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Preparing For Summer’s Sizzle

As the months turn towards the heat of summer, I usually start planning my suntanning regiment. You do not want to start too early or you will have leathery skin before the summer's end. But you do not want to start late, either, lest you provide the moon shine on your first outing to the beach or pool.

In recent years I have discovered the healthy and versatile joys of airbrush tanning systems. These great suntanning systems enable me to build a natural, even tan regardless of the weather and no matter what my schedule.

I know you might immediately react with skepticism, as such artificial tans looked, well, obviously artificial in the past. But the ingredients and the equipment have really evolved over the last decade. As long as you are not foolish and impatient with it, you can give yourself a nice rich bronze without damaging your skin too early in the season.

So what does an airbrush tanning solution entail?

Airbrush tanning is all about getting that suntanned look without having to risk the ultra-violet rays from the sun. There are methods for sunless tanning that can be achieved at home using tanning lotions and there are ways to accelerate the effects of the sun on the skin with tan accelerators, but if you want to get your sunless tan with the help of professionals, you will go to the salon for an airbrush tan.

Getting an airbrush tan is a safe and simple procedure and it results in a smooth and even tan that lasts for a few weeks. The sunless tanning product uses a tanning chemical called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is FDA approved and does not penetrate the past the outer layer of skin.

The only risk involved with using a fake tan is that it does not protect the skin from UV rays when you go out into the sun later. The natural inclination might be to believe that because you have had an airbrush tan that your skin will better equipped to withstand the sun but this is not the case and your skin can be damaged as a result if you are not careful. It is essential that you wear a sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun, even after going through an airbrush tanning procedure.

How to get the Healthiest Skin

Although your skin is on the outside of your body, keeping it strong can also be about what you put on the inside as well. Because of this, stay clear of oily and fatty food that may alter your body chemistry for the worse. Also make sure to consume plenty of liquids because this will ensure that your skin stays moist and supple. Your skin is  your largest organ and as such it requires proper nutrition to keep up its appearance in addition to its ability to function at its best. It can be far too easy to take your skin for granted, but you’ll be happy you put effort into skin care when you experience a more clear face that looks and feels great.

Good skin is important for aesthetic reasons and for your overall health as well. For some folks good skin seems to come to them naturally but you might be surprised to find out how much real effort people put into having nice skin. In the end it might all be worth it because clean and clear skin keeps us feeling good about our skin. It’s not all that difficult to maintain great skin if you know how to utilize the right resources. It could just be a case of using the right washing habits, or perhaps a trip to the dermatologist is in order if your question is how to get rid of acne.

When washing your skin you want to make sure never to use very hot water because this will result in drying your skin in the long run. Use a very mild temperature of water to splash on your face, and then build up lather with a good non chemical soap or lotion. Rinse completely until all of the foamy soap suds are gone and make sure to pat dry your skin instead of wiping it vigorously. It’s always essential to rub thoroughly and get all the important areas of your face including your hairline and around the ears. Clearing the pores of your skin will help prevent pimples or even more drastic conditions such as acne scars. When it comes to your skin, it’s always better to prevent possible problems than to deal with complications that arise. But in any case, all it takes is daily maintenance for an improvement in your skin’s appearance.

Can Marriage Counseling Repair Your Relationship?

Marriage counseling is a tool that many struggling couples use to get their relationship back on track. However, too many people view it as the means to an end, and not a useful stepping stone on the way to a healthy marriage that it truly is.

The truth is, even the best marriage counselor can't fix what each partner is unwilling to work on. There is no easy path to restoring trust between two people - this is the first, and most difficult step. Intimacy, attraction, and love will all fall into place when each partner completely trusts the other.

And for some partners in a relationship, who have been brought up in the modern world where "winning" is the most socially valued part of interactions, it can be very difficult to realize that they will have to sacrifice the satisfaction of winning in favor of the long-term health and stability of their marriage. And a successful marriage is its own victory, of course.

Some people who seek out marriage counseling, especially when one partner has had an affair, struggle to accept that both partners have done things wrong in their marriage. It may well be the cheating spouse's fault more, but the point is that if the marriage had been as loving and trusting as it should have been, neither partner would have felt the urge to cheat.

Again, relationship counseling can be viewed as a series of choices that each partner has to decide, between winning in the short-term, which may involve an escalating fight of pettiness and spite and racing to hurt your spouse more than they hurt you, or it can be a path of overcoming resentment and hurt in order to forgive your spouse, forgive yourself, and rekindle the trust and love you have for your partner in order for the two of you to move forward together.

If each partner individually and wholeheartedly makes the commitment to repair a relationship, help from a trusted relationship expert, whether you need Christian marriage counseling or traditional, can be an invaluable resource to speed and strengthen the whole process. On the other hand, counseling will be useless and a messy divorce inevitable if each partner is only looking to "win."

IPL Hair Removal Exposed

IPL hair removal is a fairly new technique to remove unwanted hair that provides great results on a wide range of hair and at reasonably price. Large areas can be treated in little time with no discomfort,  side effects or major contraindications.  Read on to discover some facts about IPL hair removal:

Who is the ideal candidate for IPL hair removal?
The ideal candidate for IPL hair removal is dark haired and light skinned but with the new equipments and a well trained professional that knows how to set it is possible to treat a wide range of hair. Given that, hair with no melanin, such has gray or white hair, cannot be treated effectively.

Is IPL painful?
The treatment is painless. A little discomfort and hot may be experience but it's absolutely tolerable. In fact, Intense pulsed light hair removal is the less painful treatment of all at the moment. There are no side effects, a little reddening may appear and disappear in a few hours.

Is IPL hair removal permanent?
Most of the hair don't regrow because the follicle is damaged by the heat produced by intense pulsed light attracted by melanin. IPL can be permanent; sometimes it is said to be 90% permanent (that is permanent on 90% of the body).

Can I see results immediately after a session?
Some hair don't fall immediately when treated and it even may seem they're actually growing. This is because the epidermis renewing is pushing it out. In 1-3 weeks the epidermis will push the hair completely out and make it fall.

Why do I need multiple sessions?
Hair go through a life cycle and only hair in the growing (anagen) phase can be treated. That's why multiple sessions are needed. Typically you will need for an area 6 sessions, 2 to 8 weeks apart to give the hair time to enter the growing phase again. Each session lasts from 15 to 60 minutes. Before the treatment the staff must talk to the patient and explain exactly what is the procedure like and which results may be achieved.

Source: IPL Hair Removal Guide

Choosing the Best Anti Wrinkle Products

When it comes to wrinkles, choosing the best anti wrinkle products can be difficult. You do not want to waste your money on items that do not work, but how do you know what works and what does not? You cannot always believe advertisements, as many of them stretch and manipulate the truth. So how do you know what to choose?

A great way to figure out what products work the best is to read reviews of actual people who have used the products. This does not mean going on the product's website and reading the testimonials there, as those will be controlled and only the best comments will be shown. Instead, you need to find sites that are not affiliated with the items you are looking into and read reviews there.

A good place to begin is a website like Amazon. Found at, Amazon sells many different products and allows customers to review the items. The reviews are easily organized by number of stars, and you can see the average number of stars the item got, as well as read exactly what each starred review says. You can choose to just read the 5 star reviews, or focus on the one star reviews, or you can just peruse them all. It is a great way to get a feel for the items and compare things like prices and effectiveness.

Consumer Reports is another great way to get impartial information. It is a magazine, as well as a website, that reviews products and reports back with unbiased information. Because of their commitment to being open and honest, as well as their dedication to testing the products thoroughly, you can be sure you are getting helpful information from them.

Another thing you can do is go on an internet forum and post a thread asking people to give you suggestions. For example, you can post a thread asking people's opinions on the best anti wrinkle eye cream, and you are likely to get lots of responses. Just be aware that some people who respond actually sell the product they are talking up, so be wary of those who suggest you get in touch with them to purchase an item.

When buying a wrinkle reducing product, there are a few things you should look for in addition to its effectiveness. You want to make sure it goes on smoothly and comfortably, and does not feel greasy. You want to be sure the ingredients are high quality. Avoid anything that causes skin irritation in a number of people. If you follow this advice, and do your research carefully, you should end up with a great skin cream that you are quite happy with.

5 Creative Ways to Motivate People to Meet Project Deadlines

Projects that require the assistance of others can be some of the most difficult to successfully complete. This is because when you utilize the help of others, in a sense, you’re putting some of the control into their hands. As such, if they don’t come through, and do what it is you need them to do, your project efforts will fail. Because your team is your best recourses when it comes to completing a project, keeping them motivated is a must. Here are 5 creative ways to motivate people to do their part, and meet those project deadlines.

Set milestones
It’s a safe bet to assume that everyone has reached a desired milestone at one point in their lives. Graduating high school or college, getting that new car, losing those last five pounds. No matter how big or little the milestone was, the sense of accomplishment was no doubt fulfilling. Map out and set milestones at the beginning of your project that your team can relate to, and take pride in them when they are reached.

Tell your team you appreciate their efforts
It’s never a wise thing to assume your team knows that you are happy with their performance. People want to know that you know their efforts, no matter how small or large, are recognized by their project manager. Take the time to verbally acknowledge the efforts and dedication of your team as each leg of the project unfolds.

Share a meal together
When people share a meal together a sense of unity is created. Conversations that otherwise wouldn’t have taken place, do. Food has a way of putting people on the same page, and opens doors to better communication. Eat your lunch in the lunchroom with your team members or you could even order pizza and treat them all to lunch.

Embrace their creativity
While it may not be realistic with every project, if the project you’re managing is one that may be compatible with creative input from the team, invite them to share their ideas. When their creative juices start to flow you’d be surprised how motivated they’ll become.

Give them an incentive they just can’t refuse
Everyone has different needs so one incentive may not be as motivational to a team member as it is to another. That’s no problem, though. There are some incentives that are usually motivational to everyone. Who wouldn’t like getting a raise? How about 4 hours of paid personal time or even a full paid personal day? Maybe a one-time additional contribution to their retirement fund would do the trick. Get your own creative juices flowing, and come up with an incentive that will motivate your team to do their best to meet the pending deadline.

Some project managers have chosen to ask each team player individually what they would like to receive as a reward for completing a project on time. This is not a bad idea, but be careful. You could end up creating feelings of jealousy among the members of your team which will only backfire on you. You could even ask them what they would like to get, and let them all know that you intend to try and meet a specific need of each one of them. This way everyone knows you aren’t playing favorites.

Trudi Buck writes about how to look for an online masters in project management.

Damaged Hair Repair

It doesn't matter if you wear your hair long, short or somewhere in between, healthy hair is always attractive. You can repair moderately to severely damaged hair by adopting a few basic rules and getting rid of the bad habits that caused the damage in the first place. Follow the steps below and you'll see results quickly, and after a few weeks to months, depending on the severity of your damage, you can restore your hair to its former natural beauty.

Trim Your Split Ends
The first step towards repairing damaged hair is getting a trim. Cutting off those dry, frizzy split-ends will prevent damage to the rest of your hair. Regardless of any product's claim, nothing can repair a split end. Get rid of it before the hair shaft continues to split and causes even worse damage. Have your hair trimmed once every six weeks for the best results.

Use the Right Shampoo
Harsh chemically-laden shampoo do more harm than good, as they strip the natural oils from your hair and leave behind a residue that prevents the hair from retaining moisture. Use mild, gentle, natural shampoo to nourish and moisturize the hair. Aloe vera shampoo is especially effective, even for severely damaged hair, when used regularly. If you must use a store-bought brand, make sure it's formulated specifically for dry/damaged hair or better yet, use baby shampoo, as it's less drying.

Shampoo Less Frequently
Washing the hair too much causes dryness and damage, as the natural oils secreted by the sebaceous glands aren't allowed to moisturize the hair as nature intended. For the best results, don't wash your hair more than three times per week and use one of the shampoos listed above.

Avoid Heated Hair Appliances
Blow-dryers, curling irons, hot rollers and flat irons are enemies of healthy hair. The direct, concentrated, dry heat they produce devastates the hair shaft and causes serious damage over time. If you must use a blow-dryer, use it on low heat and keep it moving constantly. Otherwise, avoid these appliances at all costs.

Avoid Chemical Processes
Chemical hair dyes, perms and relaxers also damage the hair by lifting the outer cuticle, which normally protects the hair. Use natural hair dyes if you feel you must color your hair, and avoid perms and relaxers completely if you want to achieve damaged hair repair. These products are a direct threat to the health of your locks.

Apply Hot Oil Treatments

One of the best things you can do as part of your damaged hair treatment is to apply hot oil packs to the hair, as they nourish and moisturize while adding essential protein. Almost any vegetable-based oil will work, though olive, safflower, corn, wheat germ and avocado work best. Simply warm, apply evenly throughout the hair, cover with plastic and a warm towel, allow to remain 30 minutes, and then rinse clean. Mayonnaise can be used in a similar fashion and yields similar results on damaged hair. For the best results, repeat once every week or two as needed.

Electronic Cigarette- Eco-firendly and healthier way of smoking

The invention of electronic cigarette which is also known as e-cigarette has proved to be one of the best devices for the smokers as it is not injurious to the smoker’s health. It consists of very less amount of chemical nicotine with no tobacco. The basic ingredients consist of glycerin, nicotine, some flavors and nicotine.  

This new concept came into the market for those smokers who want to quit smoking and also for those who want to experience smoking but not at the cost of their health. The e-cigarette is almost similar to smoking the actual cigarette but is eco-friendly as it does not generate fire, no ash, no tar, no carbon monoxide. So that seems to be good news for the smoke lovers.

One of the major benefits of e-cigarette is that it helps to reduce or even at times quit smoking. It gives you the feel of the traditional cigarettes. The basic components of smokeless cigarette are a heating element, electronic circuits, mouthpiece and a rechargeable battery.
As mentioned earlier, the taste, appearance and feel of these smokeless cigarettes are like the old cigarettes but they function very differently. This eco-friendly cigarette does not generate smoke but when the smoker inhale e-cigarette, the flow censor gets activated which emits water vapor consisting of propylene glycol, a scent and nicotine which develops the flavor of tobacco. In short, these cigarettes generate nicotine but at the same time avoid the chances of causing cancer.

A nicotine cartridge offers the smokers various strengths keeping into mind the smokers smoking capacity. Gamucci electronic cigarette comes in full, half and minimal strength. This is best for those people who want to quit smoking as firstly the users gets the nicotine hit much faster and secondly, the users always miss the sense of inhaling smoke from the cylindrical object.

This new invention also kept into mind the users pocket as its cost-effective. Initially it might b expensive but if the smoker thinks of a long run it seems to is quite money saving.

Airbrushing Makeup: How To and Advice

If you want your face to have the same flawless quality as the face of a model, then you should learn about the benefits that come from using airbrush makeup. During the application of this makeup, you must hold the airbrush wand in the same way that you would hold a pen.

The entire "brushing" process requires completion of at least three steps. A coating of the face with foundation represents the first step. The foundation should cause the skin to appear fresh, vibrant and luminous.

The second step calls for application of the blush. Like the foundation, the this particular cosmetic is stored in an airbrush wand. When brushed onto the face, the blush allows the skin to come alive. It prepares the made up visage for receipt of treatment with the highlighter.

The highlighter manages to enhance the effect of the blush. The woman who is applying this enhancing "face paint" must choose what facial feature she wants to highlight.  In a posted comment on, cosmetic expert Jenai Chin suggests placement of highlights around the eyes. That ancient Asian makeup trick once allowed the Persian women to enrapture the fighters in the army of Alexander the Great. The eyes of one woman were so beautiful that they invited romantic gestures from Alexander himself.

Today, some women prefer to rely on body art, when they want to get noticed by a member of the opposite sex. A woman who wants to decorate her skin with body art should do so during the application of the highlighter.

A woman who is a perfectionist might want to add one more step to the entire makeup process. She might want to use some retouch powder on her newly highlighted visage. The act of "perfecting" a face with powder does not require an airbrush. At this point, a woman can create a "perfection" through deft use of a traditional makeup brush.

Learning Spanish: Are Audio-Based Or Traditional Programs Best?

The Spanish language, like all languages, has changed a lot over the years.  Likewise, methods of learning a language have evolved as well.  For instance, the Pimsleur approach has completely revolutionized language learning in the past 20 years.  But are the new methods really superior enough to the old kill-drill-approach used by our parents and grandparents to justify the expense of these new programs?

Audio-Based Approach

The Pimsleur system is not a cheap one.  The price for all 3 levels new is over $600 and even used, you'll pay upwards of $120 per level.  Is it worth the price?  Pretty much any Pimsleur spanish review you'll find online agree that it is, and I am mostly in agreement.

The reason I believe expensive programs like Pimsleur are worth the price is because audio-based learning aides are quite simply more interesting and more fun to use for most people.  You feel like you're always learning something new and get a sense of instant accomplishment when you master a short four sentence  conversation.  With traditional kill-and-drill approaches, you don't get that same sense of accomplishment since most such programs don't "put it all together," so to speak...or at least not until the end of a lengthy grammatical unit.

And since less frustration leads to more satisfaction, Spanish learners are far more likely to stick with an audio-based program like Pimsleur than a more traditional program.

The Traditional Approach

Traditionally, students of Spanish have memorized grammar rules, vocabulary lists, conjugated endless verb lists, and just had an all-around miserable time.  Consequently, only the most dedicated students got anywhere near something approaching a workable fluency.  What's more, the vast majority of students using these methods probably couldn't even order a pizza in their target language.

What gives?  It's not that these methods aren't effective:  to the contrary, the FSI curriculum has proven they can be very effective if diligently followed.  Those last three words are key:  if diligently followed.  The fact is, unless you have a very good motivation for learning Spanish (a new job in a Spanish-speaking country, a Spanish girlfriend, etc) you probably aren't going to stick with it long enough to see much success.

So yes, if you don't have much money you can absolutely learn Spanish using either method.  But I believe for most learners and on average, the more expensive audio-based programs are more than worth the money.

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