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Thermaphore Arthritis Heating Pad

Featured on this page is the Thermophore Arthritis Heating Pad. The details about how you can buy one are as follows.

Thermophore MaxHeat Deep-Heat Therapy, Large, Standard 14" x 27" (Auto-Switch) Thermophore MaxHeat Deep-Heat Therapy, Large, Standard 14" x 27" (Auto-Switch)

List Price: $63.86
Sale Price: $63.82
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The use of heat to get deeply into the painful muscles and joints is a vital part of the process of keeping the body feeling good, particularly for those suffering debilitating arthritis or similar conditions. The Thermophore Arthritis Heating Pad is exactly the kind of product that should be considered to use as treatment.

Unlike some of the heating pads that are available in department stores or for prices that are significantly cheaper, the Thermophore gives you a number of features that will ensure you get the best heat treatment possible.

The large heating pad measuring 14” x 27” is weighted down with a series of flat metal weights to ensure the heating pad is molded to the body along the entire surface area that is covered. These heating pads have been designed to be particularly useful for someone with back pain. The size of the pad means it will provide relief over a large area of the body.

This heating pad has a few key features that are worth examining. It may be used in a cycle of twenty minute bursts where the heating pad is applied for twenty minutes before being removed for twenty minutes. This process may be repeated as required. The heating pad comes with an auto-timer that is very simple to turn on and set. This is a moist heat pad and the moist heat that is produced is intense and the moist heat is ideal for getting deeply into the trouble spots where it is required.

Using these types of heating pads are fine for the first few months but, with continuous use you will begin to notice that the fabric starts to become discolored. This is inevitable as the heating pad continually comes in contact with your skin and the oils and sweat from your back starts to soak into the fabric. This particular heating pad is quite easy to clean and does not require any special equipment or cleaning aids.

What might strike you when you begin looking at the Thermophore Arthritis Heating Pad is that it could be considered costly at over $50.00. This shouldn’t serve as a reason to shy away from the product because the components that are used are sturdy and reliable and the features of the unit will mean that it is still likely to be working 10 years down the road. It is definitely worthwhile considering a Thermophore Arthritis Heating Pad for sale.

As well as the standard sized heating pad which is 14” x 27”, the Thermophore Heating Pad is also available in a small size of 4” x 17” and a medium size of 14” x 14”.

This particular infrared heating pad was also discussed as one of the five top ranked heating pads sold on Amazon. To find out a little bit more about this and the others that were ranked take a look at the post Infrared Heat Pads are the Best Choice for Pain Relief.

Bicep Tricep Workout For Big Arms

Triceps and biceps both are important for building strong arms. Basically, without big triceps your biceps will look flat. You need to make sure you workout both sets of these muscle to build a solid complete arm. A normal routine includes working triceps and chest and biceps on their own or with the back. Muscle shock is always a great idea especially for blasting past plateaus so at times it is a good idea to train the biceps and triceps together. This is a great workout whether you use  a multi station home gym or go to the public gym. If I am working out my triceps and biceps together I usually incorporate a super set training session. Below is one of the best muscle shocking triceps biceps workouts.

For this workout start by warming up the triceps with cable pull downs and then straight away warm up the biceps with a cable short bar curl (grip is about shoulders width apart). This wider grip will warm up the inner and outer biceps all at once. Warm the triceps and biceps up with 2 sets of 12-15 reps not stopping in-between exercises. This weight should be light and easy.

Once the muscles are warmed up do not stop and rest, quickly increase the weight so that you can do about 10-12 reps. Immediately following the close grip curl go straight to a triceps pulldown. With each set increase the weight until you can only do 6-8 reps. If you are in good shape set the goal to do a total of 10 sets.

Next you will continue with super sets taking a dumbbell in each hand lay on a flat bench perform triceps extensions.

Complete as many triceps extensions as possible until failure. As quickly as possible go to an incline bench and perform an entire set of concentration curls. Again you should be lifting with a weight that allows for 10-12 full reps. Increase the weight and continue doing sets until you can not complete a set of more than 6-7 reps.

The last exercise for this workout  is bench dips with a weight resting on your lap. Be sure to keep your elbows in tight to your sides and your feet  just in front of your knees. This exercise will work the top inner and outer parts of the triceps. Now superset these dips with preacher curls. Start with 10-12 reps and continue until failure sets in before completing 6-7 reps.

This workout will really burn letting you know you are breaking down all of the muscle fibers. For extra building hold the weight steady at the top of the lift until the muscle gives out.

To get your best results from your workouts make sure to squeeze the muscle tightly at the top of every movement and stretch the muscle completely at the bottom of the movement.  Next time you get on your home gym machines use this workout and you can start getting massive arms.

Home Gym Machines – A Great Method To Get A Workout At Anytime

Some people want to work out in the privacy of their own home because it allows them the freedom to exercise at their own pace. It also allows them not to feel self conscious about their appearance or performance. In order to determine the best home gym machines, it is advisable to do a little homework ahead of time.

First, the frequency of use regarding the fitness equipment should be determined. Next, it is key to consider the accommodating space needed and what fitness area of concentration will be desirable for the workout. Home gym machines include fitness cross trainers, treadmills, stair climbers, and various stationary bikes. The investment in fitness equipment hinges on quality, features, and accessories. There are home-training systems that have monitors used to keep track of miles, speed, distance, and the heart rate. Some other devices have calorie counters and more complex features, such as the metabolic rate and fat loss during the workout.

If the focus is muscle building, the choices are extensive and may consist of gear, such as an all-in-one home fitness unit. This is an excellent means to achieve a total-body workout. A home fitness system includes a multi-grip press that provides extensive and intense muscle interaction that is perfect for chest, shoulder, and incline exercises. The range-of-motion is adjustable with a smooth transition from exercise to exercise.

Most of these devices operate with a pulley system, and this makes it easy to adjust from the high, mid, or low positions. With the use of a cable system, this variety of resistance training allows an individual to perform lat pull downs, triceps presses, biceps curls, and abdominal crunches. There are numerous weight-bearing exercises that can be practice with home gym machines.

Nowadays, an investment in home gym machines caters easy set up, flexibility, and accommodation to all fitness levels and goals. A home gym makes it easy to devote time for a workout. Nonetheless, the most fundamental aspect is to find a system that is enjoyable.

Alcoholic Problems What You Need To Know

There are many types of addictions in the world, and one of these addictions happens to alcoholism. Alcohol itself is a depressant, and many people require the substance inside of their bodies to function properly. Some of the reasons as to why people drink include: approval from a social group, a boost in ego and mood, and to relieve them of the stresses they may feel. There are, however, problems associated with drinking too much. Below are some of the problems of drinking too much alcohol:

1) Effects on one's brain: Some of the alcoholic problems affect an individual's brain. Before explaining these effects, though, it is paramount to understand that there is a wide variation on just exactly how badly they affect someone's brain. For example, the follow factors are important to assess: how much a person drinks, what age the person drinking is, general health status, sex, weight, age, and tolerance levels. With those things assesses, the effects of alcohol on the brain include: difficulty walking, slower reaction times, slurred speech, and impaired memory functioning. Drinking for a long time damages the area of the brain responsible for long-term memory as well (i.e., hippocampus). Thus, alcohol is detrimental the brains of those people addicted to it.

2) Effects on the heart: Health advisers warn that drinking too much alcohol predisposes a person to heart disease and heart attacks. Ironically, though, drinking alcohol in mild amounts helps the heart.

3) Effects on the liver: Alcohol literally destroys the liver, and, in doing so, it may cause the following problems: liver disease, cirrhosis, steatosis, and hepatitis. Cirrhosis of the liver is a condition in which healthy tissue of one's liver is replaced with faulty tissue, and the normal functions of one's liver get impaired. Steatosis, on the other hand, is a condition in which a person's liver stops metabolizing fatty acid materials. Finally, Hepatitis occurs when a person drinks so much alcohol that his liver becomes inflamed; when a persons stops drinking alcohol, this disease stops.

It is important to learn more about alcohol addiction recovery to avoid those unhealthy problems that can occur if one continues to drink to much alcohol.

Electronic Cigarettes – The Best Quit Smoking Alternative

Today, millions of people are fighting the battle to quit smoking. Smokers decide with full confidence to kick the habit; however they fail to complete this journey. People addicted to smoking try different methods to get rid of this unhealthy habit only to see their resolution going up in the smoke itself. It has been proved time and time again that the battle to quit smoking is formidable.

So, what are the reasons behind one’s failure to quit smoking? Why people who take the pledge to never smoke again end up in the same smoky environment?

Well, there are many things that can be blamed for the failure like the poor attitude and lack of will of an individual to get quit of smoking, inability to cope with the withdrawal symptoms and stress level etc-etc. However, the conventional quit smoking alternatives are also highly responsible for the failure of an individual’s quit smoking oath.

There are many kinds of smoking alternatives available in the form of medications and therapies. Drugs, injections, gum, patches, guided imagery, hypnosis, behavioral therapy, motivational therapy and breathing techniques and many other things are widely used to help people quit smoking, but all these alternatives fail in many cases.

Now all the talk above brings us to the search of an alternative quit smoking method that really works.
So, is there really any such thing that works effectively for quitting smoking?
Well, the answer is ‘yes’. I am talking about the electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes – (also known as Smokeless Cigarettes) This is a revolutionary quit smoking method that works for every person. It is totally different from the rest of the cigarette alternatives or quit smoking alternatives. An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a high tech product that helps you get rid of smoking successfully in a steady way.

This great piece of technology provides smokers with a healthier, safer and cheaper alternative to the traditional smoking. An e-cigarette or smokeless cigarette is harmless as it does not contain tar and toxins that are found in tobacco. It does not burn tobacco, so it does not produce any smoke. This device blows air into its atomizer that fills in tiny nicotine drops and produces vapor out of it. You inhale the vapor as your nicotine dose.

The smokeless cigarettes are becoming very popular among smokers as there are many benefits of this smoking alternative. With an electronic cigarette, you can enjoy full freedom to ‘smoke’ anywhere you want as it is not prohibited at any place. There is no second hand smoke with an electronic cigarette and therefore you are welcomed everywhere.

The smokeless cigarettes look, feel and give the same sensation that a traditional cigarette does, but without threatening your health with any kind of harmful effects. There is no real smoke with the smokeless cigarettes, you inhale a harmless vapor and when you blew this vapor out of your lungs, it disappears in the air quickly.

When it comes to the safety point of view, the electronic cigarettes are completely safe - there is no risk of fire as they are inflammable, you can enjoy your nicotine dose through a smokeless cigarette even in your bed. This is one of the major benefits of the smokeless cigarettes.

Every year, millions of people die because of smoking all around the world. An electronic cigarette is a perfect quit smoking alternative that can save lives and turn smokers into non-smokers the easy and enjoying way. Smokers can enjoy their nicotine fix through an electronic cigarette without worrying for the health risks or coping with the withdrawal symptoms.

Talking about the hygiene part, an electronic cigarette does not come with destructive ash, smoke, flames, tar and carbon monoxide. As there is no real smoke involved with an electronic cigarette and the vapor emitted by a smokeless cigarette is totally odorless, so you are not embarrassed with stinky breathe, clothes, hands, hairs, and car and household. With an electronic cigarette, you stay away from smoke that smells foul and creates problems like nausea and headaches. There is no need of ash trays, lighters or room fresheners.

What’s more pleasant is that the electronic cigarettes are available in multitude of tasty flavors like apple, caramel, chocolate fudge, raspberry, coffee, cola, mint and many more. So, you can enjoy smoking with a variety of flavors. Where else will you get this kind of smoking alternative?

Electronic cigarette is the best smoking alternative available today. It helps you both ways – for reducing your nicotine cravings and quitting it completely. The electronic cigarette is really a perfect gift for the smokers. It helps quit smoking healthily and without depriving you of your nicotine fix.

Switch to Electronic cigarettes, start a new life that is healthy, and smoke free.

Vegetarian Ways a Possible Weight Loss Method

A Vegetarian lifestyle is healthy compared to eating a fatty meat diet. Vegetarian food is based on fruits, vegetables and plants and grains. Although vegetarian food has no animal proteins it is known as a very healthy diet for people who adhere to it. It will reduce cholesterol, help prevent hypertension as well as heart disease.

 The main reason some people reject vegetarian food is because they are use to the taste of a meat laden diet. Compared to meat, a vegetarian food diet that has been consumed over a long period has been proven to be much healthier because it prevents many chronic diseases.

 A staple food in of a vegetarian is soy. Soy contains pretty much the same amount of proteins as meat. Soy and its derivatives are used in many vegetarian foods. Soya flour is used to prepare most breads that a vegan would eat. Also soybean oil is used to make spreads such as margarine. It contains iron and vitamins B, and has been found to reduce the negative effects of menopause. Many vegans believe soy is favourable in preventing cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity, osteoporosis and bone diseases and infections. It is good for immune defense as well. Soybeans can be squeezed to obtain milk, yogurt and cheese. Soy milk has no bad cholesterol in it. Many dietitians and doctors recommend to people who have heart disease, diabetes or are lactose intolerant to substitute this type of milk in their diet, instead of using bovine milk. Soya milk contains vitamins, calcium and vegetable fats.

Another soya food is tofu. Tofu, a specialty of the Oriental cuisine, contains calcium and is very good in treating osteoporosis. Tofu is also good for preventing diabetes.

Generally people from China are somewhat vegetarian. The main food consumed in China is rice which is another vegetarian food source. Rice can be of several types with the common ones being white rice, whole grain rice, and brown rice. Rice is very nutritious because it contains proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. Rice is a food source for half of world’s population.  The year 2004 was declared as the international year of rice to raise awareness of this wonderful food.

It is not good to eat too many carbohydrates at one meal such as bread with rice and pasta for they all contain high levels of carbohydrates which leads to weight gain. Another tasty vegetarian food is pasta spaghetti which originated from Italy and is a very popular food there. Vegetarians eat certain foods in order to maintain a nutritional balance.  Vegans know that excessive consumption of fruit causes digestive problems. Even a healthy stomach will suffer from excessive consumption of fruit whether you’re vegan or not.  Too much fruit consumed may cause indigestion.

 Another vegetarian dish is Muesli.  It is a mixture of dried fruits and cereals. Muesli is a recently developed food of the modern vegan way.  Muelsli cereal helps combat obesity and is very nutritious because it contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals as well as serotonin, a substance that calms the nervous system. Muesli is a great food for people who are not necessarily vegetarians and want the benefits from it and it is very tasty. It can be mixed with milk, or yogurt for a tasty treat.

 A Vegetarian diet is definitely  healthy because it contains vitamins, minerals and proteins with out the fatty substance of various meats.  Now a day people who want to eat vegetarian style have a wide variety of foods to choose from.  There are reports of type two diabetics reversing their disease and getting off their medicines by following this type of lifestyle.  Even if you only do it 90 % it may drastically improve many chronic medical conditions.

Green tea is also one of the preferred hot drinks of Vegetarians.  Five cups of green tea per day will cut 80 calories from your daily overall consumption.   

If you have never tried out the vegan lifestyle it is a Chinese weight loss method that may work for you.

How To Use Pull Up Bars To Get In The Best Shape

Having a regular exercise routine for you and your family members is a very important aspect of life. It can be difficult to find time to visit the gym each week due to busy schedules. So thanks to the pull up, you can get a great workout right in the comfort of your home. So continue reading to learn more about pull up bars, and how they can benefit your life.

Pull Up Bars: How To Get Started

You will be excited to know that pull up bars, are super easy to put together. Once they are assembled and ready to go, all you have to do is mount the bars inside the door frame in any room of your choice. It’s a good idea to have pull up bars in your living area, that way you can easily pass the time working out while you watch your favorite movie.

The pull up bar will help you become more strengthened and toned in your upper body. In fact you can combine both pull ups, and chin ups to get an even more solid effect. You will notice your upper back, shoulders, biceps, and your triceps get stronger over time. In just a few weeks you will begin to notice the difference.

Pull Ups: Details and More Information

A great thing about when it comes to purchasing a pull up bar, is that you won’t have to break the bank in order to buy one. The prices will usually vary due to brand, size, and style. Most department stores, and even a few sporting good shops will carry the pull up bars, so they should be fairly easy to find.

On another note, pull up bars can also be purchased on the internet. There are many web sites that are dedicated to pull up bars and will sell them at a fraction of the cost. The cool thing is once you purchase one online, it’ll be delivered to your front door.

Pull Up Bars: Closing Thoughts

Now you will be well on your way to having a more toned, and strengthened upper body. You will begin seeing a notable difference in just a short time.

Help with Quitting Smoking

Trying to quit smoking is one of the hardest things you can do, but don’t worry because you’re not alone. Every day millions of smokers make the private pledge to put down cigarettes forever and their rate of success depends on a number of factors. Sometimes simple willpower alone is not enough to kick the habit. But that doesn’t mean a positive mind is not essential in treating the addiction you have to nicotine. Before you begin your journey to smoke-free life you should tell yourself that you can do it and get into the frame of mind that will allow you to kick the habit.

It’s always a good idea to prepare yourself mentally in addition to using any stop smoking aids you might think are helpful. In fact, to stop smoking now you probably need a bit of planning that comes well before the actual quitting date. So make a list of all the reasons you want to stop smoking. This might include the costs of cigarettes per year or a promise you might want to make to a loved one. It’s always hard to quit alone so if need be, ask your friends and family for support. It would also be a good idea to contact your doctor for professional medical advice.

When you have set a good quit date, you will want to keep firm with your commitment. You’ll also want to offset the effects of smoking with a good exercise routine. This will help to get your body back on track while balancing out your body chemistry that has been so altered by tobacco. You should also drink plenty of water to rid your body of toxins while cutting down on hunger cravings if they pop up. Always remember that quitting is a process that might take trial and error. So forgive yourself for slip ups, but always get back on track as soon as you can.

Why You Need the Right Breakfast

In the time you spend every morning fixing your hair and mopping around you could be doing something much more important. Something that has a much bigger payoff: eating the right breakfast. Breakfast is a crucial meal for your body. Make sure you start your day off right with the right breakfast. Eating right and working out right with your home gym fitness equipment will help reach all of your fitness goals. Listed below are a few of the most important reasons to eat breakfast.

It keeps you slim: Breakfast starts your metabolism off to the right start.

It keeps you healthy: Breakfast reduces your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.

It keeps you sharp: Breakfast improves memory and concentration.

Eating the right breakfast means eating enough protien and eating enough calories. You don't want to end up straving by lunch or your mid lunch snack and over eat. Your ideal muscle building fat burning breakfast should be between 500 and 600 calories, packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, at least 20 grams of protein, and at least 5 grams of fiber.  This is a breakfast that will help you reach your fitness goals. Here is a great fast breakfast:

The Santa Fe Breakfast Burrito

Prep time: 4 min

What you need:

2 eggs

1 c frozen mixed vegetables (black beans, peppers, and corn)

1 flour tortilla

1/2 c low-fat shredded Cheddar cheese

1/4 c salsa


Simply mix the eggs and vegetables on a non stick pan. Cook until eggs and vegetables are warm. Next pile the mix of egg and vegetables onto the flour tortilla. Lastly simply top with cheese and salsa.

Per meal: 530 calories, 36 g protein, 53 g carbohydrates, 18 g total fat, 6 g fiber

A great breakfast doesn't have to take a long time to prepaper. With a little extra preparation you can make sure you start your day of right and build the body you want. Men lose muscle mass quickly and after a long night of sleep and no eating you need to repelenish your body. Get more fitness tips for the team at

Importance of B-12 Shots

Vitamin B-12 is a vital vitamin and medical science says its deficiency can result in major diseases. People take B-12 vitamin from food generally; meat and dairy products are the big source of this vitamin. In today’s world some people also opt for other sources like vitamin B-12 pills to take this vitamin.

B12 shot is a new discovery of modern science to overcome the deficiency of B-12 vitamin.  B 12 shots are highly recommended for those who are having deficiency of B-12. Some people fail to extract B-12 from food and they become victim of major problems like anemia, depression, fatigue, continuous headache and other neurological problem, also people who are vegetarians have the deficiency of B-12, because they don’t eat meat and dairy products as a result their body is unable to receive B-12. Taking B-12 is not enough; it must be dissolved in the blood so that it can have the desired impact. B-12 shots are designed to treat these problems. These shots ensure that your body is taking proper amount of B-12 vitamin and it is getting dissolved in blood. Most of the doctors are having the view that B-12 shots are better than any other artificial source of B-12 vitamin.

B-12 shots are directed into muscles; consequently rate of metabolism is increased and this helps to control the weight increase. If you are getting over weight it is recommended for you take B-12 shots regularly and take care of your diet along with in order to control the weight increase. As B-12 shots boost up the energy level, you feel great after taking them, this results in the reduction of stress and depression and eventually both these problems are eliminated and your mind starts working  actively.  B-12 shots help to keep red and white blood cells healthy. Blood circulation then becomes normal and your feel yourself strong and healthy. Another benefit of B-12 shot is, they give you resistance power to fight fatigue and stress. Everyone needs energy, and B-12 is an energy vitamin, B-12 shots make it sure that the body is receiving this vital vitamin in proper proportion.

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