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Rookie Football Cards For The Entire Family

When it comes to collecting football cards it is hard to not think of the good old days.  Back in the early days of collecting cards it was a child’s game, born mostly out of boys’ love of sports.  Much like baseball cards it was a rite of passage for the pre teen years of boys everywhere to collect their favorite players and some even attempted to make a few bucks in the process.  Today the game has changed considerably.  Gone are the days of cheap quality cards that were ruined by gum sticks, now we have high end manufacturing equipment that ensures a perfect card nearly every time.  Boring poses are a thing of the past, now we have autographed cards and those that include portions of game worn jerseys and whatnot attached directly the card.

In addition the price of these premium cards has risen substantially.  Given that a football rookie card of one of the prominent players from the latest draft can fetch a pretty penny.  Especially if it is one of those auto football cards that are so limited in supply and in such high demand.  Given these backdrops it is no wonder that the game has turned into a game played by both young and old alike.  Thankfully it can become a great bond between and parent and child to find their way collecting their favorite players and rare cards alike.  The cost may be high to get intothis ever evolving game, but the rewards of a lifelong bond with your son might just be too good to pass up.  Even if they grow up and move on from the card collecting game you can always look back and talk about how much fun it was to gather the cards that you needed and wanted and how that time was spent together laughing and having a good time.

How to take fireworks pictures

If you want to impress your friends with beautiful pictures that look like a million bucks, you just cannot miss when you show them your latest fireworks pictures. You do not have to tell them how easy it was to do. This article will help you to take those pictures that have everyone staring, opened mouth, at the colors and aerial displays that make fireworks so exciting.

The most important things you will need to produce these magnificent photos are a digital camera that allows you to set the shutter time and aperture, a tripod to hold the camera steady, a cable release or remote triggering device and the ability to take a large number of pictures. These are the basics of photographing fireworks successfully. Using a digital camera allows you to take large numbers of pictures and download them for editing quickly and easily. Digital photo programs that allow you to enhance your photos and add artistic touches are readily available and easy to learn.

Armed with a good digital camera, a sturdy tripod and a cable release or remote that allows you to take the pictures without handling or moving the camera, you are now ready to visit a professional fireworks display and have some fun.

The first step is to find the right place to set up your tripod and camera in a place where no one is likely to bump into it. Make sure you can catch the view of the fireworks without things like branches or wires in the way and with little or no ambient light that might create noise in your photos.

Set your shutter speed at 2 seconds, to begin. You can adjust speed as you go along. Set your focus at “infinity”, turn off the flash and set your aperture to a small setting to prevent overexposure, which might wash out colors. You can use the preview feature on your digital camera to see exactly where to position the camera and what the photos will look like, with the first few launches. Deciding which speeds capture the best movement, light and contrast of the fireworks display is an exciting learning experience that can only occur with this kind of photography. Be prepared to take picture after picture.

After the show, downloading the photos to your computer and working with them in a good photo program is the second half of the fireworks experience.  Learning how to manipulate backgrounds and layers, enhancing colors and adding images can be accomplished with ease, with the myriad of programs available. Look for programs that fit your level of ability. If you are new to the world of photo programming, starting with a simple, basic program can make your learning experience a pleasant one. Taking the time to start with the basics before moving into programs that are more complicated can save you a lot of confusion and frustration.

Whether you are a pro, looking to add new photos and techniques to your portfolio, or a first time amateur playing with your first digital camera, taking pictures of fireworks can be fun and exciting. When looking at the breath-taking images of exploding lights and colors that you have captured in a fleeting moment, you can always feel proud of the beauty and intensity that you have put on display to remember a special moment or for others to see and share.

Buying a Home Beer Dispenser

Before you can begin your search for a home beer dispenser, you need to determine what type of unit will work best for you. Among the several types of dispensers are built-in, freestanding and outdoor. There is commercial grade beer dispensing equipment and dispensers meant solely for home use. It is helpful to decide on what features you want for before you go shopping.

The first major decision will be whether you want a commercial unit or a one meant solely for home use. With new designs, many commercial grade units fit nicely with upscale kitchen design. Plus, many units meant for commercial usage can allow for multiple taps. Typically, though, commercial grade units are meant for being built-in and, if you want a freestanding unit, it might mean looking at dispensers meant solely for home use.

This brings you to the next decision to be made. You will need to choose between a built-in or freestanding model. If freestanding, there are options such as countertop and floor rolling models. A fact that can help you make this decision is the size of the keg you will be using as most countertop models are meant for mini kegs. Also, countertop models usually allow for only one tap.

Then think about whether or not your dispenser will be used indoors or outdoors. If you have a big patio and entertain a lot outdoors, then perhaps an outdoor unit would work best for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a unit to be used for your own beer drinking pleasure, an indoor countertop unit might work best.

Consider choices listed above and then think about how you will use the beer dispenser. Make a list of what is important to you. This will make shopping easier for the right beer dispenser for you.

Starting A Silver Coin Collection

Collecting Silver coins has become a very popular hobby and a way from coin collectors to invest as well as collect coins. There are many different ways you could start a silver coin collection from collecting old mercury dimes to collecting new Silver American Eagle coins.

2 Things to consider when starting a silver coin collection is if you are going to collect based on the value of the silver itself or based on the combination of coin aesthetics, rarity and silver value.  If you are just collecting silver coins based on the value of silver a great way to start is get average circulated or lesser grade silver coins such as silver mercury dimes.  A roll of average circulated mercury dimes sells for very little above the spot price of silver on websites such as eBay.  To start collecting based on more factors than just the value of silver you could look at collecting the very popular American Silver Eagle Coins.  Silver Eagles have never been in circulation so the grades go from Mint Uncirculated to MS70 or PF70 for proof coins.  To get the best value when purchasing these modern silver dollars is to buy them in Silver Eagle Rolls.  In a roll the premium over silver spot price is reduced and the chance of finding higher graded and therefore rarer coins is heightened because once the roll is opened by the coin dealer they usually take all the pristine ones out before selling the single coins.

Collecting silver coins can be rewarding and also profitable since the price of silver seems to relentlessly go up in value every year.  Whichever style silver coins you decide to collect, you are sure to have some fun and engage in a hobby that isn’t a total sink of all your money.

Craft Journals and books

There are a great many craft books and journals dedicated to the crafts which often give you ideas and projects to work on.  Even if you have little or no experience, your general skills would enable you to get started and be able to follow instructions to create craft pieces. Be inspired and purchase a book on whatever craft you are interested in. Suggestions would be working with soft metals like copper or carving hard woods. The books will give guidance on the materials and equipment needed for whatever crafts you choose. Perhaps you will work with paper, metal, wood, cloth or other textile materials to produce a work of art. You might use combination of some, or all of the mediums. Yet more books, partworks and journals are available on finishing your work by painting with acrylic paint, oils, watercolors and poster paints being the most popular. Take the plunge and begin working on your chosen craft, you will be surprised at what you might achieve.

Nu rave scene

The nu rave term was coined by Joe Daniel, who is the founder of Angular Records. This term was featured on a flier for “An Angular Disco”, which advertised the first gig of the Klaxons. Later on, the Klaxons declared themselves as being not “nu rave” and said it was just a joke term. The Klaxons determined that glowsticks would not be allowed at their concerts, complaining about the media coverage of a genre that they insist doesn't exist.

New Rave is different from other musical movements because of the emphasis on celebrity, the bright colors of clothing, and the use of ketamine, which is a veterinary drug abused by recreational drug users. People would go to clubs to dress up and see the various young musicians, artists and fashion designers who attend.

Things You Should Know About A Beekeeping Hobby Before You Start

Thinking about starting beekeeping as a hobby?  Here are some things you should know about beekeeping before you get started.

You will get stung.

If you are afraid of bee stings or allergic to them, beekeeping is not the hobby for you.  That being said, as long as you wear protective gear, you will only get stung occasionally, and really it is not too big of a deal.  In fact some people use bee stings as therapy.

You need to take a class.

Beekeeping is not difficult.  It doesn't take a ton of time, but it is specialized.  You will need to either take a class or read a book to get the information you need to become a successful beekeeper.

You will need to invest some money.

A hobby beekeeper will typically spend about $200 to $500 dollars to get started.  After the initial expense the amount you will need to spend is limited.

Happy beekeeping!

Designing an Invitation Without Mistakes

I am a graphic designer who really likes to create all sorts of invitations. I have even created a few wedding invitations for friends of mine. I really do believe that it is important to create a wedding invitation samples before going through with the entire print run. It is also crucial that the bride and anyone else who has any decision making power looks over the sample wedding invitation as well. The reason this is important is because it is very easy to have miscommunications and for things to not turn out quite the way that either party had anticipated. It is also very easy for mistakes to occur on either side of the invitation creation process. It's a really good idea to just hang the invitation up on your fridge or in a place that you look at on a regular basis so that you can easily catch anything that you may not be looking for when you're looking really closely.

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