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Use a Hoodia Supplement For Weight Loss

It amazes me how in the world it is possible that we find ourselves in a situation like this. I am speaking of the epidemic of obesity that has affected our nation in many ways. We are eating tons of junk food each year. There used to be small, medium and large. Now there are medium, large, super size, hyper size and so on. The same has happened to our or does XXXXXXXXXXXL seem normal to you. Nobody in the world needs to eat the amount of junk food we consume every day. You could feed a starving nation for a year with all the food we spend. The obesity is starting to affect our nation's economy. Obese people cannot work, but someone still needs to pay for their medical bills and most importantly food. Something needs to be done, because this situation is unbearable. The solution for this crisis could be in a plant that has been used in Nigerian folk medicine for years. It is a plant called hoodia.

It is plant that grows in Nigeria in Africa. Scientists have found out that hoodia can suppress appetite, increase metabolism and it can have a positive effect on blood glucose mamagement. So, it makes you want to eat less, burns fat and helps keep your blood sugar steady. All good thing when you are trying to lose weight. Still, remember that a hoodia supplement does not differ from any other weight loss supplement in the respect that it is made to support weight loss. Which means that you need to be losing weight, before you get the benefits. So if you think that hoodia is going make you thin while you sit on the couch eating pizza and drinking beer, then think again. A healthy diet and exercise are a must whenever you are trying to lose weight. It might sound unfair, but that is the way it is.

Two Exercises to Improve Vertical Jump

There is a huge demand for people that are certified in jump training among athletes. If you want to learn how to jump higher you have to train the right way and it's in your best interest to follow a well designed jump program to get great results.

Are you a amateur or professional athlete? If so, you are well aware that having an impressive vertical jump can improve your performance on the playing field. Being able to elevate your jump by one to two inches can enable you to help your team win more games. Many books, audio cassettes, and video courses are on the market that covering the subject of how one can jump at their optimum level. Some of these materials contain valid information while others are filled with inaccurate and false data that will not produce any results.

Can one be taught how to jump higher? This is a question that has been in debate for many years. Some experts feel that a person can increase their vertical if they receive sound instruction and participate in an effective jumping regimen. Other experts feel that one cannot be taught how to jump higher. These experts are under the impression that people must be in acceptance of their natural jumping ability.

There are many personal trainers that are hired to help their clients maximize their jumps. Personal trainers set out to achieve this feat by having their clients participate in weightlifting and plyometric exercises. There are some recorded accounts that positive results have derived from these two types of exercises.

The vertical jump is one the categories that great athletes excel in. Weightlifting and plyometric exercises are known to have helped hundreds of athletes improve their vertical within a modest period of time. Give these two exercises a try if you have the ambition to reach higher horizons within the air.

Get An Effective Work Out: Pull Up Bars

It is important for everyone to take time for exercise each week. However, many people are unable to head to the gym due to hectic schedules. Thanks to the pull up bar you can still get a great workout, right in the privacy of your home. You will love the ease and convenience of pull up bars. So read on to learn even more.

How The Pull Up Bar Works

The great thing about pull up bars, is that they are very easy to put together. Once you have them assembled, you need to choose a door way to mount the pull up bar. After that, it will be ready for use. The great thing about having the pull up bar inside your home, is that you can do your workouts throughout the day, while watching the news, or listening to the radio.

The pull up bar will target your upper body. By combining pull ups, and chin ups, you will get a more toned and strengthened upper body. You will notice the difference in your back, shoulder, biceps, and your triceps as well. Over a short amount of time, you will begin noticing the difference in your body.

Where You Can Buy A Pull Up Bar

Once you are ready to purchase a pull up bar for yourself, you will be glad to know you can find them at just about any department store. If not, check out your local sporting good store. Also, another great thing about the pull up bars is that they are very cost effective, so you won't break the bank to buy one. Another thing to note is the variety of pull up bars. Simply pick out the one that best meets your needs.

Yet another option, is buying your pull up bar online. You can get a great deal on the bars, by purchasing them online. There are tons of web site that sell them, so a quick search on the internet should turn up tons to choose from. Just remember to always check the site to make sure it is a safe, and trusted web based business.

Closing Thoughts

If you are ready for a more toned upper body, then the pull up bar is for you. Get one before you forget about it.

Best Colon Cleanse

With a myriad of products available to the consumer who wishes to perform what should be a normal ritual of cleansing his or her colon, it is often hard to discern just what the best colon cleanse out there really is. There are many review sites, but only one or two that seem genuine about just reviewing what is out there. The rest all seem to want to sell product of some sort or another. Discussion boards are brimming with threads about the benefits and disadvantages of a colon cleanse, but what really is the best way to go about it?

As many people would suggest, perhaps the best colon cleanse can be accomplished by taking a trip back to the “good old days”.

What this refers to is a good, old-fashioned and yes, still available today, colonic irrigation. This is essentially using an enema, while at home. The kind of enema is a “high” enema, which normally hangs onto a hook attached to a pole, after being filled with water and perhaps other stimulants like coffee, herbal tea, Epsom salts or other sea salts.

The main objective behind including a laxative in addition to a stimulant for this kind of cleanse is to not only promote a faster cleanse, but to also help one feel as little discomfort as possible.

Suggested Use

After allowing the warm water to enter your colon through the anus, one should gently roll from one side to another, massaging any “lumps” in your abdomen or areas that may feel congested (this is excess fecal matter that will eventually purge, but massaging it will help to break it down and evacuate it a bit more quickly). You should hold the fluid for as long as possible (a minimum of 10 minutes is suggested) without allowing too early an elimination.

In addition to the aforementioned method as the best colon cleanser, the next best thing in order to keep one’s operating efficiently is a good, old fashioned daily intake of bran. The best way to consume bran is by finding pure bran cereal. Nutritional experts recommend 25-30 grams per day of dietary fiber. If you follow these guidelines, you bowels will become extremely regular.

If one cannot take bran, there are other fibers that can be taken daily in order to obtain a healthy colon.  There is Barley, which is highly rich in fiber as are other fiber rich fruits and vegetables. Dietary fiber, taken on a daily basis, completely eliminates the gas and bloating that many people experience every day without eating dietary fiber.

To sum it up, the best colon cleanse starts with expelling the accumulated waste that resides in your colon. Also, consume the recommended daily intake of fiber, eat better foods, drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of pure water each day and exercise daily for 25-30 minutes.

5 Things to give up to lose fat

We will look at 5 things that you have to give up to lose fat and get lean. They are the things that stand in your way of getting leaner and healthier. Here they are:

Junk food

If you cut out junk food from your diet you will save a lot of calories and fat and it will start to show on your body. You will look and feel leaner and healthier.

Constant unhealthy snacking

Constantly snacking on unhealthy snacks will make you consume way more calories than you should. And as it is unhealthy, you will also be consuming too much sugar, unhealthy fats and empty carbs. Constant snacking is fine as long as you stick to healthy snacks like fruit and veggies.

Exercise excuses and inactivity

You need to exercise in order to lower your body fat percentage and exercise excuses will stand in your way. Make sure that you say NO to those excuses by committing to a certain number of exercise sessions a week.

Too much alcohol

Don't let all your hard work with exercise and healthy eating go down the drain because of your drinking habit. Alcohol is high in calories and can make the calories pile up if you have quite a few drinks. Limit your drinks to no more than 3 a week and stick to the low calorie ones.

Fad dieting

Fad diets are bad news for long term weight and fat loss. It slows down the metabolism and also make it more likely for the body to hold on to its fat stores.

If you cut out these 5 things you will see that you start losing weight and fat easier than before. Just try to avoid these things altogether.

One of the things that you have to include in your diet to burn away more fat is fat burning foods. If you need some motivation to burn away your belly fat, you will find plenty here:reasons for losing belly fat

The top 5 exercises for losing fat

When you know what the best exercises are to lose fat, you will have the knowledge to use it to make the perfect fat burning exercise plan. But it is often difficult to know what exercises to do and what to leave out. To help you make your own fat burning exercise plan, let's look at the top 5 fat burning exercises right here:

Cardio interval training

The number one exercise for fat burn are a type of cardio training - interval training. The exercise is done like the name suggests, in intervals. You can do it with any cardio machine or just with a pair of trainers or a speed rope.

You take the intensity, the level, incline and such up minute for minute until you break out in effort. From there you take things down again and then you repeat it.

Weight training

Weight training also burns a lot of fat with the act of building muscle. As you train with weights, you will start to build more lean muscle mass. This burns fat in two ways, one by building muscle and two by having muscle (muscles burns away fat to make room for themselves).

Circuit training

Combine weight training and cardio interval training and you get circuit training. Most health clubs and gyms has a circuit training session that you can use. You can also make your own at home with weights and an aerobic step or a jumping rope.

Kick-box aerobics

I am a big fan of kick-box aerobics (also known as Taebo). It is an excellent high intensity exercise that burns away a lot of fat. But just make sure that you take it slow at first.


Join a dance club or take some dance lessons and make sure that you dance regularly to benefit from the fat burn that dancing offers. You will have so much fun, you will forget that it is exercise.

All these exercises will burn away a lot of fat if you include them regularly in your week. Just don't forget to warm up before hand and to stretch afterward.

You can also use your diet to help you burn away fat, by including fat burning foods. Here are a list of the top fat burning foods. And here is one of my favorite recipes that contains lots of foods that burn fat: yummy fat burning recipe.

7 Effective tips for losing body fat and getting lean

Do you need some smart and effective tips to help you lose fat easier and faster than before? Of course you are, who wouldn't be? Well, then you are in luck - we will look at 10 such tips in this article. Stay tuned..

  • Include fat burning foods - Fat burning foods can help you to burn more fat, just by eating those foods. Make sure that you include lots of them in your diet. Here are the best fat burning foods.
  • Set goals - If you ever want to achieve at everything, you have to set goals. When you set your fat burn goals, remember to include diet, exercise and also other goals and to make it specific, realistic and achievable.
  • Find your motivation - Motivation will ensure that you achieve your goals. Get your own motivation by writing down why you want to lose fat and get lean. Be sure to read these reasons twice day for motivation.
  • Do cardio interval training - Interval training is one of the best cardios for fat burn. You should aim to get about 3 sessions in a week of 20 minutes each.
  • Don't skip weight training - Weight training will help you to build lean muscle mass and get leaner. You should also aim to get about 3 sessions in a week.
  • Get in some free exercise - Free exercise will help you to burn even more calories. Things like walking more often, taking the stairs and such will all help.
  • Eat 6 small meals more often - Divide your meals up into 6 smaller meals that you have more often and you will boost your metabolism and burn more fat.

If you implement these tips together with a healthy, low calorie diet and a regular exercise plan, you will be on your way to being fat free. Just don't be too impatient as it will take some time. But here's how to get flat abs the easy way.

Whey Protein Powder – What is it?

Whey protein powder is the most popular protein powder supplement in the world. It is the protein supplement of choice for most body builders, all kinds of athletes and those who are serious about their workouts. So lets answer some of the common questions about whey protein powder.

What is whey protein and where does it come from?
Of all the protein sources available, whey protein is actually the ultimate source. It is better at building and repairing muscle than any other kind of protein available.

Whey protein is actually found in cow's milk only, along with one other kind of protein called casein. In the process of turning cow's milk into cheese, the milk turns into curds and whey. The curds are taken to be further processed into cheese and the left over liquid is the whey. As a by product of the cheese making process, whey was often just discarded until it was discovered to be a fantastic source of protein!

Types of Whey Protein Powder
Whey protein is not sold to the general public in its liquid form, but is further condensed into a powder form that is the whey protein powder on the market today. Depending on the quality and concentration of the powder we can buy whey protein powder as either whey protein concentrate or whey protein isolate. Whey protein concentrate, in spite of its name, is the least concentrated form of whey protein powder. It will contain milk fat and carbohydrates and depending on the brand and the product is usually about 75% pure whey protein powder. However, some products may contain as little as 30%.

Whey protein isolate contains less milk fat and carbs and is found generally in the range of 90 -98% pure whey protein powder. For those who are lactose intolerant (lactose is milk sugar) there is even a 100% pure whey protein product. As you would expect, the more pure, the more expensive the product becomes.

Thinking About Home Gym Equipment?

If you have home gym equipment in your mind, fitness is what you crave. Such an investment can be beneficial while giving one the chance to work when they have the time. Time wasted queuing in your gym will be over as issues of hygiene are laid to rest.

A home arrangement might appear expensive, however, remember it’s only an investment done once and saves lots of dollars in terms of gym fees. The equipment you purchase hardly needs to cost more than is necessary or even taking up a huge space. Think of a low-cost compact gym. You will start a personal fitness gym at home.

To save space you could go for a balance ball. They can be deflated and ferried around easily. They also fit most home corners well and can be used from virtually anywhere. Balance balls are also used for lots of exercises, such as abs workouts, strengthening, balance building and stretching.

Another way to have home gym equipment is going for barbell sets, fitness starters, treadmill (a portable one) and fitness benches. Their performance will astonish you. If you have a very small space, for instance a laundry room, go for rubber exercise bands. They can be attached to a doorknob or jam.

Cheap fitness equipments can give you a wonderful workout and whether you are after rigorous exercises or not, it’s a perfect way to begin a home based workout program. It works wonders when you hardly have the time to run to the gym or you work odd hours but keen on exercising.

However don't forget that even with the equipment you still need to do the work and that steady progress of day in and day out over years is what makes the major difference. You don't have to go full force everyday, just 30 minutes a day 3 times a week can still change your life!

Double Chin: Steps to Remove It

A double chin exercise is a specific routine which is designed for the purpose of taking away the fatty deposits which are accumulated along the lower part of the jaw, more specifically the chin area. The chin, just like that of the thighs, belly and arms, is but one of the many areas of the body where fats can get easily accumulated. Face toning by way of facial exercises is perhaps the best way in order for you to lose these unwanted fats as efficiently and rapidly as possible.

You know, a lot of people are plagued by the dreadful double chin. What is more problematic about this facial problem is that, the obese or overweight people are not the only ones susceptible to this dilemma. Even thin dudes and gals can also have them. The first and easiest thing that you can do in order to reduce the appearance of your double chin is for you to maintain the correct and apt posture. You will see significant results if you just correct your bad posture, especially when sitting and lying down. When you sit, your shoulders should be dropped, back straight and neck as straight as possible. In terms of lying down, try not to make use of too much many pillows.

Moving back, here are some double chin exercises that you can try right there on your home. Here they are;

First Exercise;

1.) Lie down on the ground on one side

2.) If you are lying on your right, tilt your head towards your left. Hold it and then lower your head back down. Do this for a few rounds and then switch to your other side and just repeat the procedure

Second Exercise;

1.) Stand straight in front of a mirror

2.) Open your mouth widely and then stick your tongue out

3.) Hold that posture for a few seconds and simply relax

4.) Repeat this for at least five to ten times and three times per day

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