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Easy At-Home Sunburn Treatment

If you asked a thousand people if they have ever had a need for a sunburn treatment, they would all probably tell you yes.  In spite of all the media coverage and health education classes in our schools concerning the dangers to over exposure to UV rays, we still accidentally get sunburns.

Typically, most sunburn occurs on beach vacations and outdoors events.  We are enjoying being out in the sun, and we forget how few minutes it takes for our skin to be sunburned.  Did you know that skin that is fair and hasn’t been exposed to the sun this year can be sunburned in less than thirty minutes?

Most sunburns are 1st or 2nd degree burns, but occasionally someone will sustain a 3rd degree burn.

This article discusses some of the simple at home sunburn treatments that can be confidently used to ease the pain and prevent further skin damage when you have sustained either a 1st or 2nd degree sunburn.  For 3rd degree sunburns, you need a severe sunburn treatment administered by a professional medical person.

Briefly, 1st degree burns are red and painful, and 2nd degree burns are also red and painful, but they also have water blisters.  3rd degree burns are the most serious, but in addition to the symptoms of pain, redness and water bubbles, they also are characterized by patches of white skin.  Do not fool around with 3rd degree burns at home, seek immediate ER help or see your primary care doctor right away.

If your sunburn is a 1st or 2nd degree burn, these are all proven ways to both ease the pain and curtail further skin damage:

  • Apply cool compresses made from a soft towel to the affected sunburned areas.  Be gentle when applying the compresses; avoid rubbing the tender red and possibly blistered skin.  Lay the compress on the skin.
  • Take cool baths or gentle showers.  In no case should you take a warm or hot shower.  The water should be “cool” rather than cold.  If you can manage it, take oatmeal baths; they will soothe the skin and immediately ease the pain.  These oatmeal baths work particularly well as an at home sunburn treatment.
  • Leave the water bubbles intact.  DO NOT BREAK THEM!  The blisters form a protective layer and help prevent infection to the damaged skin.  Choose the clothing you wear wisely; avoid clothing that will rub or press down on the blisters.  If you are on a beach vacation, this may mean buying some loose fitting light colored soft clothing.
  • Apply aloe jell, a light moisturizing cream, or you can even use an OTC hydro cortisone cream.  Do not use heavy petroleum based products or butter.  These will clog they pores and drive the heat in, and can lead to infection.  Also, steer clear of products like benzocaine or other “caine” products as these anesthetic-containing products are known to be skin irritants in many cases, and there is not much proof that they are effective as a treatment for sunburn.
  • Drink plenty of fluids such as water, sports drinks, and juices.  Avoid sodas, beer, and any other form of alcoholic beverage, as these will only add to the dehydration caused by the sunburn.
  • Take OTC anti-inflammatory medication like aspirin or Ibuprofen as directed on the package until the pain and redness go away.

Preventing sunburn is a common sense mind-set.  Determine to avoid them in the future by putting together a sun-outing bag of some sort.  Put hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses in the bag for the entire family, and then don’t leave home with out the bag.  We keep our bag in the back of our SUV, which really makes it handy.

Of course, we all know that the best sunburn treatment is prevention, but if you do find yourself battling the effects of sunburn, these techniques will have you feeling and looking better in short order.

Why do some people suffer from migraines?

It is estimated that 28 million Americans suffer from migraines. In reality, the numbers may be higher as many are not properly diagnosed with having migraines. Though migraine research has been going on for decades, medical science has yet to reveal a common cause for migraines. So far, doctors have only been able to determine that genetics and environmental factors both play a role. Four out of five migraine sufferers have a family history of them. If a parent has migraines, a child is 50 percent more likely to suffer from migraines. The number jumps to 75 percent if both parents have migraines.

While genetics do play a role, doctors have been more focused on environmental factors that may cause migraines, as they can be altered. These factors vary from person to person. To determine an individual’s migraine triggers, it is usually recommended that a headache diary be kept. This will keep track of anything relevant that has happened prior to the onset of a migraine. Over time, this should provide insight as to what factors influence migraines. There have been some common triggers. Alcohol and nicotine have both been shown to increase the risk of migraines. Certain foods, including aged cheese, cold cuts, and chocolate, can also contain chemicals that may trigger an attack. Stress and lack of sleep have also been proven to contribute to migraine frequency and severity.

Though causes and cures for migraines have yet to be found, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk. There are many migraine treatments which are simple, inexpensive, and sometimes very effective. A change to a healthier diet can be beneficial for overall health, which means less migraine attacks. It is also suggested that you exercise, as this can help relieve stress and muscle tension that may worsen attacks. Recently, many people have turned to alternative therapies, including acupuncture, herbal remedies, and dietary supplements. While some treatments may seem unreliable, research has proven that many alternative treatments are just as effective as traditional medicine, usually with a lower risk and expense. Talk to your physician before making any major changes to your treatment plan, just to be safe.

Tips on Breast Augmentation recovery

If you are thinking about getting a breast augmentation procedure, then knowing the recovery process is important. Like any surgery, breast augmentation recovery is essential to make sure that the operation has been successful or not. Breast augmentation may look minor to some people, but it also involves great risks. That’s why the patient should be prepared not only before the procedure but also immediately after the procedure.

If you are looking for recovery tips and advice from breast augmentation, or tips about breast augmentation financing, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the things you need to know:

You Need to ice your Breasts Post Surgery

Cold compress or icepacks are a big help after the procedure. Ice is considered anesthetic in the medical field. They can reduce the swelling and pain by causing numbness to the area. The doctor usually recommends icepack application for 48 hours after the operation.

Keep Your Incisions Dry

You need to take care of your incisions because they can be a place where bacteria can grow. Thus, causing infection. Your incisions need to be dry and avoid applying creams and lotion on it. You also need to monitor your temperature. Because a rise in temperature would mean infection.


The doctor will surely recommend that you take antibiotics to avoid complications like infection. You should strictly follow the prescription given or else it may cause antibiotic-resistance. So if the doctor tells you to take your medications for 7 days, then you have to exactly do that.


Swelling on your breasts can last for two or three months. To manage these, you can drink lots of water, cut back on salt or do light exercises to reduce it. Do not take herbal or over-the-counter diuretics unless prescribed.

Sleeping with Your New Breasts

It is indeed difficult to sleep with your new breasts. You need to limit your movement to avoid breaking the sutures of your wound. But you can sleep on your back and keep your head and upper back elevated in order to reduce the swelling.


You need to move around as soon as possible after the surgery to prevent blood clots. But avoid strenuous activities or exercise for four to six weeks.

Recovery from breast augmentation may take time. You don’t have to rush to avoid making the situation worse. Therefore, it is wise to take the doctor’s advice seriously.

Finding the Best Treatment for Chronic Strep Throat

Plagued with streptococcal sore throat, or strep throat, for what seems like ages? This infection of the mucous membranes lining the pharynx, caused by the Streptococcus bacteria, is detected through a strep test. Some doctors also obtain a specimen from the patient’s throat, which is sent to a laboratory for a throat culture. Once the results are in, most doctors prescribe medication as the ultimate chronic strep throat treatment.

Time was when the antibiotic penicillin was hailed as the gold standard for banishing strep throat. In recent years, though, newer classes of antibiotics have emerged, offering impressive bacterial cure rate. Parents of kids who fear that their kids may catch rheumatic fever arising from strep throat (which may be passed on by infected playmates and cause symptoms like white spots on the throat, painful swallowing & fever) opt for appropriate antibiotics prescribed by a qualified physician specializing in infectious diseases. Taking doctor-prescribed antibiotics may be the best treatment for chronic strep throat, as far as most adults are concerned.

For those who experience recurring signs of sore throat (note that strep throat may be passed from one person to another through bacterial droplets in the air when infected people cough or sneeze), notably pain when swallowing, headache and other body aches, natural remedies may be the best. Apart from hygienic habits like washing the hands regularly and trying your best to avoid contact with anyone with strep infection, boost your immune system by taking blood purifying herbal supplements like Echinacea. Studies show that it can increase white blood cell counts that can increase the body’s ability to fight bacteria & viruses. Take other essential vitamins as well, particularly vitamin C and E, which protect cell membranes from free radical damage.

If you have chronic strep throat, avoid smoking and drinking beverages that irritate the throat. Certain foods are also not tolerated well by an inflamed throat. Know what these are. For soothing relief from strep throat, take chamomile tea, which may reduce fever and avert dehydration. You may also protect the soft tissues of the throat and respiratory system through sage or garlic.

Fast Ways To Get Rid of a Pimple

The fast ways to get rid of a pimple are in fact simple procedures that can be carried out at the comfort of the home. Fad diets and expensive creams will not be of help if all that is desired is simple inexpensive procedures to rid pimples. These inexpensive procedures are listed below.

Home made procedures

There are dozens of procedures that can be carried at home that will remove pimples in record time.  This includes using such easily available things as toothpaste and aspirin. When using toothpaste, a dab of paste is usually applied on the pimple and left to stay overnight. This will help the pimple to dry out and help you become acne free. Aspirin will also help in drying out pimples. It is first crashed with a spoon and warm water added to it.  The resulting mixture should be applied on the pimple and left to stay for some brief minutes.

Skin care procedures

Caring for one's skin the right way will in fact help in removing pimples fast. The right care for the face involves washing the face twice a day with an anti-bacterial soap. A mild soap is to be used in washing . When washing the skin a cotton rag should also be used and the skin should not be over scrubbed.  Hair should also be kept off the face to enable the fast healing of pimples. Applicators used to apply make up should be thoroughly washed in an anti-bacterial solution before being used to apply makeup to facilitate quick healing of pimples.

Other procedures

Putting a piece of tape over a pimple and leaving it to stay overnight is another procedure that will help in ridding pimples.  Painful pimples that are under the skin usually called cysts can be healed by placing a warm compress on them.

Finally when analyzing fast ways to get rid of a pimple the immense benefits of rest will definitely feature because rest and a stress free life are powerful medicines that will help in pimple elimination.

The Cost of Laser Liposuction By Area

The cost of liposuction and laser liposuction depends on many different factors. But by knowing what part of the body the patient desires treatment we can begin to generalize how much a procedure will cost. Most clinics will provide a preliminary price estimate for laser liposuction patients based on this information. Generally, larger areas will cost more but the complexity or delicacy of the treatment also affects the final cost. It comes down to the amount of fat to be removed and the work required of the surgeon.

Large areas of the body such as the abdomen, back, chest or legs will cost the most to perform liposuction on. The cost of some of these areas can range from as little as $1,500 per treatment to as much as $10,000 or more. The average cost of abdominal liposuction is about $4,000 while liposuction legs, back or buttocks will cost approximately $3,000. Smaller areas of the body such as facial regions including the chin, jowls or neck can cost between $1,500 and $6,000 and average about $2,500 per treatment area. Despite being a fairly low amount of fat in the area the delicate nature or treating the face forces the surgeon to do more detailed work.

In general the cost of laser liposuction for a male patient will be higher than a female patient due to the generally large build of a male body. Men also tend to have more fibrous fat cells making it harder to break and remove from the body. Statistics have also shown that men tend to have liposuction in very particular areas of the body that are known to have the toughest fat cells to work with.

The only accurate way to get an estimate is by consulting a plastic surgeon for a price quote. Since consultation is free and a great way to learn more about options for an individual it is a good idea for anyone who is consider laser liposuction or any other cosmetic procedure. Be sure to verify that any quote you receive is explained so there is a clear understanding what fees or other charges might not be included.

Home Acne Blemish Treatments

So you’re a bit skint on cash this month, but yet again you’ve got a reasonably large zit sitting on the end of your nose.  A fact which you’re not happy about.  So what to do?  Well, first you need to work out the cheapest ways of fighting acne.  And believe it or not, a lot of them are found in your cupboard.

First things first though, you need to get the foundations upon which any acne blemish treatment must rest.  Ensure you’re eating a really healthy diet (the healthier, the faster you will get over acne, exercise regularly, ensure your hormones are under control, and drink lots of water.

Baking Soda
This works as a natural peeling agent, it gently burns off the top layer of the skin on your face, to expose a fresh, unblemished layer.  This is probably the most effective acne blemish treatment, as it works almost as effectively as a lot of over the counter products.  You do need to be careful how you apply it to your face and other affected areas, as it needs to be diluted first.

Lemon Juice
This is another peeling agent, which works by removing the most outer layer of the epidermis to bring fresh skin to the surface.  It also contains antioxidants which penetrate the skin, and certain properties in lemon juice act a discolouring agent, so it can often fade marks left by acne.

Moisturize with Oil
There are certain types of oil out there which are very high in antioxidants, such as Vitamin E, Lavender Oil, or Almond Oil.  This can be applied directly onto the skin, and will replenish the skin’s stores of antioxidants much better than any orally ingested food or supplements.  You do need to be careful though, that this oil doesn’t clog the pores, which will make the situation worse.

Protecting your Face from the Sun

When the summer hits there is the great temptation to rush to the beach and bask in the sun. And while there is nothing wrong with enjoying the sun, you have to think about your overall exposure over a course of many years. All of those hours in the sun can certainly add up to cause some damage on your skin. Luckily there are ways you can enjoy the outdoors without having to live the lifestyle of a hermit.

Many people don’t consider their eyes when it comes to sun protection. But the bright glare of the sun’s rays, especially when they bounce off of water, can be very damaging. So you would do well to invest in a good pair of sunglasses with UV protective lenses. You can also reduce glare by wearing a hat or visor when out in the sun. And while you’re at it, consider clothing yourself properly when you aren’t looking to tan or play in the sun. Every minute you protect yourself will afford you more time that you can safely be out in the sun.

Sun tan lotion is the most important factor in keeping your skin safe during the summer. You will always want to find a product that gives you adequate coverage without being too greasy. An oily sunscreen can really lead to further problems such as breakouts when combined with intense sun exposure. When it comes to how to get rid of acne, the sun will always be a consideration because it can really dry your skin and lead to dead skin cells that can clog your pores. But more important than reducing wrinkles or preventing acne scars, you should always remember that the sun is the number one contributor to skin cancer. So always be smart about how much time you spend outdoors exposed to UV radiation. Greater problems can develop if you don’t take adequate steps to protect you entire body.

Look here for more help with skin and complexion tips.

Acne and Blackheads

Persistent acne causes so much stress and distress in so many people. The concern and embarrassment about their appearance effects their self confidence every day. Some people are effected so much that they allow it to limit their lives. Everyone wants to look and feel their best and that is hard to do when one is dealing with acne. If clear, smooth skin is the goal, how does one reach it if plagued by constant persistent acne? What can one do to clear up acne?

Taking care of acne skin is really not that difficult. One can of course take oral medications that help, but it is also possible to treat acne and have fresh clean skin other ways. There are organic options as well as home acne remedies that work and plenty of over-the-counter topical medications available that are very helpful. Many of these medications used to be available only by prescription.

Acne begins in adolescence and can continue, in some cases, right into adulthood. Acne can even develop well past the teen years. But, it most typically bothers teens. There are hormonal factors involved that increase oil production and cause pores to become clogged.

Acne Remedies

Benzoyl peroxide is the chemical ingredient in a lot of acne treatments. These are the ointments and creams that can be found at the cosmetic counter or in the drug store. This chemical can be quite successful, although like with most medications there can be an allergic reaction. Any remedy that one buys and applies at home without the care of a doctor requires a certain amount of care.

Over the counter treatments are probably not the best thing for severe acne. When facing acne that is simply too severe for help from commercial products, one needs to see a dermatologist. Specializing in conditions of the skin, this doctor will be able to prescribe the proper treatment.

Acne can be treated. It is not a permanent condition or a condition that can not be solved. Treatment is necessary. Severe acne can leave scars. However, if one seeks early treatment and stops the condition from worsening, then the problems will go away.

Getting Rid of Blackheads

When the pores of the skin become clogged and there is a telltale black spot, this is called a blackhead. Many people are as upset over blackheads as they are over pimples. Be very careful to avoid squeezing blackheads as an infection may set in. An infection and the possible resulting scars are much worse than a blackhead.

One effective treatment for blackheads is a facial scrub. Be sure and purchase a scrub especially formulated for blackheads and follow all directions carefully. It is likely that one will see significant improvement after the first one or two treatments. If there is not much improvement, then there are many other products one can try. The reward for all of these treatments is clearer, fresher skin, less embarrassment and a more confident appearance.

Finding a solution for acne and blackheads may take a little trial and error, but finding a solution that will solve your problem is well worth the time and effort.

Importance of Vitamin C

Many people do not have the proper awareness about taking the proper intake of vitamins in their day to day meals. Vitamins really play an important role in our life. In fact this is the best way for increasing our immunity level against many diseases. Numerous types of vitamins are available but vitamin C is considered to be the best among all those because it is vital antioxidant. It is often called ascorbic acid and is a water soluble vitamin which means excess vitamin C is simply thrown away in your urine so you do not risk storing excessive amounts of it in your body. As a human being it is important to know that unlike certain animals like dogs you must get vitamin C from foods, your body does not produce it on its own.

To take advantage of vitamin C benefits you have to of course ingest some and the best sources are fruits and non processed vegetables. These days many syrups and chewable tablets are also available in the markets that have surplus amounts of vitamin C in them and they are very useful for people who are suffering from vitamin C deficiency. If you really want to keep yourself and your kids away from the deficiency of vitamin C then it is advisable by nutrionists that adults take at least 60 mg to at the very least prevent scurvy. Ideally you want to take around 500mg to 1000mg a day.

The benefits of vitamin C are numerous. The most important and basic benefit of vitamin C is to protect the person against immune system deficiencies and cardiovascular diseases. It also helps protect people from eye diseases and is an important eye vitamin . It also even helps in brightening the skin tone color and prevent skin wrinkling.

In short it is completely right to say that Vitamin C is very essential for anyone’s health and if you really want to keep yourself strong against any fatal disease; then it is advisable for anyone to increase the intake of vitamin C in your diet.

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