, handbags are great way to add texture and depth to your fashion. Today’s handbags come in all shapes, sizes and color, but one extremely popular element found in most styles is dimension. Dimension in handbag design is achieved by adding varying layers, and/or hardware such as buckles, flaps, buttons or pockets. These features create an interesting design element when added to an outfit. However, the more complex the accessory design the more simple your clothing should be, to avoid making the fashion looked overworked.

Skinny belts, silver bangle bracelets, and big sunglasses are some of the trendiest accessories on the market today. And the options go on and on! As a matter fact there are entire warehouses dedicated to just this area of fashion, so finding an accessory is easier than ever! With just a few little pieces you can transform your look. Shop around and you will find some great deals that will add interest to your style and give you the “Wow” factor that your wardrobe needs.

Different Types Of Womens Clothing

A t-shirt has been around for numerous years as a women’s clothing that has achieved an acceptance as a style statement. There is nothing more comfortable than wearing a pair of jeans with a fashionable shirt on top. They come with a lot of unique colors and designs one can choose from. It is also a way of making a statement of what kind of music you like, where you come from, your role models, as well as the causes that you support. T-shirts are popular to both men and women who love casual clothing. Below are some types of women’s t-shirts that are fashionable and some tips to go with it.

One of the most popular t-shirts women wear today is the v-neck. A v-neck shirt will make a woman looks slim and can be worn for either a casual or professional occasion. A white v-neck shirt is one of the more appealing styles for both men and women when you talk about v-necks since it is definitely classy to wear. If you have a heavier bust line the best kind of shirt that you should have is a white shallow v-neck t-shirt.

For younger women, the more popular shirts are the baby doll t-shirts which are a form fitting kind of clothing. Its general characteristics are smaller sleeves, a round neck, and a stretchable tighter fabric to show of your fabulous waist line. They are usually worn as a casual wear and they come in different colors and assorted prints.

A women’s clothing that is more of a sporty kind of shirt is called the ringer t-shirt. It is designed to have ribbed borders sporting a different color around the sleeves and the collar. This is also popular among men and can be worn as an everyday casual wear. The next step you can take to further give you an idea which kind of t-shirt would be more suited for you, you can always check these kinds on the internet and see how they look so that you will know what you will be looking for even before you step outside your house on your way to the shopping mall.

You can get different types of BCBG dresses and womens dresses online.

Attire that Seize Crowd Attention during a Cocktail Party

Preparing for a cocktail party can be a very time consuming task. Selecting suitable clothing is the one of most crucial part of the process. It is very important to look great and beautiful in front of major crowd, especially special guests, colleagues, friends and relatives. Excellent appearance will boost you confidence level thus, making you more comfortable mixing around with people during the event. The good impression on you should last, sometime long after the event is over. Making an effort in dressing properly for a cocktail party show that you respect the occasion, in return you will be respected too.

Some people prefer attire that will grab the attention of everyone attending the event, while most are not. If you are one of them who like to seize the attention of the crowd then you should wear something stunning and eye-catching. Sequin dress is one of the most striking and astonishing dress to be worn to a cocktail party. Its main feature is the glowing and shining color of the ornaments on the dress itself. Many celebrities like to wear sequin dress to informal and formal occasions. It is suitable for many occasions such as cocktail party, award night, wedding and friends gathering.

Sequined dresses come in many different colors and design. However, personally I prefer a knee length red sequin dress when attending a cocktail party. However, a long sequin dress should be a better alternative when you are going to a more formal event such as the company annual dinner. It is a perfect match when couple with diamond earrings and pearl necklace. Red is a very power and amazing color and not many people have the confidence to wear red color attire to a cocktail party. Thus, with red sequin dress you should be the one that will seize attention of the crowd during the cocktail party.

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