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Dyson Pet Clean Up Accessory Kit

Whether you own a pet or simply need a great accessory set that will help clean the smaller, tighter spots in the house, the Dyson Pet Clean-Up Accessory Kit will prove to be incredibly useful for keeping the home looking tidy. The small attachments that come with the kit will enable you to get into tight corners and the bristles on the brush attachment will allow you to work the carpet cleaning powder deeply into the carpet.

It is a product that has been released by Dyson so it is designed to be used with the outstanding Dyson upright or cannister vacuums, both of which are outstanding cleaning products in their own right.

This product has been released by Dyson with a recommended retail price of $99.00 but it is possible to buy it online from stores such as Amazon for less than half that. At the moment, and who knows how long it is going to last, Amazon are offering this kit with free shipping as well, making it substantially cheaper than anywhere else I have seen online. Anyone looking for a great deal or a bargain should snap this one up.

Take a look on Amazon for more details about the kit and read some of the customer reviews.

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Product Details

1 x 26.5oz Zorb carpet cleaner
1 x 8.5fl oz Dyzolv spot cleaner
A Zorb Groomer tool
A Mattress tool
A Flexi crevice tool

The persistent presence of animal hair is one of the few downsides to owning a family pet, particularly if you, members of your family or friends suffer from allergies. In the normal course of events it seems that no matter how diligent you are with the cleaning and vacuuming there is always a spot or two that manages to capture the small hair and fur fibres.

Dyson has brought out a cleaning kit that contains attachments and cleaning agents that will provide you with everything you need to get into all sorts of small cracks and crevices. It is a handy cleaning kit that has been designed to pick up smaller dust and fibres that become firmly attached to cushions, bedspreads, mattresses and sofas.

The flexi crevice tool will allow you to extend the cleaning wand further into the hard to reach places such as down under the lounge chair cushions.

The accompanying attachments will quickly attach to the hose or wand of your upright and canister Dyson vacuum cleaner making it simple to set up and use.

Adding Mirrored Accent Furniture to the Bedroom

Decorating the bedroom can be a lot of fun and at the same time challenging, because it is an important room in the house and you want it to carry the right feel of intimacy and privacy. The use of mirrored accent furniture can really help open up the space of a bedroom, as well as add a bit of an exotic feel by positioning the mirror to show off an odd or interesting angle in the bedroom. Picking out the perfect piece can be hard, as well as deciding on how many pieces you should get for your sanctuary.

One thing to consider is the use of candles and mirrors. The flickering candle reflected off one or more mirrors can really add to the calming effect in a room. Candles also go with more any room décor and can easily be added for a special evening. The same can be said about sunlight. While directly reflecting the sun would not be preferred, you can use mirrors to bring light to portions of a room that would otherwise remain dark.

There are dozens of choices when it comes to what furniture you can get with a mirror. The most common are headboards, dressers, and full-length freestanding mirrors. You can also look at mirrored furniture like the table or small writing desk. The options are really limitless and you can even find some more exotic choices like an armoire with a mirrored front. Once you’ve decided on the style that you will use in your bedroom, you can decide what piece will be mirrored and then find one that matches perfectly with what else you have planned.

Deciding to add mirrored accent furniture to your bedroom is a great step towards creating a truly relaxing and enjoyable environment. You will find that the room feels larger and in many cases brighter during the day. There is a type of mirrored furniture no matter what type of theme you’ve chosen for your bedroom. The best thing about mirrored furniture is that you can angle it in different ways to completely change the look of a room.

Folding Guest Beds Comfortable, Affordable, And Convenient

A folding guest bed can offer comfort, convenience, and a flexible alternative to expensive beds that take up a lot of space. A folding bed is great for overnight guests and turns any room into a guest room. Find a folding bed for sale from the range of folding beds displayed here. It is possible to buy a low cost folding bed by choosing one of the selected beds displayed below and clicking through to get more information and customer reviews.

Folding Beds For Sale

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A fold up guest bed can easily be stored under a bed, inside a closet, or in a garage until it is needed. They are lightweight and designed to be quick to unfold making them very portable. Folding guest beds are a must have for any household.

Folding beds are such high quality they are fantastic for sleepovers and camping trips. A folding guest bed mattress is a great replacement for uncomfortable sleeping bags and airbeds that leave people stiff and sore. Ouch!

Not only are folding guest beds good for occasional use they are an affordable alternative to buying expensive children’s furniture that kids outgrow. Parents and kids can have fun designing a room using folding beds.

Folding guest beds continue to rise in popularity because they are the best choice when you have limited space to work with. They are a perfect alternative for people that do not have an extra fitted bedroom for guests. Folding beds are usually available in small, medium, and large sizes.

This makes a folding bed a terrific alternative to paying a high price for a traditional bed. Especially for renters or people on the go that need a bed that is portable and flexible to their needs. Many people use folding guest beds are their regular bed. The quality is outstanding and people have blogged that a folding bed has helped reduce back pain because of the design.

The best place to start looking for folding guest beds is online. You can read customer reviews on a wide range of folding guest beds. You can compare prices with the click of a button. Folding beds are nothing like old fashion camp cots. Fold up guest beds are chic, affordable, comfortable and durable.

Browse the Internet for online sellers that offer a variety folding guest beds. When space is an issue or you regularly have relatives or friends staying with you invest in folding beds. If you have young children and want to design a cool room for them without spending a fortune on a kids bed then a folding bed is a smart choice. If you are a renter a folding bed is a practical choice for comfort and it is to move to your next place.

Buying and Caring For Your Wooden Kitchen Bar Stools

There are a number of different types of wooden kitchen barstools available to buy that you can choose to match decor as diverse as the most traditional rustic appearance to the more modern casual elegance.

Wooden Kitchen Bar Stools For Sale

The plain wooden kitchen bar stools may not sound very exciting but the simple lines and fine wood grain makes these bar stools a great option for the kitchen. Take a look at the different types of wooden kitchen bar stools for sale below. There will also be an opportunity to view a complete list of wooden bar stools for sale.

The first bar stools available for sale is a pair of cherry finish kitchen bar stools sitting 24” tall. These bar stools are solidly constructed and will prove to be very comfortable for sitting and relaxing at the kitchen counter.

Very similar is the natural finish of this pair of 29” kitchen bar stools. The natural wood finish means that these bar stools will look lighter but you will be able to enjoy the grain features of the wood.

For a softer and even more comfortable seat try this cherry wooden swivel bar stool with a leather cushion.

View all wooden kitchen bar stools for sale

Saddle Back Kitchen Bar Stools For Sale

The majority of saddle back bar stools will be available in a plain wooden finish. The seat itself is concave in design to accommodate the contour of your body. These seats are remarkably comfortable and you can make them even more comfortable by buying cushioned saddle back bar stools if you would prefer.

Take a look at the selection of saddle back bar stools for sale from the selection displayed below. These bar stools include classic designs such as the stylish Winsome saddle seat bar stool. This bar stool is 24 inches in height and is sturdy and steady, two very important factors in a quality bar stool.

Winsome Wood 29-Inch Saddle Seat Bar Stool, Black Winsome Wood 29-Inch Saddle Seat Bar Stool, Black

List Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $33.50
You save: $6.49 (16%)


Read more reviews here

As mentioned, it is also possible to buy cushioned saddle back bar stools such as the stools available for sale below. These bar stools measure 29” high and are a beautiful dark espresso color but what sets them apart from other saddle back bar stools is the inclusion of thick, comfortable cushions.

2 29" Saddle Back Espresso Bar Stools Espresso Seat Cherry Legs 2 29" Saddle Back Espresso Bar Stools Espresso Seat Cherry Legs
Sale Price: $84.88
  Eligible for free shipping!

Read reviews here

For the ultimate in luxury when it comes to kitchen counter saddle back bar stools you could try the pair of Winsome wooden and upholstered counter bar stools. These bar stools are 24” high and come with foot rests for added stability and support.

View a full list of wooden saddle back bar stools for sale

High Back Swivel Bar Stools For Sale

You don’t necessarily have to sit without a place to lean back against just because you are at the kitchen counter. Kitchen bar stools are also available as high backed swivel bar stools and provide you with the comfort and support of a chair while seated at the kitchen counter. Take a look at the following three wooden swivel bar stools for some great buying ideas.

This leather wooden woven back swivel bar stool is a very stylish option giving you the comfort of an armchair at the counter. The stool stands 29” high with foot rests to ensure you are seated comfortably. The seat cushion is leather and the high back is woven for a gorgeous look.

Modern Square PU Leather Adjustable Bar Stools With Back,Set of 2,Counter Height Swivel Stool by Leopard (Black) Modern Square PU Leather Adjustable Bar Stools With Back,Set of 2,Counter Height Swivel Stool by Leopard (Black)
List Price: $109.99
Sale Price: $79.99
You save: $30.00 (27%)


Leopard Modern Style Adjustable Hydraulic Swivel Bar Stool, Set of 2 (Black) Features:Adjustable swivel bar stool in black with chrome baseMade of high duty chrome, foam and leatherQuilted design covering for providing a contemporary chic design Constructed with a footrest for bringing comfort sitting experienceBuilt in swivel seatHeight adjustable seat with air liftSold in 2 PCSDimension: 16" W x 15" D x 21...

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Challiman Bar Stool - Counter Height - Set of 2 - Rustic Brown Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Challiman Bar Stool - Counter Height - Set of 2 - Rustic Brown
List Price: $195.04
Sale Price: $75.98
You save: $119.06 (61%)


Rustic in feel with modern appeal, this timeless counter height barstool is styled with fascinating flair. Veneered plank table surface serves up cool distressed character. Sculptural legs punctuated by L-shape feet form the industrial-inspired base.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Pinnadel Swivel Bar Stool - Pub Height - Light Brown Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Pinnadel Swivel Bar Stool - Pub Height - Light Brown
List Price: $169.00
Sale Price: $91.19
You save: $77.81 (46%)


TThis pub height bar stool serves a sense of refinement without all the formality. A 180-degree spin element keeps you in the flow of conversation, while faux leather upholstered seating incorporates comfort and easy cleanup.

Homall Bar Stools Swivel Black Bonded Leather Barstool Adjustable Hydraulic Bar Stool, Set of 2 Homall Bar Stools Swivel Black Bonded Leather Barstool Adjustable Hydraulic Bar Stool, Set of 2
Sale Price: $64.99


Homall Bar Stools,which will perfectly decor your living room and also add an contemporary touch to your office, bar or restaurant. In addition,it is an ideal solution when you have guests over for drinks or dinner...

Black 2 PU Leather Modern Adjustable Swivel Barstools Hydraulic Chair Bar Stools Black 2 PU Leather Modern Adjustable Swivel Barstools Hydraulic Chair Bar Stools
List Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $69.48
You save: $10.51 (13%)


The BestOffice 2 Piece Bar Stool Set adds a classic element to the kitchen, bar, game room, basement, or shop. These bar stools have a style reminiscent of the days of diners and drive-ins, vinyl seats for a hint of classic vintage design...

View a full list of wooden high back swivel bar stools for sale

Wooden Bar Stool Care

Kitchens can be decorated in a huge range of different styles. Wooden kitchen bar stools can add a bit of warmth and character to the room. These also come in a huge variety of different styles and finishes. They are also really easy to keep clean and looking at their best.

If you want to keep your wooden stools looking at their best, you will want to quickly wipe off any spillages so that the wood doesn't become stained. A damp cloth will be more than enough in most cases. You don't want to get the wood too wet as it there is a possibility of the wood becoming warped or split.

If the wooden bar stools you have are finished in polyurethane this will help to protect the wood from most spillages. Some wooden stools come finished in a stain or varnish, these will need some extra care. Be sure to keep your stools clean and polished. This will help to stop dirt and debris building up in hard to reach places. If you use your kitchen as you should then your stools will be exposed to grease from cooking, so a weekly clean with a wood cleaner will keep them looking their best.

Use your wood cleaner with a clean soft cloth. You might want to wear a pair of gloves to protect your skin, and also put some old newspaper on the floor to keep it from being stained. Start by rubbing in a circular motion and remove the dirt and grease. If the stool has carved or ornate areas you need to pay special attention to these as the dirt can build up in these areas. Once your bar stools are clean and looking great, a wood conditioner will feed the wood and protect it from ageing. Doing this once a month will keep your stools looking in tip top condition.

Benefits Of A Wood Closet Organizer

If you have been thinking about buying a wood closet organizer so that you will be able to straighten up the way your closet looks then there are some things to know about before you buy one. Closet organizers made from wood are the most expensive types that can be bought; hence, getting to buy one needs some due diligence to be able to ensure that you have made a well-informed decision.

When you are busy and always on the go there is not much time to stop and think about the way your closet looks. Oftentimes it is easier to clean up your bedroom by just stuffing everything in the closet and forgetting about it until a later time. However, when you finally do get time to look into your closet chances are there is a big mess waiting for you, and at a certain point you will not be able to find anything quickly or even not at all. This actually the scenario you would want to avoid at all cost. Being so, a closet organizer system would be your best solution. Being so, you will want to make sure that you take advantage of all of the benefits that are offered with a closet organizer.

The main benefit in using a wooden closet organizer is being able to find the clothes, gears, and accessories that you want to wear or use rather quickly and without much huffing and sifting. You will also be able to use the shelves and drawers that are a part of the organizer to hang your clothes up neatly and keep them separated. You will also be able to put the accessories and other things that you have in your closet in the drawers so that you can find them when you need them especially during the rush hours. Another benefit which a wood closet organizer system can bring is that your closet space will get to possess a wholesome elegant look which you can be proud to show off to others. In fact, most luxury closets are made from wood.

Generally, there are a lot of other benefits that you will be able to receive when you buy a wood closet organizer. When you get tired of looking at the huge mess and want to do something about it and provided that you have the budget then this is the best solution for you to use.

Where to Buy Replacement Sunbrella Patio Cushions

Did you used to have a set of Sunbrella cushions that you really liked until they wore out on you? If you really liked them and want to be able to replace them then you will be able to find a set that will work great as a replacement. It may be a little bit hard for you to locate the same set that you had before when you are shopping in a retail department or furniture store, but there is somewhere that you will be able to shop that will offer you a huge selection of patio cushions so you will be able to find those Sunbrella cushions that you are looking for.

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These cushions are not only plush but they are also vibrant and you will have the choice of a huge range of colors and designs to ensure that you will be getting the most out of your outdoor setting.

When you shop on the internet you will be able to find exactly the set of patio furniture cushions that you are looking for. You will not have to worry about running around to all of the retail stores in your area try to find the replacement cushions that you are looking for. When you shop at an online store you will be able to quickly and easily locate the patio cushions that you are looking for, make your purchase, and have them shipped right to your doorstep so that you can start using them.

When you are trying to find a set of Sunbrella patio cushions to replace the set that you used to have that you liked so much you will want to look on the internet. The stock is constantly changing in the retail stores that you shop in, so you will find it very hard to locate the set that you are looking for. If you want to be able to find the set that you are looking for then you will be able to find it or one that is close by shopping at an online store that sells patio cushions.

Glass Desk – The Unorthodox Presentation of Elegance and Beauty

It has been a tradition to have a wooden desk inside the house for having it as a study desk or a medium for televisions and entertainment showcase. It never failed to project a classic look inside and outside the house. But for individuals who are looking for something new and something different to look at then a glass desk is a must see and must have furniture inside the house. With its latest look and transparency, it will always arouse your house or office with the needed glow and unconventionality. With its metallic support and thick glass support, you will never worry if it is sturdy enough to support your equipment such as your computer set – the glass computer desk is a perfect testimony to the sturdiness and the heaviness of support it can provide. It not only supports the monitor of the computer but it can go as far as giving support for the rest of the hardware set. It will really leave you astounded once you see this piece of art installed in one of your rooms.

The structure or skeletal framework is usually made out of metals and supported by rubbers for the attachment of the glass that serves as the desk. The framework usually is presented in different ways if the purpose is to support a computer set. The arms will typically have the screws on it making sure that the stability of the whole package will last longer if not forever. As for the glass, it is always presented as thick and transparent for the steadiness and exquisiteness it provides for the whole family. It is also used as a divider or a partition in the desk so that you can have enough space to place your important documents.

In general, the glass desk is perfect as furniture for the house or as a formal desk for the CEO or the president of the company. It will always give that impression of being a respected person in the context of working. It will allow you to separate yourself from the ordinary to the unique and different.

Basic Oak Bar Stool Information

There is no need to worry about how difficult it can be to pick the right set of bar stools for your home.  The key is making sure you do your home work and find out all of the important information you will need about each material you are looking at.  This post explains all the basic information you will need about oak bar stools, and why they can be such a popular choice for many different areas of your home.

Oak bar stools are more durable than other styles of wooden bar seating because they are a hardwood.  The strength and durability of this wood add extra value, and make them a great option for people with families and people that like to entertain.  Cheaper woods like pine are going to be much less durable, and are not always the best option for people whose furniture is going to take a little bit of a beating.

Oak is also going to be a little bit lighter in color naturally than woods like walnut, ebony, mahogany, and even cherry.  The light wood makes it perfect for situations where you want a little lighter color.  The grain of the wood is also very beautiful, meaning you are going to want to do your best to showcase the natural elements of the wood.  What's the point of having a great looking wooden bar stool if you're not going to show it off?

You do have limited options when purchasing an oak bar stool when it comes to color options.  This is ok because you never want to paint hardwoods like oak.  You are going to want to add a few coats of stain to protect the wood, color the wood slightly, and enhance the natural beauty.  Oak stain is normally a little lighter, and under no circumstances do I recommend painting oak a color like red, white, or green.  If you are going to paint wood, paint something cheap like pine.

These are just some of the basic things you should know about oak bar stools, and by knowing them, you should be able to make a well informed decision next time you are in the market for some new bar seating.

Shopping Tips for a Cheap Memory Foam Mattress

If you are like most shoppers, you are hunting for a bargain and even in the ultra comfortable visco elastic mattresses you can find reasonably priced memory foam mattresses. However you do need to be sure that the mattress you purchase is suitable for you and your comfort. Otherwise, that cheap memory foam mattress will be discarded and nothing but an expensive memory all too soon.

Here are some shopping tips to help you find a cheap mattress:

* Compare prices and brands before deciding. This is usual in any shopping but essential with cheap memory foam mattresses. It should be an “apples to apples” type of comparison, in other words the density of the memory foam mattress should be the same and the thickness. More materials make for a more expensive mattress but also more comfort.

* At a minimum the memory foam mattress you select should be at least 2 inches thick and of a density of 3 lbs. A lower density memory foam mattress will not give you the support and flexibility and you will end up most likely sleeping on the support not the memory foam.

* Check the warranty of the cheap memory foam mattress. These mattresses can last from 10 to 20 years. However, if the warranty is less then, the mattress may not last that long. It could be a double investment.

* If you are finding the prices of even the cheapest memory foam mattress too high for you, then consider a mattress topper of memory foam. The problem here is that you will get half the life on the memory foam mattress and if you’re current mattress is worn out or lumpy then it is not a good choice at all, as your basic mattress must be in good shape for you to get the real use from a memory foam mattress topper.

The memory foam mattress is a real step up in comfort for almost everyone that uses them but, only if you select one that is right for you.

How to Make Roman Blinds: A Quick and Easy Guide for DIY’ers

Coming up with a beautifully crafted roman blind is not as difficult as you think it is. In fact, you just have to follow simple 'how to make roman blinds’ steps to fully accomplish the task. The truth is, creating roman blinds on your own is quite easy as long as you are equipped with the proper materials and the know-how. Regardless of the purpose as to why you decided to create your own roman blinds, their addition will surely offer a stylish covering for your dull-looking windows.

To help you get started, here are the steps in making roman blinds by yourself. Deciding to create the blinds on your own will definitely provide you with greater savings.

Above anything else, it is important that you get the precise measurement of the windows where you intend to install the roman blinds. This is extremely important to ascertain that the blinds will fit perfectly into the window where they will be installed in. Decide whether you want to install the blinds inside or outside the window frame so you’ll get the correct measurements. Make adjustments as necessary to ensure that the roman blinds would be able to fully cover the window.

When all the needed measurements have been acquired, you now have to figure out how you would want the blinds to look. Are you aiming for patterned roman blinds or the simple ones will do? Be sure that the blinds that you will be making will coordinate well with the surrounding décor and existing theme of the room. For instance, if the room features a contemporary theme, you have to also create roman blinds that will go well with a modern look. Fortunately, there are a handful of beautiful fabrics that you can use to make roman blinds. It would be best if you put all your thoughts and ideas into writing so you’ll have a guide when you start with the actual blind creation.

Once you have everything planned out, you may now begin gathering the materials needed to accomplish the task at hand. If you are having a hard time devising your own plan, you can just surf online and find detailed guides or ideas on how to make roman blinds on your own.

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