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Link Trackers Allow for Better Link Building Campaigns

Link building is important to a webmaster because without it no site can rank well in search engines. When a site can't rank well in search engines, this means less traffic to the site and less money for the webmaster. This is why webmasters spend a lot of time on link building campaigns.

You can launch a link building campaign and get many backlinks from relevant sites of all kinds and even you can pay to get backlinks but all this is gone with the wind, if you don't have the instrument to measure the effect of your link building efforts.

A link building campaign doesn't end with placing your backlink on a relevant site. In the ideal case, when you place a backlink to your site, it stays forever. However, there are also many cases when you place a link and it disappears shortly after that.

You can monitor all your links to see when any of them disappears but this is definitely very counter-productive. A link building campaign costs much, not only in terms of money. You have lost enough time on link building and you are hardly enthusiastic about the idea to lose even more time on link tracking. There must be an easier way to do it. Yes, there is – a link tracker can track all your links without any effort on your side.

A link tracker is a very simple, yet efficient database application, where the data about all your link exchanges is kept. You just input the links and the link tracker regularly monitors if the links are in place. If there is a problem with any backlink, you get notified about it asap.

In addition to the status of your backlinks, a link tracker can report other data, such as the PR of the page where your backlinks come from. It is handy when you can see the PR because this is also valuable information. The PR of the linking page matters because it is not the same if the backlink if from a page with PR0 or PR7 or higher. High PR helps you more.

Link trackers are a must have for any webmaster. Link trackers are not expensive and some of the best, for instance are free. So you have no excuse for not using a link tracker! Try a link tracker and you will see how much more efficient your backlink building efforts are!

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