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Koh Chang Beach Resort – Will Definitely Make Your Day Beautiful

Thailand is a home to wonderful beaches that have the ability to make you spellbound. Every year lots of people from different parts of the world make their trip to this wonderful country, Thailand. It is true that this country attracts lots of visitors and it has become the tourist hub. There are lots of people those are looking for relaxing and peaceful beach holiday and in this regard, Thailand is the best. One of the most well known places in Thailand is Koh Chang. This island is packed with lots of beach resorts that will definitely make your day beautiful.

If you are on trip to this wonderful island, then make sure to book your stay in Koh Chang Beach Resort. This resort is located at the center of Koh Chang and offers lots of opportunities to local and international travelers. You will definitely have a relaxing and pleasurable moment here. This beach resort is well known for its outstanding service and amenities. You will never get bored, during your stay in this resort. The interior and exterior design of Koh Chang Beach Resort is amazing that is packed with natural light, color and space.

All the guestrooms have terrace with outstanding sea view and garden. Poolside suites will offer you lots of luxury and comfort. It is always wise to book your ticket to Koh Chang on festival and holiday seasons. On this time of the year, you can avail different types of discount offers and packages offered by Koh Chang Beach Resort. You can also book your stay in this resort by getting online. There are hundreds and hundreds of online traveling agencies those are offering booking facilities to Koh Chang beach resort. You just need to get online and look for the best online traveling agencies. Situated on western side at Koh Chang is Hat Tha Nam and Lonely Beach that is popular with the low budget travelers & backpacking tourists while Kai Bae beach is popular with the scuba divers.

Thai government has now announced Koh Chang can developed in next premium beach resort destination as well as vowed they may not commit same mistakes that they made at Phuket, Pattaya, and Koh Samui where the resort development wasn’t meticulously regulated & are infrastructural nightmares. To control the indiscriminate developments, government declared around 85% of the Koh Chang as national park & any developments are been disallowed in the areas.

How To Train For Bike Tours

Bike tours are more about having fun than winning a race. Bikers from around the world participate in bike tours to test their endurance and have a sort of holiday on wheels. Some bicyclists don't have any problem sleeping under the stars and riding on for days with only the bare necessities on the back of their bike. Some tours last for a few weeks at a time, so if you are planning on entering a bike tour, you should be prepared to have your endurance tested. In this article we will discuss some tips for training for a tour on wheels... bicycle wheels.

Peddling for long hours at a time, for days on end, no matter how slow you are peddling can have its toll on your body, and if you are unprepared can cause you to have to quit in the middle of a bike tour. So to avoid that sort of thing happening to you, here are some easy steps you can take to be prepared to ride on tour.

First you will need to get used to riding long distances. Try riding for a few hours at a time, stopping and starting, and positioning your hands on the handle bars in different ways. Shift gears, go faster and slower, and become acquainted with your bike. Next, try to add speed to your biking. Try to reach bicycling at ten miles an hour. Keep on adding time and distance until you can ride for a full day alternating between faster riding and more leisurely cycling. Continue training, only this time with bags of food supplies on your bike. Stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and continue biking. When you are comfortable with a days' journey you can try your first bike tour. Take it easy, and don't push yourself too hard when you travel for a few days at a time, remember it is not about speed, but enjoying the ride.

Flying to Irkutsk

It's pretty easy to fly to Irkutsk these days. It's a major city in a major country, and Irkutsk airport handles dozens of flights each day.

It's even easy to book flights to Irkutsk - as with anywhere in the world you can now book flights to Irkutsk online with absolutely no hassle - it's the same as booking a flight back in the United States.

The most common way to fly to Irkutsk is to fly from one of the two Moscow airports. A flight takes about five hours (it does go halfway across Russia!) and most flights are run by Aeroflot, the Russian national carrier and Transaero (Russia's second largest airline). This does mean that, if you are coming from outside of Russia, you will probably also need to get a flight from your home country across to Moscow, Russia. But if you book with someone like Aeroflot, you can actually buy one ticket that covers both your flights.

You can fly direct from a few countries outside of Russia, but not many. Because of Irkutsk's close links with Asia, there are regular flights to Beijing, Mongolia and Seoul, Korea, as well as to many Central Asian countries like Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. The only European country that you can fly direct to Irkutsk from though is Germany, because an airline there runs charter flights from Munich.

If you're afraid of flying, there are many other ways to get to Irkutsk. The most common is to take the train. Irkutsk is a major stopping off point on the Trans-Siberian railway, and you can get to Irkutsk easily either starting from Beijing in China, or starting from Moscow or St Petersburg in Western Russia.

You can get to Irkutsk by other routes - you can drive, motorcycle or, if you're mad enough, cycle on a pushbike (some people really have done this!), but I wouldn't recommend it. If you've got any sense, you'll either fly to Irkutsk or take the train, then you'll feel nice and relaxed by the time you make it to the warm bedroom of the hotel in Irkutsk where you'll be staying.

When In Russia Try A River Cruise

Many globe trotter have gone to Russia to experience the sights and sounds of the Eastern European country and according to many of these travellers, travelling along cool, Siberian waters through a Russian river cruise is the most suggested method. Cruise along the country’s uniquely beautiful cities while taking in the beauty of the river and the wonders of nature that surround it.

Russian river cruises range from travelling on the MS Peter the First, Palaces by the Water, MS Griboedov, MS Anton, MS Furmanov, MS Russ, MS Nizhy Novgorod among other great cruise ships. Whether you want to cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg or just want to sail along lake Baikal, Russia’s wonderful landscape will not disappoint. Boarding the cruise ship itself is a delightful experience on its own, top that with charming Russian cities as port stops, great food on and off board and great entertainment on the ship.

For globe trotters who want to cruise the Black Seas, a Russian river cruise is recommended. This cruise is not just a delightful experience for people who would love to relax but for nature lovers as well. Unveil the beauty of this Easter European country including its history, culture and its people.

There are lots of places to see in Russia and this includes the beautiful cathedrals of Moscow, the Kremlin Palace, Yarslavl’s Church of Elijah, Goritsky’s famous Kyril-Belozersky Monastery, and the Wooden Architecture Museum of Kizhi among other beautiful places.

For cruisers who would like to experience Russian lifestyle, you should make sure that your cruise itinerary goes to Mandrogi. Mandrogi is a quaint Russian town that boasts delectable Russian cuisine.

If you want to have the ultimate Russian tour, do not forget St. Petersburg in your itinerary. Every Russian cruise enjoys a port stop at St. Petersburg where cruisers are given a guided coach tour around the beautiful and historic city. The Peter and Paul Fortress are places that should not be missed. While in town, it is also suggested to visit The Savior of thee Blood. Touring Russia through a Russian river cruise is a great way to experience Russia at its finest.

Golf Holidays in Portugal – A Guide To The Country’s Golfing Regions

Golf holidays in Portugal provide the chance of playing a huge range of top-quality courses, with spectacular scenery and weather. This brief introduction to the country’s main golfing region focuses on the most popular areas & courses.

For many, a golf holiday in the Algarve would be the first choice. The central Algarve has a heritage of great courses like the Quinta Do Lago Laranjal and the Vale Do Lobo along with a variety of resorts in close proximity to Vilamoura.

Vilamoura can be too hectic sometimes given the full-on nightlife and sheer volume of resorts and courses. For some tranquillity, the eastern Algarve has some great scenic drives to top-class courses like the Benamor and Quinta Da Ria. And if you wish to treat yourself, then be sure to play the Monte Rei.

Going west toward the Atlantic, the Algarve courses become more challenging. The quality of courses is still maintained and the championship course at Penina is particularly tough going when the sea-breeze is strong. You could also set up a base at the Oceanico to play both the parkland O’Connor course and the desert-style Faldo course.

Further up the west coast there is a concentration of resorts within a short drive of Lisbon that prove popular with golfers wishing to stay in the city and make day-trips to the courses along the river Tagus. The popular Penha Longa Atlantic course and the Praia D’El Rey are the two must play courses in the region. In truth though, you are spoilt for choice here with the dozen or so resorts and places like Quinta Da Marinha, the Troia links and Golden Eagle to savor playing.

Finally, the Oeste region and the island of Madeira are lesser known in golfing terms but each has something to offer. The Oeste region’s course are spread out so really suit those interested in sightseeing & scenic drives. Madeira only has the 3 courses which attract golfers looking to play against the unique backdrop of the island’s lush valleys, volcanic hillsides and sheer cliffs.

Three Reason to Hire a Log Cabin for your Summer Holiday

If you live in the UK the idea of taking a holiday in your own country may not appeal at all. Having a look though at some of the log cabins that you can hire may well change you mind. Log cabins are a relative newcomer to the self catering accommodation market place and as such they tend to be furnished to a very high standard. Here are three good reasons why you might like to consider a log cabin break for your next holiday:

You won’t need to fly anywhere:
Now, this point won’t bother every one, but some people don’t like flying. Some don’t like flying because they are afraid of it and others simply don’t like the tedious process of checking in and checking out. Either way if you don’t like flying then a log cabin break may well be the answer to for your next holiday.

You don’t need a passport:
Because you won’t be leaving the country there will be no need for you to have a passport and that means it will save you a lot of money. If there are just two of you then this cost is not too great but if you have a larger family then the cost of getting passports for the entire family really do start to add up.

You’ll have your own car:
Because you will have invariable driven to your log cabin then you will have your own transport. Having your own transport means that you can happily travel wherever you want, on the right side of the road and work to your own time schedule - you won’t have to wait for coaches or hire a car.

If I’ve convinced you that having a log cabin holiday seems like a good idea then you could try looking at The Log Cabin Holidays Directory that has a comprehensive list of holiday sites throughout the UK.

Getting the Best Price on Hotels

Whether planning that dream vacation, getting away for the weekend, or just taking a random road trip it is very important that you have a plan when it comes to making hotel reservations. When traveling remember that time is not on your side. The way to get the best rate available on a hotel is to make your reservations ahead of time. This is very important to ensure that you get the best rate. The travel industry with respects to hotels is a very testy one. Hotel rooms are one of the only products that you can't physically own that increase in price when availability is low.

There are some myths regarding hotel rates. The most popular one is "I will wait until the last second to book a room so I get a better rate". This is extremely inaccurate and will end up biting you in the rear. Hotels start to make money after they "on average" are at 60 percent occupancy rate. Anything after that is pure profit. To prevent price gouging and temporary inflation hotels have whats called a "rack rate" which is a state assigned maximum they can charge a guest at their hotel. This rate is located on the inside door of your hotel room. How many times have you payed the rack rate? Do not, DO NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE EVER walk directly into a hotel and try to make a reservation. Your wallet is then at the mercy of that hotel.

Now I am going to explain how to get the best rate on hotels no matter where you go or when you go. Again it is very important that you make your reservation as soon as possible. The rates go up the lower the availability and the closer the date. I recommend booking on the internet. Websites are constantly running specials on hotels and some even guarantee their price to be the lowest. Here is the secret. These websites purchase the rooms well in advance and buy in large quantities so the savings is then passed onto the consumer. Sometimes even at rates up to 80 percent less than what the hotel is going to charge.

When I book my travel I use this branson cheap hotels for several reasons 1. They guarantee the lowest rate, and if you find it for less they will match the lower rate. 2. They have a 24 hour reservation toll free number. 3. They donate 10 percent of the profits  to support our troops.

The Greek Isles

Have you ever wanted to visit the islands of Greece? Thanks to declining tourism worldwide, many areas that rely on tourism for revenue are rolling out fantastic deals for travelers that are still interested in traveling during the economic downturn. There are numerous ways to get around the islands, but ferry-hopping is the cheapest way to get it done. The distances are so small that it does not make sense to fly in charter jets. All good tropical islands should have transportation as easy as this!

Greece actually has one of the most active CouchSurfing populations in Europe, which makes it very easy to stay for free if you do not mind simple digs. CouchSurfing is an organization where people can open their homes for travelers to stay for free. It promotes cultural exchange and local guides, and can be a great way to explore the Greek isles. Traveling in this way significantly lowers costs and can extend a trip by weeks or months if done correctly.

Charlotte’s Unique Downtown Arena

Within in easy walking distance from most resorts in Charlotte’s downtown area is the Time Warner Cable Arena.  Home of the professional basketball team Charlotte Bobcats, the arena opened in 2005 to much fanfare in the city.  Using local tax revenue, the arena was built by the City of Charlotte and is currently operated by Bobcats.  The Time Warner Cable Arena was originally known as the Charlotte Bobcats Arena until a naming deal was completed in 2008.

Designed with professional basketball in mind, the venue seats up to 20,200 for major games and events.  It is also home to Charlotte’s minor league hockey franchise, for whose games seating is limited to just over 14,000.  The Time Warner Cable Arena is professional basketball’s newest venue and includes the world’s largest indoor video screens.

Great Texas Golf Spots

If you are in Texas or plan to go there soon you should try out some of the fabulous golf courses and best Texas golfing that the state has to offer. The Lone-Star State isn’t known for golf as much as it’s known for rodeos and bbq, but what it offers in golf is top of the line and great for working on your better golf swing.

La Cantera’s Palmer Course is one of the best Texas golfing courses in the state. Located near San Antonio–this course is challenging, exciting, and just plain fun to play. The course is in excellent condition with scenery that compliments every hole. There are small water-falls, natural streams, and beautiful oak trees. The course itself is carved out of some of the biggest hills north of San Antonio, and the back-nine offers splendid views of the country-side. As reported by it is perhaps the best Texas golfing the state has to offer. Weekend pricing ranges from 50-125 dollars.

If you are not going to the San Antonio area and still want to check out some the best Texas golfing there is, check out The Golf Club @ The Resort in Ft. Worth. This course is also challenging and is in excellent condition. The course isn’t quite as big as other golf courses but requires strategy and stellar club selection. Because of the course’s difficulty you may have to reach into your golf bag and use clubs that you never thought of using before, and getting more use out of your clubs is always great for practice. At a bit of a cheaper price, the average weekend pricing range is from 45-60 dollars.

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